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Recruiting Real Estate Agents on Job Boards

By Elizabeth Stormberg in Recruiting Project on Aug 24, 2020

SUMMARY: Many people are looking for more flexible careers during this uncertain time, careers where they can work from home. Real estate is one of the few industries that hasn’t been hammered by the chaos happening in the world right now.  That means you have an incredible opportunity to find existing licensees on the job boards, or even people who haven’t been licensed but who have the character traits that would allow them to crush it in the business. So how do we do it?

When people are looking for jobs, they’ll probably start online with websites like Indeed, where you can search for work by keywords. Just by plugging in the keywords “real estate,” you can see that the most popular job title is a real estate assistant. That means you shouldn’t be posting ads for things like ISAs or transaction managers, since no one is searching for positions by those names. You’ll get more traffic and more applicants if you create job ad for real estate agents and then simply explain the position more clearly in the description.
The next most popular job title on Indeed  under “real estate” is a real estate agent. The important thing to remember in creating job ads for an agent is not to lead with the promise that prospective agents will make six figures a year. It sounds like a scam, and everyone already writes that on their ads anyway. The goal is simply to capture people’s attention with your ads to generate leads. You’ll want to run a couple of ads on Indeed, but do so under different keywords to pick up different kinds of talent, such as those looking for work in sales.

You can also take your job ads further than Indeed. The next site to try is Craigslist, which now charges around $45 for job ads (which is cheap, though the fee does vary based on the size of the city). The good thing about this site is that you can post your job ad under multiple categories.

You should have a  couple of job ads running on these sites at all times, regardless of whether you have an open position or not. They usually run for 30 days, so you may have to reset them. The person that you hire as your ISA, who follows up with the leads, can also train to reset the job ads so they’re always on and generating applicants. 

Here’s another area to pick up some really good talent: colleges. Go to the university’s website in your town, sign up to post as an employer, and set up your profile. Bear in mind that they’ll give you a call in order to vet you—they only want legitimate job posts there. Each college used to have their own proprietary system, though now there is a website called Handshake that streamlined the process, allowing you to log on, search for a university, and ask to post job ads on their site. Unfortunately, not all universities can be found on Handshake yet, but more and more enroll on the site all the time.

The last source to share with is are syndicators. You might have heard of WizeHire—it costs around $100 a month for an account, but you can write your job ad there and they’ll post it on a number of job boards. They operate on a kind of CRM that can work your leads, as well as a built-in applicant tracking system

The bottom line is that the secret to success when it comes to posting on job boards is to get lots of leads and then to thin the herd of applicants once you do. Look for the people who are aligned with your goals and work ethic and filter out the rest. This system, done every two weeks, will make you rich with talent.

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Elizabeth Stormberg

Written by Elizabeth Stormberg

Elizabeth is the Chief Marketing Officer at Vyral Marketing.

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