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Upcoming Webinar: How to Prepare for the Uncertain 2019 Real Estate Market

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Nov 27, 2018

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Upcoming Webinar

"How to Prepare for the Uncertain 2019 Real Estate Market " 

LIVE Friday, November 30th @ 9am Pacific | 12pm Eastern

Attend the YouTube live stream (on the day of the event).

Clients and friends,
I'm hosting a webinar with Vyral Client Greg Harrelson who sells 3,000 homes a year in Myrtle Beach, SC on how to set yourself up for success in 2019.
This is in partnership with Jeff Manson, the CEO of Real Geeks, who I've co-hosted the www.KeepingitReal.com series since 2014.
(The agent interviews on there are incredible you should watch them).
Greg is a client of Vyral Marketing and has an incredible database building and touch system in place - including publishing agent training videos for recruiting.
I thought I would bring this webinar to you since you can learn a lot from someone who sells 3,000 homes a year as you plan your 2019 strategy with all the uncertainty in the marketplace.
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New Client Project Groups Start January 2019

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Nov 20, 2018

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I’m leading two project groups to help you
recruit new agents and zero-cost your marketing

We start January 2019. Limit 32 students. Class of eight over Zoom. Email me frank@getvyral.com if you’re interested. We’ll talk more about it.

Clients and friends,

I invite you to check out the two projects I’m implementing with clients starting in January 2019.

These projects are “add-ons” to our core done-for-you service to help you stay in better touch with your database, I personally teach. You can learn more about our main service at www.getvyral.com.

We have space for 32 people. Email me at frank@getvyral.com if you’re interested.

We meet weekly in a small group of 8 real estate agents on a Zoom for 1 hour, along with weekly implementation call with my business partner and Vyral Marketing co-founder John McMillan.

There’s a solid track record of client success. It’s very likely you’ll get results with the way I have this structured. That means you’ll attract more right fit agents or get vendor money to pay for marketing.

Let’s go over these two “add-on” projects quickly…

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How to Zero-Cost Your Marketing with Local Business Masterminds & Video Interviews

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Aug 21, 2018

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Business Sponsor Special Project

NEW 16-Week “Add-On” Special Project - Starts Sept. 24th, 2018

Email me frank@getvyral.com to learn more.

Get All The Details On Our
Business Sponsor Special Project


Clients and friends,

Frank Klesitz

I want to invite you to our upcoming Business Sponsor Project as an “add-on” to our core service we’re starting September 24th.

We'll help you raise money from local businesses to zero-cost your marketing.

Email me back if you are interested. My email is frank@getvyral.com. You can just reply to this email. It goes to me.

I have space for 16 people (two one-hour classes a week of 8 clients).

I’ll mail you a free copy of Vyral Client Chris Watters’s book The Million Dollar Real Estate Team, too, on how Chris went from zero to earning - after expenses - $1 million in three years. He will earn $9 million GCI selling 1,200 homes this year in Austin. 

HINT: He raised money from local businesses to help pay for his lead-generation to grow faster. I have a giant stack here in my office ready to mail you. You’ll learn how he did it. We modeled his approach.

You'll Start a Local Business Mastermind Group

Here’s how our Business Sponsor “add-on” special project works…

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You can now watch real client marketing meetings on Facebook LIVE

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on May 12, 2018

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Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 2.40.10 PM

Watch all the meeting replays here

Clients and friends -

The biggest question I’m asked is “Why would I hire Vyral Marketing?”

It’s because we guide you to get results. We also do all the implementation, too.

I’m excited to announce a new series that hasn’t been done yet in the industry.

It’s called “Client Journeys”.

We broadcast our marketing meetings with clients on Facebook LIVE for you to watch.

These are real meetings with paying clients. You’ll hear their struggles, problems, successes and more. It’s all there – live, unedited, and raw. You get to see the entire creative process.

You’ll see how we strategize, plan, and execute each week.

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The Last Vyral Marketing Show

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Apr 19, 2018

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Clients and friends,

This will be my last Vyral Marketing Show. It’s on the most important thing I can share and that’s on how to build a permission-based email list.

You’ll learn how to build a permission-based list of email addresses. This is the #1 asset in any business – a list of people who want to hear from you and will buy anything you sell. It’s been argued you only need 1,000 true fans to make a spectacular living. That’s true for professional services – the happiest professionals have 1,000 happy people who call them when they have a problem and actively refer, it’s the most stable business you can enjoy. Your database is the foundation your inbound and outbound marketing is built on. The days of sending unsolicited email are coming to an end in 2018 – email servers are stricter than ever with regard to what gets to your inbox. It’s time you double down on your strategy to pick a target market, hold events to meet people in it, and make sure you’re asking permission to stay in touch from everyone you talk to. In this video, you’ll learn my best tips to grow your email list of the right people so they call you when they have a problem that needs solved.

We will now publish a monthly newsletter that’s more comprehensive in a format you want.

It will be bullet points, that get to the “point”, so to speak.

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Raise money to zero-cost your marketing

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Apr 9, 2018

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Project Group

Real estate clients and friends,

We have quite a few clients who use Vyral Marketing to get a lot of sponsor money.

Vyral Client Chris Watters in Austin, TX, gets $25,000 a month in sponsor money from local businesses who want access to his database of buyers and sellers.

I'm convinced we can help even a brand new agent raise $5,000 a month to zero-cost their marketing expenses.

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Meet Emma our new email marketing partner

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Feb 9, 2018

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An important update today about getting your emails delivered.

Since we started Vyral Marketing in 2009, we’ve still recommend you reconnect with everyone who knows you when you start our marketing plan.

That includes exporting all your Facebook, LinkedIn, CRM, and email contacts.

While we still recommend exporting all these contacts so we can upload them to Facebook and “boost” videos to them, email rules are tightening up.

Over the past few months we noticed a trending decline in the deliverability of your emails.

For some high-sender clients, up to 50% of the emails sent were not making it to the inboxThat’s very bad.

This is for three reasons.

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