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Video Blog Website Template Checklist

By Frank Klesitz in Client Training on Dec 23, 2022

We build you a personalized video blog as a client. This is designed to complement your current website. You’ll want to send this to every prospect before meeting them, make sure it shows up when people Google your personal name or company name, and drive all your traffic here (social media posts, emails, etc). The goal is to clearly communicate the problem you solve, showcase your expertise, provide social proof of results, and get the visitor to take action with you. You’ll put a “Video Blog” link on your current website that links to ours. Here’s the checklist we use to make sure you have an effective video blog.

Video blog optimization checklist

  1. Point client domain name to video blog with DNS (not forwarding)
  2. Verify URL works with and without “www” prefix
  3. Correct title, description, and keyword meta tags (from client brief)
  4. Correct Open Graph title, type, description, image, and URL metadata (from client brief)
  5. Correct brand colors for the website (from client brief)
  6. Correct Meta pixel installed on the website
  7. Permission to index by search engines
  8. At least 14px legible font size, pure black to make it easy to read
  9. Responsive on all screen sizes with nothing cut off
  10. Large call-to-action buttons that are easy to tap on mobile
  11. HTTPS enabled
  12. No browser plug-ins (i.e. flash)
  13. Background image 2400x1600, under 1MB, quality no less than 65
  14. Page size under 3MB
  15. ALT text for all images
  16. HTTPS requests under 50
  17. Secure Javascript libraries
  18. Minified Javascript and CSS
  19. Fast load time under 4 seconds
  20. Logo on the upper left
  21. Phone number on the upper right, live link
  22. Nav link - Testimonials (current testimonials link)
  23. Nav link - About Us nav link (current website link)
  24. Nav link - Contact Us nav link (current website link)
  25. Nav link - Primary call to action
  26. Nav link - Secondary call to action
  27. Nav link - Tertiary call to action nav link
  28. Primary call to action headline in the masthead (H1)
  29. Primary call to action subheadline in the masthead (H2)
  30. Primary call to action button in the masthead
  31. The mission of the video blog content above the left column
  32. Feature the latest 3 blog posts in the left column
  33. Search all blog posts in the right column
  34. Primary call to action on the right column (ex. free consultation)
  35. Secondary call to action on the right column (ex. Free webinar sign-up)
  36. Tertiary call to action on the right column (ex. free newsletter)
  37. Categories of blog posts on the right column
  38. About Us full-width section (a clear paragraph of why to choose you)
  39. Testimonial full-width section (latest client testimonial)
  40. Footer with logo, all page links, social media links, and full contact information
  41. Footer includes Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Disability Disclaimer

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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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