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Steve LaMothe: My Top 3 Seller Lead Generation Videos

By Frank Klesitz in Interviews on Nov 21, 2022

Here is the email he sent out to promote this webinar


I want to invite you to a live webinar where I'll share my top 3 marketing videos homeowners watch (and then call me to talk about listing their home).

You'll see my top 3 most popular topics for seller lead generation. These have been super helpful to help us sell just under 200 homes this year.

These videos are a part of my 36-touch marketing plan. I send them out to my past client, sphere, and lead nurture database. I have appointment setters call the people who watch them to schedule listing and buyer consultations.

This is the exact "Met" lead-generation model Gary Keller talks about in the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book. That book changed my life. I've read it like 10 times, taking every course our Market Center teaches on it. I owe a lot to KW.

I've won competitive listings because sellers spent "hours" with me online watching my videos. It's an incredible advantage over my peers who show up only on the listing presentation and it's the first time a seller has met them.

Here's what you'll learn:
- The top 3 videos that work best for me (feel free to use them)
- The 2023 video topics I plan to send out to my database
- The messages I send out to generate immediate leads
- How to get sellers to watch the videos once you make them


I've invited Frank Klesitz with Vyral Marketing to join me on this. I'm a client and his firm helps me out with all this. I really value his insights.

This webinar will be recorded so please register if you can't make it. It's 100% educational. My intent is to build a relationship with you for any possible Sacramento referrals. I'm also hiring listing agents; I book all your appointments for you. No cold calling. Hit me up if you're interested.

- Steve

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Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and founder of Vyral Marketing

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