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Jennie Wolek: How I Use Vyral Marketing for My Database

By Frank Klesitz in Interviews on Aug 26, 2020

SUMMARY: Jennie Wolek and Frank discuss the importance of video marketing as a real estate agent in today's market. Frank explains the reason behind creating Vyral Marketing and how agents like Jennie have been successful with following the Database Marketing Plan. 

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Jennie Wolek (00:01):

Hey guys, it's Jennie Wolek with The Wolek Group here at Keller Williams Realty, Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'm here with my friend, Frank Klesitz with Vyral Marketing and Frank and I go way back. We've been friends for quite a while. I started using Vyral Marketing, I think back in 2014, if you go back to my YouTube channel and you scroll all the way back in time, you can see some videos when I was really, really, really, really terrible, really terrible. And so there you go. What did we say, Frank? Time on the task over time, I've gotten better at video because I've been doing so I'm going to let you share with everyone. You know, you've been in this digital marketing video world, you help real estate agents market to their databases because we know our database businesses is the best kind of business. So you really have worked to make sure that we stay in touch with our database in a really amazing way. So share who you are, what you do, all the good stuff and we'll get going. How's that?

Frank Klesitz (00:56):

I was out of college. I was recruited to be a KW agent and they gave me a copy of “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent." And they said, look, you pick a farm of a high turnover neighborhood where, you know, five, six, 7% at least of the home sell year and start sending them a monthly piece of mail, which at the time they called, and still do the “12 direct model” where you send a monthly piece of something, essentially staying in touch. You're communicating with a haven’t met farm of homeowners, but the goal is to meet them.

Frank Klesitz (01:32):

And once you meet them, they're not probably all interested in selling their home right away. So then you put them on, what's now called a “36 touch” where you try to send them about three pieces of information a month. I asked the instructor, “what do I send them?” And they didn't really have an answer. It was more junk mail, basically postcard junk mail. And I was like, I don't think that's really going to work that well. So, I came up with the idea essentially, it's turned it today, let's go on video and let's record two quick educational tip insight videos a month. At the time, It was the flip camera, if you remember those, now it's a webcam like this, or your phone, your iPhone. Then also a monthly piece of direct mail.

Frank Klesitz (02:27):

So a monthly piece of direct mail because you're not going to reach everyone digitally. You'll be lucky. Maybe if you send an email out, and puts something on Facebook. You'll be lucky if 30% of your database actually sees it. So the rest of your database, you use direct mail. So we came up with this plan. I want to go out and meet people. My farm, now it's buyer leads online. Talk to them. Most of them probably aren't interested in buying or selling a home like this afternoon. So you need some way to position yourself an expert and to stay in touch with these individuals so they see you as the guide, the trusted expert to use. So you have to have a nurture program and the formula for the nurture program, that in my opinion, and there's lots of evidence to suggest that is the best is two emails a month posted on social media, as well as an educational video with a monthly piece of direct mail to your A-List contacts.

Frank Klesitz (03:22):

There's your 36 touches. We at Vyral go a little bit further. Add another 12 on top of that. Where once a month you send a direct offer, email out to your list to spike response. So for example, go to my home, my website, to search for homes, click here and maybe get an offer on your property. Maybe click here to find out what your home is worth. So when you do that, you get business. Jennie is a wonderful example of doing that, getting business. And she's had a very database driven business following that exact plan. And it's very profitable, right? It's very profitable. You're not spending too much money on having to convince strangers all the time to use you, which gets expensive. You make your money, usually in those business models, doing lots of business at smaller margins, just never model. Whereas for most people, for most professionals industry, it's more about more of a niche list of business at higher profit margins. It's a little more relationship driven and that's Jennie 's business and you've done a wonderful job.

Jennie Wolek (04:23):

Well, thank you for all your help because it keeps me on track. You know, if you guys aren't familiar with the whole program and the process, I'll give you at least my tidbit on it. You know, I found in my early days that I thought I could just do all this stuff myself. I could figure out how to add in the graphics of, you know, an intro and an outro and music, all that stuff. And clearly I discovered that was not my talent. And so that's when I really saw Vyral Marketing back then, for me as like a part time marketing assistant, that the investment in the money each month held me accountable to doing it. It helped be accountable to building the content over time that still exists to this day. You know, a lot of times, Frank people ask me this question. I know you get it, too. How can you track? Or can you track your return on investment?

Frank Klesitz (05:11):

Yep. It's pretty simple. You just have to ask people when they give you money, why are you giving me money? What motivated your reason to work with me or to hire me? I mean, if you really want to get it truly accurate? You have to, whatever someone pays you, you have to sit down with them and you have to ask them, can you tell me your story about how you ended up working with me? That's the more advanced answer. So the simple answer would be, you should track your lead sources. “Oh, I got this from expired call. Oh, I got this from a direct mail piece that went out.” It's a very simplistic way of looking at the world. “I got this directly from, I don't know, Zillow.” Got it. Well, that's where they originally heard about you. I got a direct mail piece from this guy at Farmer's Insurance.

Frank Klesitz (06:06):

You know, I'm not going to call from this. I'm going to type their name and online. I'm going to do a little bit of research on the individual. And then when maybe when I do reach, I'm not ready and they start sending me their stuff. So anyways, what I'm getting at here is whenever you get money from someone, you essentially need to interrogate them and ask them their story about, can you tell me about your journey of how you ended up deciding to use me? So you get the full story. So I originally heard about you here, but then I did this. I checked this out, this was good. This was good. And you have to make a decision of okay, of the $5,000 commission. How much money do I allot here? How much money do I allot here? That's the advanced answer. Now the reality is nobody does that, right? So it is possible to track ROI, but you're not going to.

Frank Klesitz (06:54):

So I think the way that, you know, it's working on most more simplistic level is you just ask people when they hire you. “Hey, did my Facebook page, my blog, or my videos make any difference at all in your decision to hire me?” And if you constantly hear, “what are you talking about? And no.” you should fire Vyral Marketing immediately because it's a complete waste of time. Right? Don't do it anymore. No cares. But if you're hearing, yeah, that's making a difference. You have to make a judgment call here and keep it around or not.

Jennie Wolek (07:29):

Well, how I justify it and, and measure it is that every year after year, our database grows and our database business grows. And to me that we're coming off as to our clients and our database that maybe got us from a web lead or different sources like you're saying, they're being nurtured in our database with this consistent video marketing and digital touches that I believe is adding value because when they come to us, they're ready to go. There's no competition. They are warm and team teed up. So that's how I measure that. It it's working for me.

Frank Klesitz (08:10):

Yeah. That's the, that's, that's the real nice thing, too. For me of why I started the firm is that I sat down and I wrote out like, okay, I'm going to shoot a video, but then I needed to edit it. I needed sent out emailed. They came up with, it's like 200 point checklist. I don't want to do any of this, I need to go sell real estate. So Vyral is just kind of what I wanted for myself expanded. And we're doing it for other people because I saw a common need inside to start this thing, but I don't think it was really ever designed as a lead generation tool. The lead generation was me knocking on doors or me making cold calls or me sending cold direct mail to get people to call me or to meet people.

Frank Klesitz (08:54):

Then maybe if lucky someone randomly finds me, one of my YouTube videos, like from a search, this was 10 years ago, that was still random. Now it's really hard to get that to happen. It was a way where as a 22-23 year old kid, I could demonstrate to the homeowners that I knew what I was talking about and that I was a good marketer because that's what really, what you're hiring an agent to do. And it was more of a positioning tool. Also, there would be so much less friction because they had never really met you who you are, but when someone spends, you know, even just minutes, let alone hours with you on video, the type of conversations are so much easier and better. And I'm sure you could speak to that, Jennie .

Jennie Wolek (09:37):

Yeah, that's so very true. I know that we send out a pre-listing video. That's the same evergreen video before every appointment. That makes such a difference when you walk in and they just already feel like they know you. So you probably get this question a lot, Frank, people want to know what are the best types of videos to make their database.

Frank Klesitz (10:00):

Let's go through a couple options. I'll start with some videos that have a wide appeal, that will appeal to everybody. And then we'll work our way down to some videos that will appeal to less individuals in your database, but the people that watched them probably want to buy or sell a home now and you need to have a blend of both. So the widest appeal videos are 100% going to be market updates, but not titled market update more about where our home prices headed. So where home prices headed this fall in Tulsa? Where our home prices headed? What's going on with home prices or how's something affecting home prices? Honestly, one of your videos every single month can literally be on that topic. And the best way for you to explain the answer to that question is really a little bit more through storytelling and less here's this complicated graph. And let me read numbers to you.

Frank Klesitz (10:57):

It's more about telling people the context of what's going down. So prices are absolutely going up. Here's some of the reasons why there are low rates. Let me tell you a story about a home that just got multiple offers on it and why it's going high. You start doing it more through storytelling. So I'd start there at the very, very top are market updates next kind of down the funnel, we'll be answering commonly asked questions. You get asked all the time about buying and selling homes. So there's a couple of ways of finding out these topics. The number one best way is just listening to people when you're on the phone, you know, should I write a personal offer letter? Should I write a personal letter to the seller when submitting an offer?

Frank Klesitz (11:47):

I don't know. What's your answer, right? These are common questions you're getting. How can I sell my home for full market value without people walking through it, coughing and sneezing on my pillows? That's a good question to answer. Hey, I'm getting hammered with Zillow offer commercials, what are the true costs of that versus doing a full market price listing? These are questions that you're getting like every day when you're talking to buyers and sellers, because when you're doing your prospecting, it gives you the insight of what messages are going to resonate with the market right now.

Frank Klesitz (12:25):

The second way to find out maybe what people are seeing what's popular right now for questions. This is kind of a new thing that just came out as I used the Facebook ad library. I'll show it to you. Uh, your, you can actually search all your competitors ads on Facebook now..

Frank Klesitz (13:12):

So you would go to the Facebook ad library and you could type in any page. Got it. You could type in any single page type in Zillow, see what Zillow's running a realtor.com other big agents, you know, that really, you know, probably know what they're doing with marketing and you're in your market or other markets. And if you type in their page, you can see all the Facebook ads they're running, that they're spending money on. Usually those are messages done by, you know, bigger professional firms, ad agencies that are very relevant right now. I highly recommend you follow what open door is putting out for ads.

Frank Klesitz (14:08):

Zillow is putting out for ads, realtor.com is putting out for ads, some of the big brokerages. That will give you a good idea of, Oh, these are some of the things people are asking about. These are some of the messages of the moment and try to create videos around those topics. Finally, at the bottom of the funnel are kind of extremely specific videos about buying or selling. So, how can I search all homes on the MLS for sale right now? Really kind of the video is linked your home search site, or maybe you title a video, “three things you must absolutely know before you sell your home this August.” And what's kind of cool about those is you won't have as much engagement cause it doesn't appeal to a much of a water law audience, but the people that do click those videos and engage with them when you get those quick reports back might actually want to buy or sell a house. So it's pretty cool. And you send those out and you get to click report back and you follow up saying, Hey, I see you subscribe to my videos and just want to see if you had a conversation about something they already know you and they're engaged with you and they see you somewhat as an expert, you know, cause you actually published a video. You probably will have a good conversation and those are the best topics.

Jennie Wolek (15:19):

Yeah. So with the clients that you talk with at Vyral Marketing, are enough agents doing video or is it still just so untapped that you are shocked?

Frank Klesitz (15:35):

You know, I don't, I don't know the answer to that. I think probably 10 years ago when we started the firm, I mean, it was the hot thing. I mean, social media, video, you got to be using these things. In my personal, anecdotal experience video has to me lost a lot of its luster of something new and exciting. And now it's just kind of accepted as a yeah. I mean, I get it obviously. I mean, yeah, like I think everyone understands the need to be doing video. So what do you do when you're like, you know, I probably should be, it's almost like you feel guilty if you're not doing, it's almost like a guilt trip into doing it at this point where it used to be like super cool and new and you stood out now. It's like, if you're not doing it, you're just left out.

Frank Klesitz (16:23):

So how does someone start doing video? Well, they may go sign up for an inexpensive software product. Loom is a really good one. It allows you it's totally free. No money allows you to record a quick video on your computer, send it out by email where you record a video on your web cam for like one-to-one communication. Then you'll trade up and you'll get more video, email marketing software BombBomb is a great example. They had a lot of more systematic and integrations to CRM and again, their services are much more designed for one to one video communication, like following up with individual prospects and you're shooting on your webcam. Then you're like, okay, I'm a little more comfortable. What's the next step? That's kind of where Vyral comes in. Let's take all of your contacts. Let's start making a blog.

Frank Klesitz (17:12):

Let's start advertising the videos on Facebook. And let's start communicating with everyone as a full scope thing, as opposed to one to one video communication. That's kind of the space that we hold in. And we actually are kind of more like a personal trainer for it where we'll actually schedule a time to interview for your videos because you're getting the benefits over here, but it's inconsistent. So we kind of give you that consistency of a human being, helping you. Then you realize, man, I really want better at video editing. I want an article. I need more human help. Which is where the software programs programs stop right now. There's some clients, I think Jennie , you've done this. Man, I want to really add some fuel to the fire. I'm going to start running around town and getting a video person. And those are certainly exciting.

Frank Klesitz (18:00):

And you'll see some great agents. Jennie has done some of these videos. I don't know if you still do, but you hire a video professional to go out to a restaurant and show the town and show the area. And those are really nice videos that maybe if you're lucky, you can knock out one of those a month, a little more expensive because you're going to pay a video person and they honestly take a crap ton of time. Um, but you come up with a really nice product. So those are your options. And everyone kind of falls within the scope there and Vyral’s kind of design fits little segment of the market that the little more help than the software programs, but don't want the money and emotional and creative investment of hiring a full video professional.

Jennie Wolek (18:39):

Yeah, that's a great answer. You know, I always teach and train when I'm talking to people that that video is important because it shows that you're human, you're real, you're transparent. And you know, any time that you ever say the same thing over and over again to a client, you catch yourself doing that, pull out your phone, do a video and tell the story like Frank, and guess what? You know what Frank, that's really how you sound. And that's really how you look.

Frank Klesitz (19:04):

Yeah. I mean, this is me.

Jennie Wolek (19:06):

And I think that people get so caught up in what they sound like or what they look like. And we've got to keep doing it.

Frank Klesitz (19:14):

You do. You really do got to keep doing it. It really is like when you go on a listing, you're telling the seller, Hey, we got to stage this house and clean it up and take good pictures because we have to sell it online to get an appointment offline. It's the same thing with you as a professional service, we have to sell you online, to take you offline. Especially if it's sellers, if it's buyers, they don't really care. It's just, you know, show me the house and you follow up in Europe, have a vehicle to open the door, right. But if you're going after sellers and you're the consultant for someone selling their home, you need to essentially have like a seller website, which has in many respects, the blog that we build for you, testimonials, educational videos, maybe some workshops that you're teaching, maybe even some logos of some media that you've been on, like the local news, that would be great, right? To really show that you positioned you as the best guide to help them through the challenge of getting their home sold.

Jennie Wolek (20:15):

So if somebody wanted to learn more about how they could sign up for Vyral or just get more information, maybe have a conversation what's that best way?

Frank Klesitz (20:24):

Go to the website. Just go to getvyral.com. On there I teach a weekly class every Monday. You're welcome to join me for class every Monday for about an hour, hour and a half. You attend a couple of those and learn some cool in depth marketing tips. On top of that, there's plenty of success stories and examples and videos that you can take a look on there as well as the marketing plan. And then when you're you just book a consultation and you'll speak with my business partner, John, who we've been friends since first grade went to grade school together, back in ‘91. 

Jennie Wolek (21:20):

Well, our time of working together over all these years, I sure hope that others who, you know, always are hitting me up and you up for more information, they can, we can share this video with them so they can learn that really for me, Vyral has allowed me some leverage with my marketing and it also allows me some accountability. And it provides me with reports afterwards of people who have clicked so we can follow up and making sure that we're adding to our database so that more people get our videos so that we get to help more families. It just keeps going and growing. Doesn't it?

Frank Klesitz (21:52):

Let me add one more thing. Jennie, paying for any marketing is always stressful. It's like, will I make any more money than what I pay you? Like, we've all been advertising victims of spending money on stuff that doesn't provide. And I don't want Vyral being one of those things. So we have a 90 day money back guarantee. So hire us, let's get some stuff out. I mean, if you're not getting business in 90 days, from what we do, it's a complete waste of money. Or you may not like, you know, I don't know. You may not like the way you look on video. Maybe your business goes in the tank, you know, two months in, you know, things happen. But for any reason, we'll give you all your money back in 90 days, it's going to happen. So it gives you a nice little out, a way to do the program and to see what the results are without any risk.

Jennie Wolek (22:36):

Well, I appreciate you and all you guys do for me. And of course, if you guys need anything, those that are watching, let me know. My number is 918-706-9845.

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