Co-Advertising Relationship Disclosure Notice


This Co-Advertising Relationship Disclosure Notice advises that all companies who are displayed on the Vyral Marketing Platform are paid advertisers using Vyral Marketing, Inc. These paid advertisers have entered into a co-advertising relationship with each other.  Each co-advertiser is required to pay to Vyral Marketing Inc. the fair market value for the pro rata share of their advertising on the Vyral Marketing Platform which was determined by an independent third-party valuation company. 

This Co-Advertising Relationship Disclosure Notice is solely provided to notify the public that the parties co-advertising together and paying Vyral Marketing Inc. to advertise are paid advertisers. The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection has strongly suggested that we provide you with this disclosure notice in order to comply with the Unfair, Deceptive and Abusive Acts or Practices (“UDAAP”) rules which encourage the disclosure to the public of Vyral Marketing’s advertisers paid co-advertising relationships on the Vyral Marketing’s platform. 

Pursuant to Vyral Marketing Inc.’s Terms of Use with advertisers on the Vyral Marketing Platform, each paid co-advertiser is required to notify their customers that they are NOT required to use any co-advertising company who co-advertisers together.  Vyral Marketing Inc. suggests that there are frequently other service providers available who may offer similar services who are not co-advertising on the Vyral Marketing Platform.   As consumers, you should always shop around to determine that you are receiving the best services at the best rate.