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EMAIL OF THE WEEK: "What the 3rd Quarter Stats Say About Our Market"

By Frank Klesitz on Sep 27, 2016


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The numbers are in and our client with the highest open/click rates have been chosen. Congratulations to Vyral Client Marty Gum from Lake Ozark, MO for receiving a 13% open rate and a 7% click rate. These numbers gave Marty the best performing email of the week. 


Below you can find the top 4 emails following Marty's best performing email, along with other client examples from last week. Enjoy!

David Vanneste - "Shoreview Home Sold for over Listing Price"

The Ames Group"5 Tips for the Perfect Home Staging"

Bill Black - "Tips on Flipping a House"

Christine Browning -  “The 6 Least Desirable Home Feature”

Will Cook - "Market Update for the Palm Springs Area Market"

Frank Valente“Looking at Your Home as an Investment Property”

Marjorie Dick Stuart -  “Talking Success in Real Estate on Success Today TV Show”

Shawn Luong -  “The Merits of the Small Business Administration Loan”

Brett Kelly -  “5 Things to Do Before Your Home Appraisal”

Michael Pietrack -  “Attract While You Evaluate”

Michael Pietrack-  “The Most Common Interviewing Pitfall”

Corey Toushin -  “What Happens When an Appraisal Comes in Low?”

Matt Dovner - “How to Handle a Low Appraisal as a Home Buyer or Seller”

Lisa Ray -  “Can You Trust a Zestimate for Home Value”

Mack Humphrey - “10 Buyer Tips for Finding the Perfect Home”

Dustin Griffith - “The Problem with Zillow and Home Values”

Kelly Fischer -  “Practicing Patience and Kindness Towards Others”

Patrick Woods - “Turn a Lowball Offer into a Home Run in 5 Steps”

Dave Auffarth - “4 Tips for Successful Home Sale”

Kathy Fissori - “Central Coast Market Snapshot”

Enrique Medellin - “Top 3 Tips for Silicon Valley Home Buyers”

Justin Havre - “Our Latest Endorsement from Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran”

Bill Mervin - “How to Use a Second Mortgage in a Home Purchase”

Bob Hertzog - “The Most Effective Way to Use Your CRM”

Bob Guest - “How to Find the Right Contractor in Texas”

Jason Morris - “How the Middletown Market Has Improved in a Year”

Karla Ferrando - “How U-Haul Stats Reflect Real Estate Trends”

Brett Sikora - “Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Sale”

Curt Buchanan - “Where We Get the Term “Listing” in Real Estate”

Sue Langston - “5 Tips for the Perfect Home Staging”

Lenny LaRocca - “Failing to Market Home”

Tiffany Johannes - “Construction Representation”

Ruby Miranda - “We’ll Help You Get the Best Loan Possible”

Jennie Wolek - “Check Out Old School Bagel’s New Location

Donny Coram - “The Challenge of Buying and Selling Simultaneously”

Doug Leugers - “Our Favorite BBQ Joint in Florida”

Aj Mida - “How to Negotiate Repairs When Selling Your Home”

Ferzoco team - “Is Your Jersey Shore Home Ready for the Fall Market?”

Chad Hauer - “Enter Our Raffle for a Flat Screen TV”

Tim Majka - "How to Get Pre-Approved in Long Beach”

Pete Kuc - “A Sneak Peek at Ocean Ridge”

Jason Penrose - “How the Market Has Changed in a Year”

Thomas Elrod - “Time for Green Photos is Running Out”

Greg Willis - “No One Else Offers a Buyer Cash Rebate Like We Do”

Josh Lioce - “6 Key Points Not to Overlook When Buying a Home”

Team Freda - “We Have Access to All of the HUD Properties”

Jeff Smith - “How to Accurately Price Your Denver Home”

Denise Swick - “6 Tips For Building Credit for the Future”

Greg McDaniel - “What Can You Learn from a Home Inspection?”

Daniel Beer - "How Do You Find the Best Agent in a New Market?"

Amanda Howard - "The Latest in Huntsville Real Estate News"

Shannon Rollings - "Join Us for the Grand Opening of the Truck Stop"

Chip Glennon - "How to Sell Quicker Than Your Neighbor"

Omaha Car Care - "Shocktober is Here"

Ryan & Brian - "We're Hiring a New Buyer Specialist" 

Josh Stern - "Using Football to Explain Your Home's Closing"

Eric Burch - “How Do You Know It’s Time to Move in Jonesboro?"

Scott Himelstein - “What’s Happening in Porter Ranch Real Estate?”

Darin Triolo - “Home Buying Advice to Ignore: Part One”

Kevin Yoder - “Home Improvements That Net the Highest Return on Investment”

Sajag Patel - “Why Fall & Winter Are the Perfect Times to Buy a Home”

Deldi Ortegon -  “Current Market Conditions in the Greater McAllen Area”

Betsy Sarcone - “How to Navigate the Des Moines Market”

Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing

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