Recruiter Video Marketing

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Recruiting is all about relationships. You can keep your ongoing client and candidate relationships alive with video when you can't be there in person or over the phone. 

Benefits include:

  • Prioritize phone calls with the clients or candidates who are watching your videos to save you time
  • Stand out from competitors when clients watch your educational videos during their due diligence search
  • Make more contacts with video when you can't by phone
  • Get more candidate referrals by staying in better touch
  • Be the trusted advisor for both candidates and clients
Bree Video 2-1

"Vyral has recognized that I had experience in the recruiting industry. Thanks to my time at one of the nation’s top healthcare recruiting companies, I have been able to help my colleagues at Vyral with topic ideas, marketing techniques, and other recruitment strategies I learned from that experience."



Executive Search Video Marketing Plan Tips

with Jeremy Sisemore 

You'll meet Vyral Client Jeremy Sisemore - a C-Level Executive Search Professional in Houston, TX with $9+ million in career billings - to learn how video marketing helps him strengthen relationships with clients and candidates to make more placements. It's a 100% educational interview hosted by Frank Klesitz our CEO about how video marketing specifically helps recruiters and executive search professionals become "big billers" in their niche(s).

Executive Search Marketing Tips



How Video Makes More Placements

with Bill Vick

Read the full transcript on LinkedIn


Download the Official Video Marketing Plan we recommend for recruiters

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Jeremy Sisemore
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