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Free Top 100 Lead List

Chris shares his top database contact list

Example top 100 list success story

Would you like to know the engaged people in your database so you can ask them for referrals or sales?

We'll make a free top 100 lead list for you. 

It takes two brief meetings and we'll get it done - no fee or obligation.

1. Preparation Call

  • Access your email software
  • Review published email newsletters
  • Export past email open/click reports
  • Process in our proprietary Excel Macro

2. Phone Meeting

  • Review your top 100 contacts
  • Cross-reference with your CRM
  • Research missing phone numbers
  • Write an authentic reconnect email message
  • Write an authentic reconnect phone script

Yes. It's completely free. No strings attached. There's absolutely zero pressure to hire us.

If you're happy, we ask you to make a one-time donation in any amount to Sell a Home Save a Child.


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