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How Mark Ramey Uses His "Mets" & "Haven't Mets" to Level Up

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on Mar 5, 2021

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This month I spoke with Mark Ramey, a client of ours from Orlando, Florida. He sold 80 homes last year with 4,175 permission-based emails he put on this video marketing plan: www.getvyral.com/plan. From this, he earned $678,797 GCI in 2020 with one buyer’s agent and two support staff to help him. 48% came from this email database and the rest from working expired listings, probates, and agent referrals.

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How Misty SOLDwisch Does $3 Million a Year in Commissions

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on Mar 4, 2021

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In this interview, hosted by Frank Klesitz (our CEO) and Matt Wagner with RATE, Misty discusses how she got to where she is now. From her years in Washington, D.C. to her move to Des Moines, she goes in depth on how she went from selling 125 homes a year to now doing $3 a year in commissions. 

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How Monte Mohr Recruited over 100 Agents in Two Years

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on Dec 18, 2020

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Monte took our 6 month recruiting course (www.getvyral.com/recruiting) and since graduating a year ago, he has fully implemented the material - and is reaping the rewards. We sat down to talk about what it takes to recruit real estate agents to your team or brokerage using 100% inbound techniques (cold email, Facebook ads, job boards, referrals, etc) without any cold calls (he prefers to say attracting, not chasing).

[Full Transcript]

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How Joshua Holt Works his Database through Videos and Direct Mail

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on Nov 20, 2020

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Vyral Client Joshua Holt has been fully utilizing the Vyral Marketing Plan. Josh sends out two videos a month to his database, a monthly direct offer email, and sends out direct mail to his top contacts. Hear his story of how he's growing his business after just four years in real estate.

0:00 Introduction

1:13 What was the problem you were facing before hiring Vyral?

4:54 What’s the process like working with us and the team?

5:46 How do you know that what Vyral is doing is making an impact on your business? 10:00 What video topics have resonated the most with your database?

15:38 How would you sum up your experience with Vyral?

16:50 Closing

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How Rachael Richards Transitioned from Cold Calling to Working Her Database

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on Nov 11, 2020

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Frank, By the way in the last 6 months. 31 is the Vyral sub-lead source for closed in SISU. We weren’t this organized to start and it will be interesting to see a full 12 months. One thing I failed to mention today as I think Vyral is a unique way to create and affordable way to create listing leads. We are seeing more success for listings than buyer leads which is extremely rare as you know! 

Just getting warmed up! “ – Rachael Richards

0:00 Introduction 

0:26 Why did Rachael decide to hire Vyral Marketing? 

1:32 Rachael explains her background with dedicated cold-calling and door-knocking

3:10 The point where Rachael realized she had to get serious about working her database 

5:55 Why Rachael wanted to shift her team to be self-reliant on leads 

7:00 Aside from Vyral, what else is Rachael doing to self-generate leads? 

8:12 How does Rachael track her leads from Vyral? 

12:21 How is Rachael adding emails into her database? 

15:52 Rachael talks about calling investors when lease terms are expiring 

18:32 What scripting does Rachael use to get email addresses? 

20:03 What advice does Rachael have for shooting videos? 

21:34 Rachael talks about her plans to start recruiting more agents 

24:37 Rachael shares a small success story 

25:32 Frank and Rachael discuss bringing in vendor money 

26:16 Closing

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Dave Friedman's Story

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on Sep 11, 2020

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Dave Friedman started in real estate generating buyer leads on his website. After working 14-hour days following up by phone and going on appointments, he ran out of time to call everyone.

“I didn’t have any system to stay in touch other than smiling and dialing,” he says. “I didn’t want to send junk to my database either.”

He hired us to get him on video. We did all the work to send helpful videos to his database by email, social media, and even direct mail.

Here’s Dave’s live video blog: https://davefriedmantv.com/

“I can directly track an additional 60 deals within 12 months of hiring Vyral – I didn’t spend money on anything else at the time,” he told us.

At an average commission of $10,000 in Charleston, that’s a big pay boost. “It was a 70x ROI – by far the best investment I’ve made… and I continue to make.”

Great work Dave! 

[Full Transcript]

The only lead source that I put into place was Vyral Marketing. It was simply keeping in touch with my database, and I added another 60 deals the next year to the business. Before I started working with Vyral Marketing, I was selling about 60 homes a year, my second year in the business. It was all pay-per-click lead generation, buyer leads, and just grinding out on the phone nonstop. I had zero systems in place to nurture those leads and keep in touch with them with any kind of automated technology or any kind of marketing schedule. The problem that Vyral solved is that I had a massive database of people that were sitting there and buying and selling with other realtors and not myself.

I simply took the scripts that they gave me, the market updates and the topics, and sat in front of a camera, that was my cell phone, and recorded those videos. It didn't take very much time at all. Sometimes when I found time between showings and between appointments, I would just pull my phone out of my pocket, hold it in front of my face walking down the sidewalk and shoot a three-minute video, and go ahead and upload it and shoot it to Vyral. They really simplified the process and made it seem like it wasn't as complicated as I thought it was and made sure that they held me accountable to doing that. Well, I saw immediate results over the next 12 months. The only lead source that I put into place was Vyral Marketing. It was simply keeping in touch with my database, and I added another 60 deals the next year to the business

Where my life is now is incredibly different, selling over 400 homes a year for over $4 million in revenue. I go into the office very infrequently, when I want to. It also affords me to live a life by design. Recently, I received my pilot's license and focused on that for nine months. Earlier this year, my wife and I, Haley, went on a month-long vacation and went to Galapagos and Patagonia and came back. My business had not skipped a beat.

If you're thinking about starting with Vyral Marketing, I suggest that right now is the time. And if you haven't done it yet, you're definitely missing out on a lot of business that you could be earning from your database and just simply having people call you. It's a very simple process. It doesn't matter how busy you are. It'll definitely give you a lot more freedoms in your life. Between the networking connections and all the other business strategies that I've learned through Vyral Marketing, I definitely wouldn't be here today without them.

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How Mark Callender Increased His GCI By $100,000

By Elizabeth Stormberg in Client Story on Sep 10, 2020

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SUMMARY: Mark Callender joined Vyral back in 2016 and his business saw the most successful two years it had ever had. Mark went from a GCI of $186,700 to $309,500 in 2017. Mark decided to quit Vyral because he couldn't directly track his business. The next year, his GCI went back down to the levels it was at in 2016. The only thing he had taken out of the equation was Vyral. Now, he's back as a client and doubling down on staying in front of his database.

[Full Transcript]

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How The McPherson Sisters Closed 17 Homes In July With A Database Of 350 People

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on Aug 12, 2020

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Summary: The McPherson Sisters are a small team in Minneapolis, MN. Over their eight years of selling real estate, almost 100% of their business has come from their database which stays around 350 people. The Sisters work their database hard and utilize video marketing to stay in touch along with direct mail and a network of referral partners.

[Full Transcript]

Frank Klesitz: 

Welcome. My name is Frank Klesitz, CEO of Vyral Marketing. Thank you for being here. I have an exciting client interview for you today. We have two of our clients here, Meaghan and Jennifer, the McPherson sisters up in Minneapolis. They sold 47 homes last year at a $500,000 price point. They're following the Vyral Marketing plan. That's up on our website. If you're interested in working with us. These two are following it pretty much to a T, if not better. Let me read you just a little bit of an intro about these two. So they're a sister team of Minneapolis. Their mom just started working with them. Through their eight years they’ve closed about 300 homes. Last year they did 46 transactions for $22 million.

Frank Klesitz: 

They're at about a $500,000 price point. In July they had 17 closings, that's a lot. Good for you guys. What we're going to talk about today is that most of their business comes from their database and how they work that and how they built that. But there's a couple of, kind of cool things I want to share. One of the things in the Vyral Marketing plan that we teach you here is, you know, yeah, you want to touch people digitally, but also use direct mail. It's really been kind of pulling teeth to get our clients to send out a little personal letter and you guys have been doing that, but you taking it farther where it's not just a personal letter. You also send out a postcard, an evidence of success, a testimonial too. So I wanna hear more about that. The other thing that at Vyral, we really want to encourage our clients to do is to work with other business owners, like who are kind of the big influencers that can kind of promote you to their list as well. You guys do a good job with that. You have a term you call those individuals. Could you share that with me?

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Watch Steve's Story

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on Jul 27, 2020

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Steve LaMothe

“It will cost you more money to try to replicate what they do.  I found myself going through a very difficult time back when I was transitioning from running a multi-million dollar organization to launching a brand-new business. I lost staff and resources, and my family and I were finding it hard to sleep at night. But everything changed when we decided to hire Vyral Marketing to help us get our new brand in front of consumer’s faces. They did more than just create videos and execute content; they actively worked to make all my marketing better."

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Steve LaMothe, a top selling Realtor® in Sacramento, left his previous real estate team to start his own business. He was now responsible for his own leads, marketing, and business systems with a new brand.

We put a video, email, and social media database marketing plan in place right away.

Steve, however, found the most value in connecting with our entrepreneurial clients through our masterminds and Zoom meetings we host from time to time.

For example, after hearing about the results, he sent a personal letter to the top contacts in his database; in addition to being in front of them digitally and with regular phone call follow up.

“I always thought direct mail didn’t work,” he says. “We turned a video into a letter. It was probably the most powerful piece of mail we’ve sent. We got so much positive feedback from that. It was just a little letter. I would have never done that on my own.”

We include a monthly personal direct mail letter to your top contacts on the Vyral Marketing Plan.

Steve closed 126 units at $42 million in his first year, on his own, earning just under $1 million GCI.

“Vyral Marketing is far more than just editing the video and pushing it out for you. If I were to describe Vyral Marketing in one word – it would be partnership.”



The most challenging time for our business was transitioning from running a large organization to launching a brand-new business. It wasn’t like starting from scratch—it was like taking a $40 million production team from one business to another, then rebranding and launching it all over again. I had to rehire an all-new staff—even after losing five different administrators, I still had to run my business and keep moving.

It was very difficult for me and my wife, and at the time, we had a one-month-old daughter, so I didn’t get much sleep at night. But we eventually heard about Vyral through our brokerage’s top agent masterminds. 

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Watch Jeremy's Story

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on Jul 4, 2020

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Jeremy Larkin Story

"Last year, we sold around 150 homes. That means we served or worked with 150 families to buy or sell real estate, over $50 million in real estate. I now have a brand in my community. In our business, our database is gold. It is the gold mine, literally envisioning goldmine. I wouldn't buy leads. I wouldn't sign up for Google Ads or Zillow. I would put everyone you know in a database and call them...[while earning] credibility with them by being consistent and by communicating value."

SUMMARY: Jeremy needed a way to get people to call him to buy or sell a home. He didn't get excited about cold calling and didn't have the money to spend on direct mail or internet leads. Rather, he decided to reconnect with his contacts in his current "sphere" of friends and connections around St. George, UT where he lives. He's now a local celebrity in his community and sold 150 homes last year with the help of video marketing to get his name out there.

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My business started in 2005 when I started selling homes. I was what we'll call a solo real estate agent. I was selling distressed or foreclosed properties for banks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I remember one day we hit the wall with one of these big clients of ours who had given us a hundred something deals a year and they were no longer a client. The water shutoff.

I didn't know what I was going to do. I really had to retrench and I found that I had a huge database of what we call “Mets” in real estate, people I knew and knew me, right? People I liked. I guess most of them liked me. I went back and said, "Maybe these guys at Vyral have something?" What I didn't realize is that they were going to create my entire video blog, assist me in shooting the videos, format them, edit them, help make them look great with text on the screen, put an intro and outro on them, load them up to YouTube, load them up to my video blog, write an article - basically a “transcript-ish” of every single video - and then and only then, send it out to my database.

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Watch Spring's Story

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on Jun 12, 2020

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Vyral Marketing Story - Spring Bengtzen

"We'll do $100 million this year in volume and my brokerage is up to 50 agents. I only launched two months ago. I'm very confident I will go to a hundred agents this year. I don't know if my business would be where it's at today without them."

Summary: Spring came to us thinking about getting out of the business with the challenges of growing a team. We put a marketing plan in place to help her stay in better touch to get more clients, along with a plan to recruit real estate agents to her team. She has since grown her business 10x, opened her own brokerage with now 50 agents, and will sell $100 million of real estate.

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[Full Transcript]

I don't know if my business would be where it's at today without them.

I would say the biggest obstacle that I've had in my career was the messy middle. What I mean by the messy middle is I think any of us that are building teams, we've been there, that you could take out all the expense, all the structure, everything for a certain level of production, and then you get there and your own production is going down because you're mentoring and feeding all these agents, but the income isn't there.

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How Robert Mack Sold Over $30 Million Worth Of Real Estate With Video Marketing

By Frank Klesitz in Client Story on May 29, 2020

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Download His Video Marketing Plan

Download Video Marketing Plan

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Key Takeaways

  • Robert Mack has been selling Real Estate in a very competitive and high-end, Irvine, California market for over 14 years.
  • Six years ago he realized that to operate his business at a higher level he needed to hire the right people and that combined with partnering with Vyral, helped skyrocket his business. 
  • Currently, Roberts team sells 40-50 homes a year that translates into $25M-$30M in sales volume.
  • Leveraging Video Marketing has become a pillar in his business that has will help him for years to come, especially since COVID-19 has hindered business for almost all. 
  • Robert's business marketing plan includes: 2 videos a month, social media outreach, calling, client events, and direct mail.
  • His strategy of putting together a custom-made analysis for clients quarterly is a huge value add that separates his business from their competition.

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