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How to Host a Business Planning Workshop

By Elizabeth Stormberg in Recruiting Project on Sep 24, 2020

From a recruiting standpoint, no one will join your team or take a one-on-one strategy call with you unless you can demonstrate credibility. You have to give them a reason to believe that you know what you’re talking about. 

This is where the seminar, workshop, or lunch and learn comes in—some type of public speaking event, be it through Zoom or in person. Channel your inner Tony Robbins. Have you noticed, though, that Tony Robbins doesn’t refer to his events as ‘events’? He calls his heavily scripted events ‘experiences.’ For example, he’s been doing his “Date With Destiny” event worldwide for 20 years now, and a lot of the examples haven’t even changed. That’s because it works; it’s refined, repeatable, and so scripted that other instructors could be hired to teach it.

Your seminar should be similarly standardized. It shouldn’t be a haphazard, one-time thing that you throw together and then never present again. You’ll exhaust yourself needlessly that way.

I want you to host a business workshop or clinic where you teach an entry-level agent how to write a business plan. More importantly, I want you to create a standardized, scripted (almost down to the minute) sort of workbook for this event. You should design it to last about three hours. Somewhere between every month and every three months (depending upon demand and the market you’re in), you’ll hold this same business planning workshop. 

After you write the script and successfully run it once, the strategy is just copy-and-paste from there. There’s no burden of having to come up with new material; the only work will be in presenting it and engaging with attendees. The goal is to have anyone go to your blog, click on your events, and see that you’re holding a workshop in October, December, February, April,  June—all the way through 2021. Even better, they’ll be able to buy a ticket to any listed workshop right then and there. 

If you had some of your existing agents in your brokerage show up to this event, what would you teach them? What are three very important things they need to know about lead generation? What are three very important things they need to know about lead conversion? What are three very important things they need to know about effective presentations? 

If you want to nail this workshop, take each of those points and tell a story around it. Telling real and relevant stories is how we become more fluid and influential as speakers. Storytelling also helps people create a distinct memory around each specific concept they received from an information-loaded, time-constrained event. So, what powerful yet relatable stories could you share with new agents? 

If you want to further demonstrate your credibility as a leader, start leading workshops.

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Elizabeth Stormberg

Written by Elizabeth Stormberg

Elizabeth is the Chief Marketing Officer at Vyral Marketing.

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