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Vyral Marketing Weekly Update

By Paul Rauth in Weekly Update on Jan 7, 2022


For the week ending January 7, 2022

Featured Video of the Week

"How a Dedicated Closer Saved Christmas"

By Vyral Client Jeff Kelly

This week's featured video comes from Vyral client Jeff Kelly in Fort Worth, Texas. In it, Jeff shares a heartfelt personal story about how years ago a dedicated closer made all the difference in his and his family's Christmas season. His story is very poignant and helps you get to know him a little bit better. This is a great example of how to share stories with your audience, to break up the conversation from solely educational videos. Clients want to get to know you, and when you share stories like this one, it builds trust with them. Thanks for sharing, Jeff!


Watch Jeff's Video

Watch our featured video!

Real Estate News Story

A story to share with local commentary/insight for your database

From real estate to inflation, here's what to expect from the economy in 2022

"Will the pandemic economy bounce back this year? Here’s what experts predict."


Read NBC's Story

Read this week's real estate news story!

Best Video Topics

Top 5 topics that performed well this week


1. Will the market slow down any time soon?

2. What should you know about capital gains taxes?

3. How does insurance work for vacant and unoccupied properties?

4. What do we value in real estate?

 5. Which renovations are worth doing in today's market?

| Real Estate Market | Capital Gains | Vacant Properties |

| Real Estate Values | Renovations Worth Doing |

Client Success Story 

Lesa Frye's Successful Rebrand

Our success story for the week comes from Vyral client Lesa Frye in Chaptico, Maryland. Lesa is a life and money coach, and she's been using Vyral's services since 2020 to get her message out to female professionals and entrepreneurs. Her content has been successful with her audience, always receiving a good number of opens and clicks. Recently, she rebranded in order to portray a more inclusive business, and it made a big difference! We edited her blog to reflect these changes and made sure everything was consistent with her brand. After these changes, her engagement made quite the jump, with her open rate going up 5% and her click rate going up 2%. It goes to show that rebranding can often be an important step for your business, and Vyral can help you get there. We're so excited for you, Lesa!


Visit our client's blog!

Client Reviews & Stories 

More nice things clients told us this week


TESTIMONIAL: "I love how Vyral's videos are produced, and I also love the fact that they come to me like clockwork. Those are the two things that I'm looking for. How consistent is it and what is the production quality of it? As far as how it's presented, I am just very, very impressed with it." - Bill Jenkins | Nevada Realty Connection


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Paul Rauth

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