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By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on Jun 12, 2020

Vyral Marketing Story - Spring Bengtzen

"We'll do $100 million this year in volume and my brokerage is up to 50 agents. I only launched two months ago. I'm very confident I will go to a hundred agents this year. I don't know if my business would be where it's at today without them."

Summary: Spring came to us thinking about getting out of the business with the challenges of growing a team. We put a marketing plan in place to help her stay in better touch to get more clients, along with a plan to recruit real estate agents to her team. She has since grown her business 10x, opened her own brokerage with now 50 agents, and will sell $100 million of real estate.

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I don't know if my business would be where it's at today without them.

I would say the biggest obstacle that I've had in my career was the messy middle. What I mean by the messy middle is I think any of us that are building teams, we've been there, that you could take out all the expense, all the structure, everything for a certain level of production, and then you get there and your own production is going down because you're mentoring and feeding all these agents, but the income isn't there.

There was one time I remember meeting with Frank at Vyral. We sat down for breakfast in LA and I was like, "Dude, I don't know. Like I probably need to just go back to being a solo agent or an onesie, twosie team, because this is hard and this is not easy." And he was like, "Nope, you need to do this, this, this," typical Frank. Of course I was like, "Yeah, whatever. That sounds ridiculous and difficult," and it wasn't. I sat on his idea probably for a year. And then he reached out and said, "Are you ready to execute?" And he helped me execute it. That actually helped transform my business tenfold.

My business is my team will do a little over a hundred million this year in volume. The brokerage is up to 50 agents. I only launched two months ago. So I'm very confident that will go to a hundred agents this year.

My lifestyle right now, it's busy, but it's productive and it's fun. I'm up, I'm doing my thing and I'm home in time to spend time with the family. Again, we travel all the time. We do a lot of outdoor recreation. I've got two little kids still at home and it's just super fun.

I would say, as my business has grown, it hasn't taken any more time. It's just all about hiring the right people.

How do I know that Vyral Marketing works? I get replies. Every time an email goes out, I either get a piece of business, somebody calls me, somebody responds, so I know that it works that way in the terms of just their 33 touch program. Vyral really works when it comes to all of their extra coaching programs as well. It has transformed my business hands down. If you will take what he says to do and execute it, it will be a game changer for you.

If you're starting your journey with Vyral Marketing, you just need to execute. So get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Meaning get in front of the camera. You can slur your words sometimes or screw up or whatnot. People expect you to be human. It's not about having it perfect; it's about getting it out there. So make sure that you're executing, that you're actually following the program. I know that there's been times that I haven't put content out and I know that it works.

So follow the plan, and then I would say utilize them. Ask them what other people are doing. Make sure that you're using all aspects of it because it will change your business if you do.

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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