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Writing an Effective Q&A Video Script

By Elizabeth Stormberg in Classroom on Nov 5, 2021

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Before you go into a video shoot, let me tell you what not to do: Be five minutes late for your appointment, get agitated about what you’re thinking about, and show up without any plan. That would be the worst way to shoot a video. Let me tell you the best way: 


You show up a little prepared and a little focused. Your contact at Vyral Marketing walks you through the video script plan. You fill in your name, your coach, the video shoot date, and the publication date. Then you fill in the title. 


For this example, we’ll just use “Is now a good time to sell our house?” In the description, let’s think about why people are asking this. Now we have the thumbnail. If you walk over to the thumbnail, let's just put “Use face with an icon of a home with a question mark.” That’s it. Then we look at keywords to optimize the video for. I’d use “2021 housing market,” “selling my home,” “timing a home sale,” “buy before selling, ''Omaha real estate,” and “real estate agent.”


Now to the story. Let’s get some context here. Whenever you're a speaker, the best way to open up any speaking engagement is to always open with a story. Once you hit play on a YouTube video, start telling a story. For example, you were out with a seller the other day and homes are flying off the market, and they wanted to trade up and pay off their debt by maximizing their equity, and they asked me this question. 


We want to see what we can include in this video to make it a little more interesting visually. I’ll throw out some b-roll ideas to lay on top of your talking to make your video more visually appealing.


There are three b-roll shots that I would think are really cool. The first is the shot of you talking on your phone. The second would be a picture of the actual house. Then I would love to create a slide of the purchase price of the home and the price it's worth today with the potential profit on the sale. I think if we had these assets, we could edit them in the video to make it more interesting. We’re going to start doing a better job of this at Vyral.


Once you shoot your video, we’re no longer going to post the video on social media. It doesn’t work the best based on where social media marketing is going. We’re actually going to create an ad for your YouTube video. It’s a 15-second ad. A very quick video. You have three or four sentences to pop up on social media saying, “Hey, check this out.'' Once you’re done shooting your video, we’ll create the ad that drives back to your blog or your website to watch your content.

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Elizabeth Stormberg

Written by Elizabeth Stormberg

Elizabeth is the Chief Marketing Officer at Vyral Marketing.

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