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Vyral Marketing Masterclass

Get advanced guidance and implementation to both build and nurture your database.

Let's go deeper with your database to get it right

"Education without implementation is entertainment"

You'll work with Frank Klesitz live each week on Zoom in a class no larger than 10 like-mined real estate professionals to do everything to get more business from your #1 business asset - your database of past clients, sphere, and warm leads. You'll also learn how to generate new seller leads with direct mail, telemarketing assistants, cold email, seller workshops, and Facebook ads too.

Masterclass level clients also receive done-for-you implementation of seller-only direct mail, Facebook ads, and outbound email assistance to get new homeowners to call you, too. This will help you build your database, too, while we work together.


This is the culmination of 10+ years in the real estate industry of seeing what really works to build your listing inventory with branded, personal, and authentic marketing and advertising messages.

It's our premier service level for current Vyral Marketing clients who not only want expert insight, but also implementation to generate new seller leads, too. Our Masterclass 100% focused on seller, past client, and sphere lead-generation and nurture systems. We do not generate any buyer leads.

Our Masterclass is wider in scope than our Official Video Marketing Plan for our core service. Our goal is you build a profitable, long-term business that's not entirely dependent on following up with strangers from un-branded ads (internet leads), or making cold calls (prospecting).

This is ideal for residential real estate professionals earning $500,000+ GCI with a buyer's agent and administrative assistant in place and the resources to re-invest 10% of revenue into marketing.

This level of production will give you at least $5,000 a month to safely spend on "come-list-me" lead-generation. The amount you spend is entirely up to you. It depends on how many homeowners in your target market you want to reach.

We recommend you earmark a media budget of $1,000 to $5,000 a month to buy advertising if you wish you implement the "Build Your Seller Lead Database" module with us. This is optional. It's also recommended you have a small labor and media budget for other lessons we estimate below.

There are six modules. You do not need to complete the modules in order. You can enroll in our Masterclass at any time. You'll receive all the lesson replays when you enroll. You'll complete six months of lessons (25 one-hour lessons, currently) and then - at your option - continue to work with us for new seller lead generation for an additional $1,000 a month to your base core service fee.

January/July: Reconnect with Your Database

Lesson #1: Export and clean your neglected database (CRM, Facebook, Gmail, etc)

Lesson #2: Systematically update missing phone numbers and emails*

Lesson #3: Send out a personal reconnect message that's authentic

Lesson #4: Include team member database(s) in your marketing

*This lesson requires a virtual assistant labor budget to research missing contacts (optional)

February/August: Build Your Seller Lead Database*

Lesson #1: Exporting likely to sell county records with phone numbers

Lesson #2: Generate inbound calls from personal direct mail

Lesson #3: Identify leads with a telemarketing assistant

Lesson #4: Get inbound messages with FB Messenger ads

Lesson #5: Automate outbound, cold email marketing to homeowners

*This module requires a media budget of $1,000-$5,000 a month to implement (optional)

March/September - Create Videos Sellers Want

Lesson #1: Picking the best topics to engage homeowners

Lesson #2: Writing an effective Q&A video script that's authentic

Lesson #3: Shooting a video that looks and sounds great

Lesson #4: Optimize your YouTube videos (SEO) to get found

April/October - The Ideal '36 Touch' Nurture System

Lesson #1: How to build a video blog that generates seller leads

Lesson #2: Sending video email that's opened and clicked

Lesson #3: Put your video on social media (with advertising)

Lesson #4: How to send a print newsletter to your database*

*This lesson requires about $1 a letter budget to for printing and postage (optional)

May/November - Seller Lead Generation Offers

Lesson #1: Retargeting website visitors and your database*

Lesson #2: Example lead-generation messages to send out

Lesson #3: How to pack homeowners into seller workshops

Lesson #4: Hiring someone to call the people watching your videos**

*This lesson requires about $5-10 a day for a retargeting media budget (optional)
**This lesson requires a $10/hr part-time VA labor budget to hire a calling assistant (optional)

June/December - How to Zero-Cost Your Marketing

Lesson #1: The best industries who will give you money

Lesson #2: How to get full business owner contact information*

Lesson #3: Interviewing them for your video blog with a coupon

Lesson #4: How to ask them for money (legally)

* This lesson requires about $0.34 a record to buy owner contact information (optional)

Meet Your Team

Frank Klesitz


Frank is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral marketing and has 10 years of experience helping real estate agents get results with marketing. As the writer of the course material, Frank will be your instructor for your weekly class.

John McMillan


John is a co-founder of Vyral Marketing and is in charge of overseeing the implementation of the course, along with our talented marketing staff. John is available anytime during the course for one-on-one instruction, questions, or feedback. He will also substitute teach if Frank is unable to make a class.

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Price: $6,000

*Paid $1,000 a month for six months in addition to our core service fee.

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Email frank@getvyral.com directly if you're interested joining us.

You can also upgrade right now.

Limited to 20 students at a time.

You'll meet in a small group of 10 real estate agents once a week for six months to get a complete database marketing plan done.


  • Weekly Live Class for 6 Months
  • Weekly One-on-One Call
  • Full Facebook Advertising
  • Full Direct Mail Advertising
  • Full Cold Email Advertising
  • Full Sponsor Advertising
  • "Seller Workshop" Implementation
  • 24 Lesson Written Workbook
  • Lifetime Class Replay Access

Masterclass Times:

You'll attend via a Zoom video conference. Webcam and computer headset required.

  • Monday at 12:00 P.M. PST
  • Tuesday at 11:00 A.M. PST

30-Day Money Back Guarantee - Email us  before the end of the first 30 days and receive a complete refund for any reason.