According to NAR, the economic impact of a typical home sale is $88,416 in the United States. Furniture and remodeling expenses are $4,650 alone. Your figure may be higher based on your state.

New movers are highly motivated prospects who spend more money on home items in the first 3-6 months than most people do in a 3-5 year period. It's a $170 billion a year market.

Research by Zillow found that 21 percent of movers spend $10,000 or more on products and services. 60% of movers will change service providers and 42% will upgrade their services. 80% redeem coupons.

Most new movers lack familiarity with local services and are eager to establish relationships with new ones. A local business has the highest chance to secure long-term, on-going business with a great first new mover impression. For example, a new patient to a dentist is worth nearly $10,000 in lifetime value. 

There’s significant value in the new mover leads you provide to local business. You should be fairly compensated for this value, ethically and legally.

Your best strategic vendors are complementary to real estate, already spend money on advertising, are larger in size, enjoy a higher transaction or customer life-time value, and ideally whom you already have a relationship with (or have made money from past transactions).

Here are recommended business who will likely co-advertise with a real estate agent:

You’ll charge $12,000 a year to be your exclusive vendor partner with a 50% discount for the first year.

You’ll include an affiliated business disclosure on your website and at closing; we do not recommend accepting money from any business on the settlement statement due to RESPA. You will disclose to the consumer all participating vendors are paid advertisers and they are under no obligation to choose them.

Your vendor partners will receive, in return, the following:

  1. 4 Masterminds a Year
  2. 4 Guest Video Blog Appearances
  3. Gift Certificate Presented at Closing
  4. Professional Business Photos
  5. Featured on Vendor Webpage
  6. List of Closings Monthly
  7. Drip Email to Every New Lead
  8. Recommendation at Team Meetings

We recommend you partner with 6 local businesses for total sponsor payments of $72,000 a year to start. This will be discounted 50% the first year as you prove your value to your sponsors.

Contact us to learn how we will raise the money for you, handle the administrative and marketing work, and get you paid monthly by direct deposit to your checking account.

We charge a percentage of the money we raise. There's zero upfront, zero risk, zero fees, and zero hassle. We'll approach local businesses for you, get the sponsor agreements signed, collect the money, deliver on the promise, track vendor ROI, keep everyone happy, and pay you monthly on-time.

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