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Meeting #5: Planning Monday's first shoot and cleaning Jeff’s email list with his assistant

By Frank Klesitz on Jun 15, 2018

Advanced Client Journey - Jeff Quintin (Ocean City, NJ) | Real Estate Agent

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Frank’s Notes: I spoke with Jeff Quintin’s assistant Lauren today. Jeff has a scheduled video shoot on Monday. Lauren is overseeing it. She has experience shooting video on DSLR cameras and has a video-savvy friend who is going to help out on the shoot with the local business and Jeff on Monday (very good news). We discussed how her first responsibility is to keep Jeff on his schedule to make sure the videos get done each week, and then to send the footage to us here at Vyral Marketing for editing. Then, once it’s posted to Jeff’s Facebook page by us, Lauren will call the business owner in the video and ask them (with lots of follow up) to share the post on their Facebook page and in their company e-newsletter, if they have one. We also discussed how we need Jeff’s latest email database cleaned for email marketing - she’s going to export all the people who have opened an email in the past 18 months from their Infusionsoft, Real Geeks and Constant Contact accounts, run them through NeverBounce.com and then send it all to us to load into their Emma email marketing account we run for them. Finally, we got a plan in place for her to export the latest contacts from all databases going forward. She will do this once a month for us.

The assignment this week for Lauren, Jeff Quintin’s executive assistant, is:

  1. Export all contacts from Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, and Real Geeks who have opened an email in the past 18 months
  2. Scrub that list through NeverBounce.com
  3. Send us the clean email list to load into their Emma email account we provide at Vyral
  4. Shoot Jeff’s first “professional” video for his Business Spotlight series on Monday and send the footage to us for editing

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ABOUT JEFF: Jeff Quintin has been selling real estate for over 20 years. He’s sold close to $1 billion dollars in real estate and, by every measurement, he is a “7th Level” Million Dollar Real Estate Agent. He’s expanding into new markets outside his home in Ocean City, NJ (such as Philadelphia) and now needs to create more consistent and purposeful marketing content to back up his agents. He wants to be in front of his database and target markets all the time with engaging video and social media so they associate his firm as the preeminent helpful real estate professionals in the community. He then wants to scale his approach. Each of his expansion team members will model what Jeff does in their markets. His “hub” will provide the marketing support for those agents to succeed. 

Client Journeys is a series where we meet weekly with a client to help them fully implement the Vyral Marketing Plan we teach in our 3 hour workshop. We broadcast each meeting live on Facebook. You’ll hear their desires, struggles, challenges, successes, and of course marketing tactics as they build and improve communication with their database for more business. We organize Client Journeys into three categories, so you can follow clients in your business stage. ADVANCED JOURNEY – Highly leveraged professionals focused on strategy, recruiting, team building, and marketing. (2) INTERMEDIATE JOURNEY – Successful rainmakers who work with many clients and have minimal time for marketing. (3) BEGINNER JOURNEY – Those just starting their marketing journey beyond cold calling and referrals. Join us as we personally guide a client on their journey to results. Watch all past shows on Facebook or on our website.

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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