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Reduce Your Marketing Costs with Vendor Money

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Jul 28, 2020

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Clients and friends,

I was working with a client this week on signing up local businesses to give them money to pay for their marketing expenses.

They specifically wanted to zero-cost their Vyral Marketing so they didn't have to worry about the fixed expense on variable commission income. 

I think we can all relate to that stress.

The initial goal was to raise just $550 a month from one local business.

You would include them in a few of your videos, provide a gift certificate to their business at closings, put an ad for them on your video blog, in your emails, and more.

Ideally, we wanted a local financial advisor who needs to get in front of affluent down-sizers cashing out equity for their approaching retirement.

This is a very big and profitable target market for the financial advisor industry.

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An update from Frank

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on May 31, 2020

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Clients and friends,

I want to give you an update on our free marketing training at Vyral Marketing.

Here’s the full 6-month syllabus and where you can sign up:


At this point in the free training since January, you’ve accomplished the following:

  • Your database is clean, de-duplicated in one spot.
  • It’s appended with missing phone numbers and emails.
  • You’ve sent out a reconnect message to spike response.
  • You have your team member’s database in your list, too.
  • You’ve picked the best video topics people want.
  • They look and sound great when you shoot them.
  • They are optimized on YouTube to get found.
  • They are on your video blog optimized for lead-gen.
  • You have 2 Q&A videos going out by email a month.
  • They are properly promoted and advertised on social media.
  • You have a personal letter mailed monthly to your A+ contacts.
  • You’ve hosted your first seller-workshop as a webinar (popular now).
  • You have a monthly lead-generation message emailed out.

We do all this for you at Vyral Marketing with our marketing plan.

I wanted to open the training we give our clients and our employees so you can see exactly how it’s done.

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Updated Official Vyral Marketing Plan

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on May 24, 2020

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Clients and friends,
I hope you're enjoying the Memorial Day weekend! 
I want to update you with a few things at Vyral Marketing. 
First, we updated the core Vyral Marketing plan for all our clients based on evidence of what works best - to the point of diminishing marginal returns - to get the most business from your database.
Here's the updated plan...
  • 2 Monthly Q&A Video Emails
  • Monthly Personal Letter
  • Monthly Lead Generation Email
  • Daily Facebook Advertising
  • Co-Advertise to Zero Cost
This is all included for our clients now
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How to Mail a Monthly Letter to Your Database

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on May 9, 2020

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Sign Up For Our Workshop      Free Strategy Call

Friends and subscribers –

I'm going to cover in class live this Monday, May 11th @ 12pm PST / 3pm EST “How to Mail a Monthly Letter to Your Database".

You can register here for class.

You’ll be lucky to reach 30% of your database by email (I’ll show you the typical email open rate numbers).

You need to reach the rest of your database by Facebook®, phone calls – and my personal favorite – physical mail!

Download the worksheet to complement class here (PDF).

I’ve been very fortunate to be trained by the best in direct mail.

We’re going to wrap up Module #4 on Monday, the 36-touch system to get the most from your database, which is:

  • 2 videos a month by email
  • Promoted on social media
  • Monthly personal letter
  • Call the people who watch your videos
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How clients are adapting their business

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Mar 29, 2020

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Clients and friends,

I’ve been speaking with our clients all week to stay on top of what's going on in the industry.

Here's what clients are doing to make a living - safely - with the growing pandemic. 

1. Remind people real estate is still selling

Clients are posting on their Facebook business page daily with how many homes came on the market, how many went pending, and how many sold. You want to remind people real estate is still moving. We can put these stats in your emails to your database. This is the #1 thing people need to hear to reassure their house will sell, or their offer will get considered, if they want to buy.

2. Real estate can be bought or sold safely

Let everyone know you can meet by video conference, show homes virtually, put hand-washing stations outside of the home for showings, and more. People still need to move. Remind people now (just like Uber Eats lets you know they can leave the food at the door) it’s possible to sell real estate with minimal human contact (6 feet apart). Explain exactly how you’ll do that; get on video and communicate from your webcam as much as you can. If the late night show hosts are doing it, you can too. We’ll help you.

3. You provide free guidance about buying or selling

Let people know you’re there to talk about buying or selling real estate. Tell stories in your communications about questions people are asking with your answers. Hot questions right now are, “Will home prices drop?” and “What if I can’t pay my rent or mortgage?”. You can read my last post about how to pick the best topics for your videos (or any message you want to send to your list).

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A client asked us to write this email for her

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Mar 16, 2020

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Real estate clients,

A real estate client asked me to write an email to send to her database addressing Coronavirus.

I thought I would share it with you. You can send it out, too. 

Customize it as you see fit. Here you go...

FROM: Your Name
SUBJECT: I’m here to help

Clients and friends,

I just want you to know I’m here to help…

My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

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IMPORTANT: Coronavirus messaging guidance

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Mar 12, 2020

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Clients and friends,

I write you today with messaging direction for the Coronavirus…

You’ll want to adjust your messaging today to address this with your database.

It’s clear that humanity is facing a crisis as the disease spreads. It’s important we listen to our scientists on the front lines and do our part to slow the progression.

Today, we made the decision to let our 60+ employees work from home.

We are very fortunate to be able to do this easily given the nature of our work. We will be communicating internally via regular video conference to get the job done for you.

We will help you provide timely, accurate communication to your database.

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Video Lead Generation Postcard Example

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Mar 8, 2020

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I have an important marketing reminder for you...

I want you to know that it's important to direct mail your database once a month, too. This is in addition to sending out two helpful Q&A videos to your database by email and social media in our plan.

This is included as a part of our done-for-you database marketing plan with video.

We recommend either an 8x5x11 newsletter to your best contacts, or a 4x6 postcard to all your contacts (past clients, sphere, leads, etc).

You're only going to reach, at best, 30-40% of your database with email and social media.

You have to use direct mail. It can't be taken away from you. I just heard of a colleague who had to lay-off 20 employees since Facebook locked him out of his account. Too much of his business was dependent on that one media. But I digress....make sure direct mail is a part of your strategy.

(One client of ours has 142 seller appointments currently scheduled through her expansion network in 8 cities, all from direct mail alone).

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Join me at the Next Level Agents event April 23-25th in Scottsdale, AZ

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Feb 27, 2020

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Get your ticket now for only $299

(you'll get this special early bird pricing if you buy before Feb 29th,
which is this Saturday)

Clients and friends,

I've been invited to speak at the Next Level Agents event April 23-25th in Scottsdale, AZ at the Talking Stick Resort.

You can get a ticket here for $299: www.NLALive.com

You can use code "FRANK" for an additional 10% off your ticket, too.

My topic is "How to Reconnect with Your Neglected Contact Database to Increase Sales with Video & Social Media".

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7 Reasons Why You Need to Work Your Database

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Dec 26, 2019

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You'll learn the 7 reasons why you need to work your database with the marketing plan Jeff Glover put in place to go from 100 to 400 deals from his list.

Real estate clients and friends,

Vyral Client Jeff Glover is the #1 real estate agent in Michigan. In 2020, he's doubling down on working his database instead of cold calling and doing very expensive advertising (over $1 million a year!). He was "forced to" because running his business the old way just "wasn't staying profitable".

We're seeing this more and more at Vyral Marketing. We have a record number of past clients coming back after giving up on (or putting less emphasis on) buying internet leads en masse or getting strangers on the phone at scale. It's just getting too expensive and/or competitive.

This is a pretty powerful quote from Jeff....

"Three years ago my business was 'growing', but profits were shrinking. I was forced to shift from a cold calling, advertising model to a relationship-based, database approach. Now, 400+ deals a year come from our database. Profits are also going back up. If you don't do this, too, you'll go broke. I have 7 reasons why. I lost sight of what it means to be in business. Not anymore." - Jeff Glover - #1 Real Estate Agent (Michigan)

He went from less than 100 transactions a year from his database (three years ago) to over 400 this year. In the interview you'll learn how he did it. It involved a very big mindset shift to a relationship-driven business over a transaction-based business. This is not easy to do, especially with an operation as big as his with an entrenched culture around getting the next deal done fast.

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Jeff Cook Generated 21 Seller Leads with This Guaranteed Offer Email

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Dec 16, 2019

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This is an update to a full article on this tactic you can read here

Real estate clients and friends,

We recommend in our Official Video Marketing Plan you send a direct offer to your database four times a year to spike lead generation. We implement all this for you.

I want to show you an example that worked well for Vyral Client Jeff Cook in Charleston, SC. He runs the #10 real estate team in the USA and has been a great Vyral client for years. Thank you Jeff!

A hot call to action right now (especially in markets with a lot of iBuyer activity) is to skip the hassle of showings and sell your home directly to a company or investor.

Rich Barton, the new CEO of Zillow, says instant offers are "10-20% of the market". With about 5.3 million existing home sales a year in America, that's a big slice for the instant offer market to win.

Keller Williams even got into the "we'll buy your home" business recently.

The role of the real estate agent in 2020 is now more to offer a "suite of solutions" to the homeowner's problem, even if it's not listing it traditionally.

This is an offer that "likely to sell" homeowners want to respond to....and then you can help them.

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We'll help you recruit real estate agents to your team or brokerage

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Dec 6, 2019

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Our next real estate recruiting add-on implementation project starts January 6, 2020.


Email me frank@getvyral.com and I’ll send you the updated 200+ page workbook with 24 lessons in it to review. You’ll also speak with us to see if the course is a good fit.

Real estate clients and friends –

I’d like to encourage you to sign up for our recruiting project if you need to hire great agents.

We start January 6, 2020. It’s a live class with me every week on Zoom with a handful of top brokerages and team leaders for six months.

It’s an “add-on” to our core service to help you leverage training videos, social media case studies, Facebook ads and outbound emails to attract a steady stream of real estate agents to work for you.

Email me back at frank@getvyral.com for the latest copy of the 200+ page workbook. It's incredible. I'm very proud of it.

We’ll also ship it to you for $40 (our cost to print and FedEx it to you).

You can see examples, the syllabus and more here: www.getvyral.com/recruiting

This week in class we covered the 5 Facebook campaigns you put $50 a month into each, to reach all the agents in your MLS.

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