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Facebook Video Ad


Would you like more prospects to submit their information on your website?

We'll create a Facebook ad retargeting your warm audiences with an offer for free.

It takes two brief meetings and we'll get it done - no fee or obligation.

1. Preparation Call

  • Introduce us to your best customer
  • Tell us their story so we are prepared
  • We access your Facebook ad account
  • We set up your retargeting audiences
  • We determine an offer your prospects want
  • We set up a form to capture leads

2. Video Interview

  • We interview your client for 5-10 minutes
  • We get their story with great light and sound
  • We edit their video down to 15-30 seconds
  • We write a great Facebook retargeting ad
  • We publish the retargeting ad for $50
  • We track the leads generated for ROI

Yes. It's free. Just spend the recommended $50. No strings attached. There's absolutely zero pressure to hire us.

If you're happy, we ask you to make a one-time donation in any amount to Sell a Home Save a Child



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