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NOTE: The workshop curriculum is written for listing agents who currently sell $10+ million a year and is required training for all new clients.


We'll help you write a 36-touch marketing plan to reconnect with your neglected past client, sphere, and nurture database. You'll learn how to use education-based video, email, social media, and personal letters to get more listings with ease.

We'll Write Your 1st Video Script (Example)

3.5 Hours Live on Zoom

  1. Friday, February 25th, 2022 | 1:00 - 4:30pm EST
  2. Friday, March 18th, 2022 | 1:00 - 4:30pm EST
  3. Friday, April 15th, 2022 | 1:00 - 4:30pm EST

Live Ticket: $49

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Sponsor: Likely.AI - Predictive Seller Scores


If you want a marketing plan to help you… 

  1. Gain a steady flow of new listings
  2. Convert more leads to paying clients
  3. Encourage clients to refer you to others
  4. Avoid past clients from hiring competitors 

And you don’t want to….

  • Place cold calls forever
  • Pay referral fees
  • Risk money on ads
  • Bug friends and family
  • Work for someone else
  • Grind it out all the time
  • Depend only on buyers

All you really want is…

Autonomy. You need a way to get listings with consistency and ease where you attract them, rather than chase, so you can accumulate enough money to achieve real wealth, certainty, and independence.

You need to do these 4 things… 

  1. Reconnect with your list of past clients, sphere and nurtures
  2. Build a permission-based email list of homeowners
  3. Implement a 36-touch email, video, and social plan to your list
  4. Generate seller leads from the emails in your list

Here’s the 3.5 hour workshop agenda…

  1. Guest Speaker: What's your marketing plan?
  2. Strategic 4 step plan for an effective 36-touch
  3. Export/clean/de-dupe your existing email list
  4. Top 100 likely customer list (Likely.AI)
  5. Make your top 150 personal letter mailing list
  6. Set up CRM/Facebook email sync with Zapier
  7. The 3 seller call to actions you need on everything
  8. Setting up Facebook/Instagram retargeting
  9. Google My Business / LinkedIn / YouTube
  10. Clarify your message and pick creative standards
  11. Sending your initial database reconnect email
  12. The best camera equipment to pick on a budget
  13. Picking video topics people want 
  14. How to script your video for maximum engagement
  15. Shooting a video that looks and sounds great 
  16. How to format your e-newsletter and social media
  17. The 4 best email offers for seller lead-generation
  18. How to call the people who watch your videos
  19. Mailing personal letters to your sphere
  20. Signing up a sponsor to zero-cost
  21. Measuring results and ROI effectively

You’ll also see what’s working now… 

  • Example 36 Touch e-Newsletter
  • Example YouTube Video
  • Example Facebook Retargeting Ad
  • Example Seller Lead-Generation Email
  • Example Personal Sphere Letter
  • Example Seller Video Blog
  • Example Warm Call Script

You'll leave with...

  1. A simple, actionable plan
  2. Most popular seller topics this month
  3. Your first video script
  4. Replay sent to you after the workshop
  5. Free one-on-one strategy session (optional)

Get all your questions answered...

We will stay on for 30 minutes after the workshop to answer your questions. Ask us anything in the Zoom Q&A for a live discussion.

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