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Client Introduction


Do you know someone who would be a great fit with us?

Tell us about them here. Our perfect fit client is an entrepreneur in professional services who earns $250,000 gross a year with an assistant employed at a minimum to handle the administrative side of the business.

We'll reach out to them with an email and copy you on it. We'll also mail them a free book with FedEx.


If they choose to hire us, you both get a free hour of consulting with our CEO Frank Klesitz.

He will personally work with you on anything you like. Your consulting call will be recorded and sent to you.

You can also choose one of the following (the person you refer may also choose from the following, too):

  • Free day of shooting videos in Omaha with our team
  • Complimentary copy of our Agent Recruiting or Business Sponsor project workbook (real estate agents only)
  • Free marketing book recommended by Frank
  • Video conference into a team meeting to see how we run our firm
  • Video conference in "behind-the-scenes" to watch Frank shoot video
  • Two free hours of graphic design work
  • Two free hours of writing work
  • Two free hours of video editing work

Thank You For Your Referrals!

April 2019

David Casso Referred By Jeff Green
Chris Wilbratte Referred By Jeff Green
Shannon RobinsonReferred By Patrick Woods
Candice Davis - Referred By Patrick Woods
Matthew Warbet - Referred By Aaron Wittenstein
Mike BulmanReferred By Jason Pantana
Kevin GillespieReferred By Pat Fitzgerald
Kristin NolotReferred By Jason Abrams
Gayle Sarkisian Referred By Haro Setian
David Voorhees Referred By Sarita Dua
Angela LutzReferred By Danielle Damianov
Mindi Kauffman Referred By Jeff Quintin
Deb Borgeson Referred By Hoss Pratt
Tim Brooks  Referred By Steven Pilkington
Bill Helton Referred By Doug Leugers
Jason Purcell Referred By Tom Nickley
Steve Castle Referred By Metrix/Julie Youngblood
Daniel Koumou Nete Referred By Aaron Simons MAPS Coach
Jason Farabee Referred By Carlos Gutierrez
Danika Lee - Referred By Erick Carpenter
Chris Druesedow- Referred By Ryan Melville
Joe Dimeo - Referred By Shelby Campbell
Dennis Marshall - Referred By Tom Witzel
Aaron Kinn - Referred By Metrix
Jane Rogers - Referred By Adam and Natalie Stark 
Jennifer Catalanotto - Referred By Kyle Whissel
Jerry Sisk - Referred By Troy Martenson
Wade Corbett - Referred By Tina Caul
Brent Germany - Referred By Jeff Cohn Workshop
Hazel Rosete - Referred By Joe Mendoza
Nikki Amini - Referred By Victoria Sandoval
Jason Miller - Referred By Chip Hodgkins
Tom Ferrara - Referred By  Chip Hodgkins
Jason Miller  - Referred By Chip Hodgkins
Jessica Regan - Referred By Dave Hooke
Pat Garrity - Referred By Bret Johnson
Jessica Regan - Referred By Dave Hooke
Lucille Asbury - Referred By Joe Manausa
Michael Miller - Referred By Brad Brethower
Russ Nolting - Referred By Andy Hannigan
Jim Brooks - Referred By Brian Gubernick
Ron Palmer- Referred By Robin Leigh
Jordan Painter - Referred By Ryan Melville
Jim Geracie - Referred By Monica Reynolds
Joe Zalabak - Referred By Monica Reynolds
David BrownReferred By Yosef Kolish

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