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New Client Welcome Kathy Fissori

By Frank Klesitz on Aug 24, 2016

The Central Coast has been home to the Fissori Family for almost 100 years. The Fissori Real Estate Team was founded to provide the very best real estate services possible. Our team has a passion for detail and attentive customer service with the ability to quickly help you maximize your time as either a buyer or a seller.

Our past successes have been a result of hard-work, dedication, knowledge of the marketplace and an in-depth understanding of high-tech market strategies. We are strong negotiators working to secure you the best possible price when purchasing or selling your home. You can learn more about Kathy here.

Allison: Kathy, how did you hear about us and what motivated you to call us?
Kathy: Gosh, I guess I just started watching some of the hangouts because I actually have my website through RealGeeks, and I saw Jeff's hangouts, and Frank was facilitating with him. I thought 'This sounds interesting.' You know how you just kind of think, 'Who is this person?' So I went to Vyral Marketing and just started looking at it, and realized we're busy; we're very busy, and to keep up with a database sometimes is difficult. Knowing video is important right now and trying to get the team to figure it out - we do a little bit with Bombbomb too with the videos, but not anything that is consistent going out to the database. I have a weekly email that I send out, but since everything is video, you've got to go in that direction. I'm a little bit older and I'm not as tech-savvy as some, but you know, fairly tech-savvy, and just realized that this is the way we've got to go. The more that I look and I watch the different YouTube videos, I actually had a few different conversations with Frank, and you all seem solid. [Vyral] seems like a company that really cares about their clients, and you know, I'm just going to go for it.


Allison: Why hire us? Why not do this yourself?
Kathy: Well, we can't! Hello! (laughs). And this is another thing too, this is interesting because I have some clients of mine that are photographers. They're awesome and I love them, and I reached out to them recently and I said 'Hey, are you guys doing video?' And they're not, but they referred me to a videographer here in the area. So I contacted him and we were yakking about doing a video. He does a lot of pretty things; he does weddings and a lot of other things. So I talked to him about it a little bit and I asked just to do one video and make it look nice, what would you charge? And for each one, the price was like $500. And I thought 'Wow, he's going to do a video for $500 and then not do any reaching out to our database or all the different things that Vyral is offering?' And I thought, ‘Ok, this is just telling me that you have really good value.’ The value is there for what you're charging.


Allison: I know you had mentioned that you use RealGeeks; you saw Jeff and Frank's hangouts, but is there anyone specifically that we should thank for your business?
Kathy: Well, Hal Sweasey. I found out that he is here in the area and he had been working with Frank, and I reached out to him, and that's kind of where we are today. He had the exclusive in this county, and he's a good friend, and I said 'Gosh, would you be willing to allow another agent to utilize Vyral Marketing also?' and he did, and that worked out great.

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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