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Free Marketing Strategy Call

Let's talk about the results you can expect.
Your contact database is typically much stronger than you would expect. So, we'll take the risk to prove it to you.
The bottom line is we want to make sure you see a real financial return on investment, feel great on camera, and know what it's like to work with us before you risk any of your money.
We'll do a strategy call first to make sure Vyral Marketing is the best fit for you. 

Keep the HD webcam, lavaliere microphone, and audio recorder we ship you as our gift ($160 Value).

You get a 30 day risk-free trial. Over the years, we’ve consistently seen 80% of our new clients identify plenty of new opportunities in their database in the first 30 days - so we now guarantee it.

Read our Official Video Marketing Plan to stay in better touch with your database, and if you like the approach, request a free strategy call.

Once you sign up, we just need to do two things right away:

  1. Send a reconnect email with an offer to your database
  2. Start a Facebook video remarketing ad to your warm website traffic (optional - $5/day of ad spend at most)

Most of your results will come from the reconnect email message. You’ll be fully launched in 30 days with your first Q&A video out, too.

We do all the work (editing, writing, etc) and it takes only 30 minutes a month to record your two Q&A videos with our help.

  • Interview you
  • Edit your video
  • Search optimize your video
  • Post your finished video on your blog
  • Write a blog article to accompany the video
  • Create and send the email
  • Promote your finished blog post on social media
  • Create an iTunes podcast with your video
  • Provide you with the names of everyone who views your video
  • Call you every week with valuable feedback
  • Most importantly, hold you accountable

All we need from you is 30 minutes a month to record your two Q&A videos. Don't worry, we're here to guide you.

What's most important are results – see our client success stories. 

You can also read our 5-star Google and Facebook reviews.

We're reasonably certain you'll get new business in 30 days.

If not, you don't owe us a dime. You may cancel and owe nothing within 30 days of hiring us.

Give it a shot. You’ll get personal guidance on camera, you’ll see how you look, and you’ll know for sure if you’re missing out on -- profitable opportunities from your #1 business asset -- your database.

Request a free stategy session to learn more....

It’s not a sales call. This is our time to learn about your business and plan the messaging of your videos so you get more clients.