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Monica Reynolds: How to Hire Your Second Real Estate Assistant

By Frank Klesitz in Interviews on Dec 14, 2022


Here is the email she sent out to promote this webinar




We covered last week how to hire your first real estate assistant.

You're invited to my next training on when and how to hire your SECOND real estate assistant (once your first assistant is maxed out). This is the order you should make your hires.

Remember, your assistant's job is to take everything off your plate that's not prospecting, negotiating contracts, and going on listing appointments.

This is where it gets exciting with two assistants. One can teach/train the other and there's a backup if one is sick, takes vacation or decides to resign.

The key is properly dividing up their responsibilities. You also now have interesting dynamics to lead and manage two people, not one. You now have a culture.

Join me for this free training. I'll show you how to structure the right organizational chart as you expand your team in the correct order. I can't stress that enough.

Too many real estate agents hire listing and buyer agents too quickly - delegating off the "bringing in of the business" too early in the process. That's too much risk.

That's why your second hire is always another assistant to support you.

We'll talk about it on this webinar. I'll share the key insights you must know after 40+ years in this business so you can avoid the common hiring mistakes agents make.

I've invited Frank Klesitz again with Vyral Marketing to join me as we work our way up to hiring a marketing assistant to help you generate leads/appointments.

This is a 100% educational webinar. There will be a replay provided if you can't make it.

See you there!

- Monica

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Written by Frank Klesitz

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