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Jeff Quintin Office Tour Video

By Frank Klesitz on Aug 26, 2016


I want to share an effective client video this week and an incredible 90-minute, DVD-quality real estate office tour from our longtime Vyral Client Jeff Quintin in Ocean City, NJ.

First the highly-effective client video example…
Here’s the effective blog post.
Here’s the effective video on YouTube.

Vyral Client Cory Meyer sent us this feedback this week:
“Forgot to tell you that the last video I made had over 1500 [Facebook] views and got shared multiple times and got like 5 listing appts off home value leads that clicked from the blog.”

The video he sent out is a simple local real estate market update, but he stepped it up a notch to make it more effective.

First, he brought his assistant in to ask him questions, so it’s a real-time conversation.

We ask you questions live over the webcam so your responses are natural, too. We then edit ourselves out.

However, you’re certainly welcome to have a team member interview you directly on camera. We’ll coach you both through the process so you both look and sound great.

Second, Cory and his assistant have a microphone on for excellent sound.

You can get a great lavalier microphone for your computer here. One microphone works fine with two people. It will pick up your voice and the voice of your guest next to you, if you have one.

Third, Cory’s webcam is on a tripod instead of on top of his computer.

This way, he can stand up and enjoy more options for his background. Your Logitech webcam will mount onto the top of any video tripod like this one.

Fourth, Cory has great lighting.

He’s standing in front of a wall with strong light (ideally from an outdoor window) coming over his camera onto him and his assistant. In video editing, there’s a slightly-darkened vignette effect applied around the edges that draws your attention to the center of the video.

Fifth, Cory provided us with charts, graphs, and example images.

To hold the viewer’s attention, Cory sent us a few graphs of market statistics we overlaid in editing on the video while he spoke.

We also took screenshots of his video blog to show locations of specific call to action links when he referenced them.

Finally, Cory has been building his database for years by asking for emails after every conversation and training his team to do so on his behalf, too. He has been building his social media following, as well.

So check it out. Cory, you did a great job, and thank you for giving me permission to share!

And, as I promised you last week, here’s an incredible 90-minute, DVD-quality video my www.KeepingitReal.com co-host Jeff Manson made with Jeff Quintin, one of the most productive and profitable real estate agents I know.

Watch the full 90-minute video here.

Jeff’s been a Vyral client for over five years. In the video (near the end), he shares how he uses video to get more listings from his database, along with many other sales and marketing strategies you’ll learn to sell more homes, or just run a more highly productive sales office.


For those of you in real estate, I’ll send you your two Official Vyral Marketing Messages for September if you don’t have time to send out a video. These messages will work great.

You can make a video to complement these messages, too.

Stay tuned for them.

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for being a client!




Frank Klesitz, CEO
Vyral Marketing

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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