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Database Marketing Project

A six-month course to maximize the business from your contact database

Maximize the profits sitting in your database

Project-Based Group Implementation

Real Estate Agent Database Marketing Campaign

Get 10 years of insight on how to build, nurture, and work your database for sales.

You'll learn how to do everything to extract the profits from your #1 business asset - your database of past clients, sphere, and warm leads. This is our flagship course for Vyral Marketing clients who want to maximize their time with additional, guided implementation support. You'll receive the depth and detail necessary to attract business from a niche list of the right target market who values your expertise. This course is wider in scope than our Official Video Marketing Plan for our core service. It's the culmination of everything that's necessary to build a profitable, long-term business that's not entirely dependent on following up with strangers (internet leads), or making interruptive cold calls (prospecting). This course is ideal for residential real estate professionals earning $250,000 to $1,000,000 GCI (about 40 to 150 deals a year) with a buyer's agent and administrative assistant in place to allow more focus on building systems that bring in profitable listing business consistently.

Watch the overview of the course:

There are six modules. 
You'll learn how to hire a part-time marketing assistant, raise money to zero-cost your marketing, build a permission-based email list, create videos people love, optimize and promote them for results, and finally how to spike response from your database with direct offers for immediate lead-generation. You do not need to complete them in order. It's okay to enroll in the course at any point. You'll start at the beginning of the next module, which starts the first week of each month.

Module #1 - Jan/July: Part-Time Marketing Assistant

Goal: You'll hire a great part-time marketing assistant for less than $10 an hour.

You'll learn how to hire a part-time, rock star virtual marketing assistant in America. There's an army of stay-at-home administrative executives who are happy to work for $10 or less in return for convenience and flexible hours. You'll need someone who 100% owns your database marketing pillar, ideally with implementation support from us. You'll learn how to hire, train, and get that person up to speed quickly at a low cost. This course recording and workbook provides them with quick training to get them up to speed. 

  1. Lesson #1: Post Job Ad to Upwork
  2. Lesson #2: Group Interview
  3. Lesson #3: How to Train Them (Flipped Classroom)
  4. Lesson #4: Managing / Leading Them (Meeting Rhythm)

Module #2 - Feb/Aug : Zero-Cost Your Marketing

Goal: You'll raise enough money to pay for 50% of your Vyral Marketing core fee.

You'll learn how to get a few complementary businesses involved in your marketing. They may be able to help you pick up part, if not all, of the expense too. They may also promote your content to their customers which is more exposure for you. It's also a great idea to interview complementary businesses in your community. You'll learn how to work with a mortgage professional, real estate investor, credit repair person, and more who may contribute financially to your marketing efforts.

  1. Lesson #1: Pick Ideal Industries
  2. Lesson #2: Approach Your Target List
  3. Lesson #3: Interview Them (Example co-marketing interviews)
  4. Lesson #4: Ask for The Money (including RESPA considerations)

Module #3 - Mar/Sept: Build a Permission-Based List

Goal: You'll have a complete contact list of the people you've met and your perfect target market

You'll learn how to organize, de-duplicate, and clean up your current database along with appending missing phone numbers and email addresses. You'll also learn how to buy a list of the perfect customers you want in your target market, along with a strategy to reach out to them. We'll also cover how to ask your team members to promote your videos to their respective database.

Lesson #1: Exporting/Organize/Append Your Database(s) Contact Information

Mobile Phone / Gmail or Outlook / CRM / Export USPS Mailing Addresses / Contact Owner Field / Hiring Someone to Lookup LinkedIn & Facebook Friends / Appending Emails and Phone Numbers / Scrubbing Bad Emails Out / De-Duplication / Uploading to Emma / DKIM & SPF Authentication / Uploading List as Custom Audience / Email/FB Sync with Zapier / What to Do If You Already Have a List You've Been Communicating With

Lesson #2: Writing & Sending The Reconnect Email / Snail Mail Letter

Verifying Call to Actions on Your Website / Looking up Latest News Stories / Google Trends / Local Newspaper / NYT/WSJ/Post Search / Writing a Reconnect Message That's Relevant / Proofreading and Testing the Email / Formatting a Print Letter / Mailing it

Lesson #3: Pick a Farm and Build the List

Propstream or InfoUSA / Building a Target Farm / Building a Monthly Distressed List (Divorce, Pre-Foreclosure, Liens, Bankruptcy, Vacant, Failed to Sell, Probate, Code Violations, etc) / Exporting County Records / Appending Phone & Emails / Ways to Approach (Mail/FB/Calls) / Subscriber Form / Creating Welcome Email 

Lesson #4: Marketing to Team Member’s Lists

Module #4 - Apr/Oct: Create Videos People Want

GOAL: You'll produce a top-notch video you're proud of that's on YouTube correctly.

You'll learn how to figure out what people are searching for and make video topics to meet that demand. We'll also cover how to write a simple outline/script for a video so it's less painful to record (and a pleasure to watch), and then what you need to know to make a video so you look and sound great without wasting money or time. Then we'll go through how to put your video on YouTube right so it gets found by your future customers who are looking for them.

  1. Lesson #1: Mission / Pick Topics / SEO 
  2. Lesson #2: Scripting Them
  3. Lesson #3: Shoot Videos
  4. Lesson #4: YouTube Optimize

Module #5 - May/Nov: How to Promote Your Videos 

GOAL: A consistent system to publish two videos a month to your list with a print newsletter

You'll learn how to promote the content you create to your database. You'll learn how to put together an optimized video blog to host your videos, with proper search optimization and call to actions, along with promoting your videos to your database via email and social media. We'll also cover how to stay in touch with your database with a monthly item of direct mail, too. This is a deep dive on the core Vyral Marketing System we implement for you at our firm.

  1. Lesson #1: Video Blog (Optimal layout, CTA’s)
  2. Lesson #2: Email Marketing (2 videos a month)
  3. Lesson #3: Social Media Marketing (Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn w/ Boost to Database)
  4. Lesson #4: Direct Mail (Monthly Postcard)

Module #6 - Jun/Dec: Immediate Lead-Generation Tips

GOAL: Send a direct offer to your database to spike immediate leads from your database now

You'll learn how to send out 4 direct offer messages to your database a year, on top of your two educational videos a month and monthly print newsletter, to spike immediate leads. You'll also learn how to hire someone to call the people who watch your videos to proactively work your database for new business or referrals. We also cover how to boost your videos to your database on Facebook and use YouTube ads to re-target your website visitors so you follow people online.

  1. Lesson #1: Facebook Video Ads (Re-marketing / Messenger)
  2. Lesson #2: Direct Offer Messages (Examples)
  3. Lesson #3: Calling Email Opens/Clicks (Scripts / Reports)
  4. Lesson #4: YouTube Ads (Re-marketing / TrueView Ads)


Meet Your Team

Frank Klesitz


Frank is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral marketing and has 10 years of experience helping real estate agents get results with marketing. As the writer of the course material, Frank will be your instructor for your weekly class.

John McMillan


John is a co-founder of Vyral Marketing and is in charge of overseeing the implementation of the course, along with our talented marketing staff. John is available anytime during the course for one-on-one instruction, questions, or feedback. He will also substitute teach if Frank is unable to make a class.

Add-On Project

Price: $6,000

*Paid $3,000 upfront and $500 a month for six months


Starts Monthly. The course in non-cumulative.

*We are in a test group now. Official course start date is January 6th, 2020.

You'll meet in a small group of 10 real estate agents once a week to get a database marketing system implemented in full.

You will have access to:

  • 24 One-Hour Weekly Classes
  • Weekly One-on-One Meeting
  • A Dedicated Instructor
  • Footage of Classes
  • Includes Workbook

Must be a current Vyral client for  implementation support.

Class Times:

You'll attend via a Zoom video conference. Webcam and computer headset required.

  • Monday at 12:00 P.M. PST

30-Day Money Back Guarantee - Email us  before the end of the first 30 days and receive a complete refund for any reason.