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By Frank Klesitz in Real Estate Agent, Calling Assistant on Aug 5, 2019

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Clients and friends,

It’s official. Just 3-4 months ago, we were testing the idea of opening a call center in our Omaha, NE office to call the people who watch your videos.

This way we can pass you more leads proactively from your database.

We did it. The test was a success.

We’re getting a 25% contact rate calling your “click” reports and about 1 in 12 people we speak with request a call back from you.

That’s a great result.

You can listen to the quality of the phone calls here:

Example Database Marketing Calls-thumb

This is Scott Sillari, my business partner, making an hour of live calls.

We patched in both sides of the conversation. We edited it down to the best parts - both good and bad. It’s great.

We also hired Anna Kruger, a very experienced sales trainer, to train our calling assistants.

Here’s my offer to you….

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Anna Krueger Calling Assistant Training Call

By Frank Klesitz in Real Estate Agent, Calling Assistant on May 3, 2019

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Edited Version (Contact Center Training)

Listen in on today's calling assistant training call

Upgrade Your Marketing with a Calling Assistant

"What I Learned From My Calling Assistant Training Today"

by Brayden, Calling Assistant


Today I was able to receive training from Coach Anna Krueger of ISA MAPS Coaching.

The training was from the phone conversations I have been experiencing from the people who open and click on the emails sent out by Vyral Marketing.

We started by having some regular objections I have gotten back on the phone calls answered by Anna.

On the list I have been reaching out to, a majority of the people have a vacation home already which makes it difficult to push the conversation forward.

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