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Official October 2016 Real Estate Messages

By Frank Klesitz on Oct 7, 2016



For those of you in real estate, here is the first of two official message templates for October 2016:


These messages are for clients only. Ask your Specialist for your password.

I’m working on the second message this week about the election. You’ll see it on the page above shortly.

Ask your Specialist at Vyral Marketing to send it out – or make a video to complement it.

I write these for our real estate clients so it’s easier for you to come up with great content if you don’t have time for the recommended Q&A videos.

Also, an update for you on our new business tier…

The #1 opportunity for better results after building your database and sending out videos consistently is a system to follow up with the leads identified in your database.

These are the names in your “open/click” reports we send a few days after a video goes out. They have interacted with your marketing online.

These are the best people to call for business.

They know who you are and are more interested in having a conversation with you than online or cold leads.

I want you to have a strong follow up system in place for them that’s bullet-proof.

So, I’d like to implement that for you with the necessary feedback and accountability needed for improvement.

 Here’s what we need to do to set more appointments quickly:

  1. We set up an Excel Online shared spreadsheet with columns Owner, Lead Source, Attempts, and more to track your reach outs systematically. This way we have a multi-step tracking plan in place and it’s a breeze to know who to call and when.

  2. We load up 5 email templates (1 email for each attempt) into YesWare.com for you – an add-in for your regular email that tracks email you send with pre-loaded templates we write for you. This way we can precisely track your email follow up results.

  3. You get a CallRail.com account - you’ll place your outbound calls through the softphone so they are recorded (in 1 party states only) for on-going feedback.

  4. You get an Evernote account – we select a handful of recorded calls which are reviewed by Andrew Alix, our Business Specialist, to a scorecard with feedback provided in Evernote.

  5. Andrew will oversee the successful implementation of your open/click follow up so you set more appointments, get more referrals, and identify more quality leads. The calls he holds can be with you, your team, or the person making your calls on your behalf.

Your first two meetings with Andrew are free – reach out to Andrew Alix at Andrew.alix@getvyral.com if you’d like to get this system in place. 

Success stories of this are in the works to share with you.

With that, thank you for being a Vyral Marketing client and have a wonderful weekend!

Next week we’ll be back to talking about how to make your videos better.


Frank Klesitz, CEO
Vyral Marketing

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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