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Retargeting Facebook Ads Strategy

By Frank Klesitz in Client Training on Dec 23, 2022

We recommend you spend $1 a day ($30 a month) retargeting your videos on Facebook and Instagram to the people who visit your website, in your email database, and who interact with your FB/IG page. For many of you, this is plenty of money to reach your warmest audiences 4-6x times a month (frequency). If your frequency is lower over 30 days, increase your budget accordingly. This is the checklist we use to retarget client videos on Facebook/Instagram which stops after 30 days. We check your ads monthly on your strategy call, turn them back on, or decide to increase the budget. The way you know retargeting works is people see they see your ads and ideally recognize you when you call them. We run two ads – one is a video ad to it's respective blog post and the other is an offer to generate leads to a web form.

How to Retarget Your Videos on Facebook and Instagram

  1. We have permission to your Facebook page, Meta Pixel, and Ad account
  2. Your billing information is updated in your ad account
  3. Your account spending limit has a maximum of $30 of headroom.
  4. Meta pixel is installed on all your websites (confirm with FB Pixel Helper)
  5. #1 - Email list is uploaded as an audience (w/ Zapier CRM sync optional)
  6. #2 - All website visitor audiences over the past 180 days is created
  7. #3 - Everyone who engaged with your FB page over the past 365 days created
  8. #4 - Everyone who engaged with your IG page over the past 365 days created
  9. Traffic campaign created, with special ad category if necessary
  10. Ad set for website traffic, link clicks, $1/day with a 30-day end date
  11. All 4 audiences added to the ad set, targeting the entire USA for most clients
  12. 4 Manual Placements Only: Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, Facebook video feeds, Facebook right column. Turn everything else off.
  13. Create a video ad with a link to it's respective blog post (video as creative)
  14. Create an image ad with a link to your direct offer landing page (image as creative)
  15. Add a “Facebook” campaign source URL parameter to each website link
  16. Send the preview ad link to the client to review

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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