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Meeting #13 - Planning Ulises Next October Event at a Restaurant with Free Food

By Frank Klesitz on Aug 24, 2018

Beginner Client Journey - Ulises Vera (Chula Vista, CA) | Real Estate Agent
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Frank's Notes: Ulises spoke with 35 people, mostly on the phone, these past two weeks and added 10 people to his database as subscribers to stay in touch. His goal for this week is to get his contact rate up by calling more people and adding 15 people to his database. Ulises is going to contact his person at Vyral Marketing (Laura) to get access to his Emma email marketing account so he can download the Emma Metric app to track his open and click rate of his emails in real time. (https://myemma.com/email-marketing-features/metric-for-ios-and-android). He's also going to send me the artwork that our office put together for his monthly video postcard to mail to his database, in addition to his two videos a month that go out by social media and email. He says he loves the new way of working - the 35 contacts he made "are such better conversations" he says than talking to only strangers. He's going to approach Miguels and the Crab Shack next to his target market of homes this week to see if they will offer free food (buffet style) so he can hold his next event there. We're planning on holding his next event in October at a restaurant as a way to break further into his "farm" of people he does not know so he can meet them and add them to his database. Great work this week Ulises!

To watch his whole journey to attracting business, instead of chasing it, go to: http://www.getvyral.com/blog/topic/client-journey-beginner

ABOUT ULISES: Ulises Vera is a real estate agent just south of San Diego, CA. He's been door knocking for 10 years selling 1-2 homes a month and is burnt out. He hired us to attract more business and to get his time back so he can spend more time with his family. Watch his journey as we guide him weekly to build a database, communicate with it, and work it for business so more homeowners in his past client, sphere, and neighborhood farm call him to list their home.

Client Journeys is a series where we meet weekly with a client to help them fully implement the Vyral Marketing Plan we teach in our 3 hour workshop. We broadcast each meeting live on Facebook. You’ll hear their desires, struggles, challenges, successes, and of course marketing tactics as they build and improve communication with their database for more business. We organize Client Journeys into three categories, so you can follow clients in your business stage. ADVANCED JOURNEY – Highly leveraged professionals focused on strategy, recruiting, team building, and marketing. (2) INTERMEDIATE JOURNEY – Successful rainmakers who work with many clients and have minimal time for marketing. (3) BEGINNER JOURNEY – Those just starting their marketing journey beyond cold calling and referrals. Join us as we personally guide a client on their journey to results. Watch all past shows on Facebook or on our website.
Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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