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Vyral Marketing Weekly Update

By Elizabeth Stormberg in Weekly Update on Sep 26, 2020


For the week ending September 25, 2020

Featured Video of the Week

"What 4 Myths About Our Market Still Persist?"

By Vyral Client Justin Vierra

Justin Vierra in Sacramento, California, delivers a truly educational video about today's real estate market. Justin demonstrates his expertise in the field by laying out four common misconceptions about real estate and makes it timely by referencing what is going on NOW. Graphics are used to highlight his main points and his overall organization makes the information easy to follow and process. Keep it up, Justin!

Watch Justin's Video



Marketing Classroom Snippet

How to Choose the Best Video Topics

with Frank Klesitz, CEO Vyral Marketing

The best video topics are answers to questions that clients are asking now. Talking to clients and prospects every day is how you learn the “message of the moment.” The news, issues, and time of year all play a factor.

Clients, log in and watch the full replay

Here is the Classroom Syllabus for this month:

Module #3 - Creating Better Videos

September 14: Picking the best topics people want
September 21: Writing an effective Q&A video script
September 28: Shooting video that looks and sounds great
On-Demand: Optimize your videos (SEO) to get found

Watch Frank's Summary Video

Top 3 Video Topics for Response

What worked for real estate clients this week

1. When, if ever, will real estate prices drop?

2. Should I sell or rent out my property?

3. How long should I expect my house to be on the market before getting an offer?

Client Success Story

Adam Parsons Gets a Direct Referral

Client Adam Parsons out of Toronto, Ontario, went on a listing appointment this week from a referral. A past client from Adam's database received the video and even though the past client moved out of the area, he passed along Adam's message to his sister. That sister contacted Adam right away because she had been thinking of selling and his video pushed her to do so right now! Referrals are still the backbone of real estate leads. Thanks for being a client, Adam.

adam parsons

The Recruiting Project Add-On
Hosting a Business Planning Workshop
I want you to host a business workshop or clinic where you teach an entry-level agent how to write a business plan. More importantly, I want you to create a standardized, scripted (almost down to the minute) sort of workbook for this event. You should design it to last about three hours. Somewhere between every month and every three months (depending upon demand and the market you’re in), you’ll hold this same business planning workshop.
Read the full syllabus for the Recruiting Course

Watch Frank's Summary Video

Client Reviews & Stories

More nice things clients told us this week

Watch More Success Stories

"I really like all the different ideas that come up. So you know it's nice to just be working with the company that it's always kind of thinking of new and innovative ways to grow the business and be in front of the database." - Joshua Holt | Holt Real Estate Team

TESTIMONIAL: "Awesome company that provides massive value for Realtors with all things Video Marketing. I'm early in my business and not quite ready for their extended service, however, John gave me a world-class consultation for what I can do with video now in my business and how to get more "permission-based" contacts to my database." - Shayne McQuivey | RE/MAX Equity

STORY: Vyral client Jack Lehr of Pennsylvania has seen a boost in his video email interactions since COVID-19 hit. His team has been aggressively following up with the interaction reports that Vyral sends after his videos go out. Their follow up has resulted in at least one transaction for every "open and click report" they receive

Dave Friedman


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Topics: Weekly Update

Elizabeth Stormberg

Written by Elizabeth Stormberg

Elizabeth is the Chief Marketing Officer at Vyral Marketing.

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