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How to optimize a YouTube video

By Frank Klesitz in Marketing Training on Dec 9, 2022

**Updated May 2023 so there may be a few new steps not discussed in this video, or out of order.

Here's the YouTube video optimization checklist we complete for clients. If you're wondering why your YouTube videos are not getting more views, we start here. This is how we audit the proper topic selection, editing, and optimization for your YouTube video to get found and suggested. The key to getting found on YouTube for SEO is building your video around a search phrase your ideal prospects are typing into YouTube and letting YouTube know to suggest it in the algorithm.

How we optimize your YouTube video (Updated May 2023)

  1. Pick a suggested search phrase - use YouTube autocomplete
  2. Ideal video structure - 3 key elements (intro, story, 3 key points)
  3. Video filename - include the search phrase
  4. Proven title formula - we use ChatGPT to help with your title if necessary
  5. Search phrase in the title - put it right in the YouTube title
  6. Video summary (with search phrase upfront) - 4-6 sentence description on why someone should watch + emojis. Put the search phrase in the first sentence. We use Emojipedia.
  7. Blog Post Link - include a link to the respective blog post to learn more
  8. Chapters / Key Points section - make a chapter for each key point, timestamped
  9. About Us section - the problem you solve, how you do it, and what makes you unique. This is your elevator pitch or "Why Hire Us" section of your website.
  10. Watch Next section - links to other playlists on your channel
  11. Contact Us section - all your call to actions and contact information
  12. Follow Us section - links to all your social media
  13. Hash Tags (Max 5; First 3 most important) - #company name, #broad category, #niche category. We use YouTube hashtag suggestions for our picks.
  14. Credits - put the names and titles of the video editor, coach, and our agency
  15. Custom thumbnail - your face with a background image. We use Canva.
  16. Add to Playlist - containing other videos of a similar category
  17. Add Card - pops up a few seconds into the video to watch more videos
  18. Add Endscreen - tells them to subscribe and watch an auto-suggested video
  19. Add video location - necessary if you serve a local market (not if you serve nationally)
  20. Update category - it's the "educational" category for most of our clients
  21. Make it Public - make sure to publish it!

Example YouTube Optimization

See the live video

Property Optimized YouTube Video-1


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Frank Klesitz

Written by Frank Klesitz

Frank Klesitz is the CEO and founder of Vyral Marketing

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