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Team Lally Landed a $1 Million Buyer Referral From a Bank

By Frank Klesitz on Dec 19, 2019


Mastermind Club friends,

I wanted to write you about a profitable connection that was made from our last mastermind...

Members Adrienne and Attilio (Team Lally) are the top agents in Hawaii. They came to our meeting in November. 

I was given permission to share what they implemented, including the results from their time invested in "sharping the axe" with us.

1. Adrienne sent a "Hey" text to old leads with a great response rate

Brian Burds shared a neat tip to get "unable to contact" leads to respond to you. He said "Just send a 'Hey' text to your leads". Adrienne had her 4 person ISA team text 200 "bottom of the barrel" leads in their database this super simple message. Their response rate was 37.5%! It got people engaged with them again. This can be an easy thing to get people interacting with you who have gone dark.


(Brian Burds sharing his insights this November)

2. Attilio landed a $1.3 million buyer referral from his new bank

Jay Bourgana shared all his lead generation pillars at the mastermind. His most creative pillar is holding relationships with loan officers at banks to generate buyer referrals. Most large institutions, apparently, don't have a process to pass off pre-approved buyers to real estate agents. Attilio was opening a checking account in Hawaii a week later when he asked the bank manager “Who do you send pre-approved buyers to?” That one question landed him a $1.3 million dollar buyer referral right on the spot!


(Jay Bourgana at a topic table with Billy Phong and others)

3. Adrienne and Attilio are now going to develop a $30 million land project

Shawn O'Neill shared details on how private investor real estate syndication works. So, instead of selling 5 lots of land Adrienne and Attilio currently represent for a sales commission, they are now working to find private real estate syndicate money to finance the work to build it out! They are talking to Shawn for financing insight and referrals. The entire project is a $30 million dollar project they are taking on!


I would love for you to make these profitable connections, too! This is my role in Mastermind Club.

We have four meetings scheduled for next year. You are welcome to join us as a guest if you earn at least $425k GCI or sell 75 homes a year, which is our minimum to be in the room.

The meetings for next year are:

  • March 26-27
  • May 14-15
  • September 24-25
  • October 22-23

Call me at (619)500-6563 or email me at peter@mastermindclub.us if you'd like to join us.



Peter McDonald
Membership Chair

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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