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Real Estate Recruiting Email Example

By Elizabeth Stormberg in Recruiting Project on Aug 12, 2020

Today I’ll tell you why, when crafting your “We’re hiring” email, you should keep an open mind about hiring licensed and non-licensed agents. Your message should be sent out to literally everyone in your database, and if you can appeal to those who are looking for a job instead of just fellow agents looking to further their career, you’ll open up a whole new world of talent. 

When crafting your “We’re hiring” email, keep an open mind about hiring non-licensed agents as well as licensed ones, because I want you to send your reconnect message to literally everyone in your database—your clients, listings, buyers, etc.

Have an open mind about perhaps paying minimum wage, because people need the idea of having a regular W-2 job as opposed to something with 100% commission. If you can float the idea of offering a part-time/10 to 20 hours per week/W-2/minimum wage job, it will open your market to people who are looking for work instead of just those looking to own their own business or have 100% commission. 

When this email goes out to your entire database, it’ll mention that, yes, you have agent positions available. However, it’ll also offer an option for those who maybe don’t like their current career, or would rather work from home, or want a better work-life balance, or are thinking about getting into real estate (because the market is CRAZY). You have an opportunity for them too, and it’s paid. You’ll open up a whole world of talent that you can train. 

What does this message look like? Let’s start with something you’re comfortable with (follow along at 1:43 in the video):

“Dear clients, friends, and colleagues – 

I’m writing to you since we’re friends on social media, you’re in my address book, you’ve bought or sold a home in the past with me or my real estate company’s help, or we’ve had a conversation at one time.”

What we’re trying to do here at the beginning of the message is confirm the fact that you’re in real estate and that’s how they know you. Further on down the message, we include this section:

“However, I write to you today not to let you know about what’s going on in real estate, but rather to let you know that if you or someone you know is looking for a better career, we’re hiring.

If you are not currently in real estate and you’re unhappy with where you work, I encourage you to consider a real estate career with me.

You get to work with successful people in the community, and the nature of the position allows you to work for your own bottom line instead of someone else’s.”

After that, we move onto the section that addresses the licensed agents:

“Now, if you’re currently a licensed real estate agent, I know the struggle of finding buyers and sellers to help. We take care of a lot of that work for you.”

Finally, we reiterate both options you’re offering:

“So, if you’re interested in a real estate career, or you’re a licensed real estate agent who wants to do better, I invite you to apply for a position with our company.”

This goes out to your existing database. If that includes agents you’ve worked with on the other side of a transaction, so be it. Sitting down, focusing, and crafting your message is the highest-paid work you can do. That focused time goes into your emails, Facebook ads, and direct mail. This message scales and no one but you should be responsible for its creation. The person who crafts the message should know the market, and you know the market better than anyone else.


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Elizabeth Stormberg

Written by Elizabeth Stormberg

Elizabeth is the Chief Marketing Officer at Vyral Marketing.

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