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"I can sleep at night" - How Chip raised $2,500 a month

By Frank Klesitz in Business Sponsor Project on Aug 20, 2018

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You'll learn how Vyral Client Chip Hodgkins, a real estate agent in Syracuse, NY, started a local business owner mastermind, included those business owners in his marketing, and raised $2,500 of sponsor money with our new 16 week business sponsor project.

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Real Estate Business Sponsor Project Review: Matt O'Neill

By Frank Klesitz in Business Sponsor Project on Jul 30, 2018

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See How You Can Raise Money to Zero-Cost Your Marketing

You'll learn how Charleston real estate agent Matt O'Neill started a monthly business owner lunch / mastermind meeting with the help of our "add-on" business sponsor project guidance over four months.

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San Antonio Realtor Raises $10,000 a Month From Local Small Businesses

By Frank Klesitz in Business Sponsor Project on Jul 25, 2018

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Listen to the Call

Frank: Chad, you have an incredible story that I want to be the journalist of and get out from you. Where are you at right now with your production level in your second year?

Chad: This year, we’re on track to double our production from last year. I believe we have closed $22.8 million worth of real estate so far this year.

Frank: How many homes is that in your market in San Antonio?

Chad: I’d have to double check, but I’d say probably in the ballpark of 75.

Frank: In your second year? That’s incredible. No one does that.

Chad: Thank you.

Frank: I wanted to tell this story because as you know, many people struggle when starting out in real estate. They get caught up in things that don’t work or get distracted by shiny objects. Let me get this straight. Two years ago, you were a farmer in Kansas, is that correct?

Chad: Actually, I grew up on a small farm in Kansas. I went to college, met my wife there, and then we moved to Lubbock, Texas and I got into real estate there. I sold 20 homes my first year, 20 homes my second year, then I met up with Chris Watters and he had me come down to San Antonio and start the branch with just myself two years ago.

Frank: So you had a little bit of experience first?

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