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"Thanks! The class was great. A lot of it is very new to me and a huge learning curve ahead. The class really helps see the value you are bringing to your clients!" - Jason F.

2021 Course Syllabus

Get the most from our marketing plan. You'll learn how to get more people calling you to buy or sell a home with marketing and advertising to complement prospecting.

2 Semesters a Year - Join Class Anytime - Attend All 24 Classes

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Module #1: Database Reconnect

  • August 9: Export/clean your database (CRM, Gmail, etc)
  • August 16: Updating missing phone numbers and emails
  • August 23: Send out a reconnect message that's warm
  • September 13: Including team members in your marketing

Module #2: Seller Lead-Generation

  • September 20: Buying a "likely to sell" homeowner list
  • September 27: Sending them direct mail so they call you
  • October 4: Hiring a calling assistant to prospect for you
  • October 11: Facebook ads for instant offer seller leads
  • October 18: Outbound, cold email so they reply to you

Module #3 - Creating Better Videos

  • October 25: Picking the best topics people want
  • November 1: Writing an effective Q&A video script
  • November 8: Shooting video that looks and sounds great
  • November 15: Optimize your videos (SEO) to get found

Module #4 - Database Marketing Plan

  • November 22: Building a video blog that generates leads
  • November 29: Sending video email that's opened and clicked
  • December 6: How to properly retarget your video on Facebook®
  • December 13: How to mail a monthly letter to your database

Module #5 - Lead-Generation Offers

  • December 20: How to spike buyer and seller leads from your list
  • December 27: How to pack homeowners into seller workshops
  • On-Demand: How to find new hires and recruits in your database

Module #6 - Zero-Cost Your Marketing

  • July 19, 2021: Building a list of business owners who pay you
  • July 26, 2021: How to properly co-advertise to get paid money

-- Semester Repeats Starting with Module #1 January 2022 ---

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