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Recruiting Marketing Project

A six-month course to implement a real estate recruiting campaign 

Attract great real estate agents to work with you

Project-Based Group Implementation

Real Estate Agent Recruiting Marketing Group

Want a free copy of the 200-page workbook to review with the 24 lessons? Email Kourtney@getvyral.com and she will send it to you.


There are four steps to a successful recruiting marketing campaign. First, you must craft your offer to explain why someone should join your team or brokerage. Second, you need to give people a reason to meet with you other than to recruit them. Present the meeting as a one-on-one coaching session. You must then create a training event to demonstrate your expertise at scale. After that event, book one-on-one meetings. Finally, to get people to actually come to your event, you must start a real estate agent training newsletter complete with a social media, email, and outbound prospecting promotion. This way, you get people to know, like, and trust you at scale, while assuring you attract agents who believe in your philosophies, values, and approach to selling real estate.
  • Objective #1: Crafting Your Offer

    You'll first start by crafting a written message that explains why real estate agents should join your team or brokerage. This offer goes on a web page with a contact form designed to generate applicants. It will also be posted to online job boards and announced to everyone in your warm contact database to generate immediate inquiries. You'll also get a simple candidate follow-up system in place because the candidates will start coming in quickly.

    Key Topics:

    • Lesson #1: Overview 
      • What to Expect / What You'll Learn / Overview of the Strategy / Time Commitment /  One-on-One Help / Planning Your Schedule

    • Lesson #2: Writing Your Offer
      • Market Research / Your Model / 20 Questions / Problem-Agitate-Solve / Copywriting / Social Proof / Application Form

    • Lesson #3: Example Offer Interview
      • Review competitors / review talking points / examples from class

    • Lesson #4: Application Form & Creative Standards 
      • Form / professional photo ideas / font selection / using Adobe Color / brand music

    • Lesson #5: Email to Your Current List (Example #1) (Example #2)
      • Mindset / Writing the Email / Example / Email Export / DeDuplication / NeverBounce.com / Email Marketing Program / Message
    • Lesson #6: Applicant Follow Up
      • Zoho Bigin / Hubspot CRM / Applicant Tracking System / Lifecycle Stages / Video Interviews / Career Night Options / Hiring a VA to Help

    • Lesson #7: Online Job Boards (Example #1) (Example #2)
      • Real Estate Trainee Job Ad / Real Estate Agent Job Ad / Sales Executive Job Ad / Posting on BetterTeam / Posting on Craigslist / Posting in Handshake

  • Lesson #8: Outbound Email
    Your Ideal Agent Criteria / List Building / Example Message / Seperate Domain / Woodpecker.co Warm-Up / 25 Emails a Day Right Now

    Objective #2: Planning Your Event 

    Your best recruiting meetings come after agents attend your live training events. You'll plan the curriculum for your first three-hour "Business Planning" event and learn how to get people to it. You'll repeat the same, branded event several times a year with the goal of someday hiring instructors (your best agents) to teach your standardized material.

    Key Topics:

      • Why Offer a Business Plan Meeting? / Questions to Ask / Crafting the Offer / Putting it On a Landing Page / Elements of a Coaching Call
    • Lesson #10: Event Strategy & Examples
      • Example Training Events / Purpose of Events / Standardization / Business Planning Clinic
    • Lesson #11: Crafting Your Training Event
      • 8 Points of a Business Planning Workshop / Ideal Curriculum / Setting Up a One-on-One
    • Lesson #12: Planning Your Training Event (Example #1) (Example #2)
      • Setting up Eventbrite / Writing the Offer / Promoting the Event

    Objective #3: Start a Training Newsletter

    Before anyone comes to your event, they must know, like, and trust you. In short, they need to spend time with you. You'll start a free real estate agent training newsletter answering commonly asked real estate business questions. You'll publish two Q&A business coaching videos a month with a monthly agent interview. This will all go in your free newsletter and will be promoted online and with outbound reach-outs to build awareness and trust so that people register for your training events.

    Key Topics:

    • Lesson #14: Onboarding and Training New Hires 
      • The Org Chart / Learning Management Systems / General Onboarding Course / Role-Specific Training / Creating the Syllabus / Training Videos
    • Lesson #15: Writing Your Newsletter Offer (Example #1) (Example #2)
      • Purpose of a Newsletter / Your Ideology / Your Approach / Your Philosophy / What You'll Provide / Why Would An Agent Subscribe?
    • Lesson #16: Q&A Agent Training Video (Video Purpose, Mission, and Organization)
      • On-Message / Q&A / iPad Test / Create for Your Agents / Six Main Categories / Your First Video / Lighting / Sound / Structure / B-Roll / Thumbnail / Search Optimization / Teaser Copy / Get it on FB/YouTube/Blog 
    • Lesson #17: Announce Your Agent Training Newsletter
      • Big Announcement Email to Database / Send Letter to Area Agents / Post Announcement of Agent Training Newsletter on Facebook 
    • Lesson #18: Agent Success Stories (Interview)
      • Mess-Turning Point-Success / Facebook Live / Writing the Promotion Questions to Ask / What Makes a Perfect Guest / Guest Promotion
    • Lesson #19: Video Email Newsletter Funnel & Optional Product Sales
      • Video Email Newsletter Format / Subscription Confirmation Page / Subscription Confirmation Email / Selling a Low Cost Product for $1-20 to Offset Expenses

    Objective #4: Applicant Generation

    Now that we have your newsletter, event, one-on-one meeting, and offer-funnel built, it's time to fill your pipeline of recruits! You'll continue to run ads on online job boards while starting a proactive reach-out plan offering a subscription to your newsletter and tickets to your upcoming events. You'll enjoy the benefits of a consistent, ongoing recruiting system that never stops building the trust of real estate agents so they take your training first online, then in-person, and finally as an agent.

    Key Topics:

    • Lesson #20: Facebook Advertising (Part I)
      • Overall Strategy / Offer & Awareness Campaign / Conversion Tracking / Re-marketing / Warm Audience Set Up
    • Lesson #21: Facebook Advertising (Part II)
      • Set Up a Facebook Ad Account from Scratch / Advertise Four Main Offers / Advertise Q&A Videos & Agent Interviews
    • Lesson #22: Outbound Cold Email Marketing
      • Outbound Messaging / Woodpecker
    • Lesson #23: Course Wrap Up

      Example Agent Training Websites:

Kati Spaniak

Example Agent Training Websites

Michael Kaim
Spring sold our her business planning clinic from a Facebook update on June 13th:
Emails from Kati S. on 6/7/18:

Hi, Frank! 

We are ready for our business planning event tomorrow!! We have over 30 people signed up! I honestly thought that we couldn't do it... but we basically sold out the room. 

I just wanted to let you know... we will let you know how it goes. Thanks for all your help!
Holy cow! It was awesome!! We had about 25 people there. I was actually interested in what I was talking about! But look at the email below! 

Thanks again for the excellent seminar today. It was really helpful and informative. I would like to take advantage of your one on one training session offer. How do we go about setting that up and what is the cost? 

Thanks again, looking forward to speaking with you soon.


Meet Your Team

Frank Klesitz


Frank is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral marketing and has 10 years of experience helping real estate agents get results with marketing. As the writer of the course material, Frank will be your instructor for your weekly class.

John McMillan


John is a co-founder of Vyral Marketing and is in charge of overseeing the implementation of the course, along with our talented marketing staff. John is available anytime during the course for one-on-one instruction, questions, or feedback. He will also substitute teach if Frank is unable to make a class.

Add-On Project

Price: $6,000

*Paid $3,000 upfront and $500 a month for six months


January 2022 and July 2022

You'll meet in a small group of ten real estate agents once a week to implement a consistent real estate agent recruiting plan.

You will have access to:

  • 24 One-Hour Weekly Classes
  • Weekly One-on-One Meeting
  • A Dedicated Instructor
  • Footage of Classes
  • Includes Workbook

Must be a current Vyral client for  implementation support.

Class Times:

You'll attend via a Zoom video conference. Webcam and computer headset required.

  • Wednesday at 11:00 A.M. PST
  • Friday at 11:00 A.M. PST

30-Day Money Back Guarantee - Email us  before the end of the first 30 days and receive a complete refund for any reason.

What clients are saying...

"There are two things I have been able to 5X in my business. Radio and the Vyral recruiting program." - Jason Bramblett

The Vyral recruiting plan has allowed us to double our agent count in under 90 days. 
"Hey guys!  I just got back from vacation and got to see our first video and the new recruiting blog set up and it looks amazing! Completely exceeded my expectations (and that's not easy to do). And thank goodness I went to Omaha because the videos look so great! I'm even more excited to start getting the word out now that I've seen what we can do. I really appreciate all your help and guidance."
- Kristy Moore
"The email we sent out was insane. I got 30 responses and 15-18 are legit and I have already started conversations with seven of them." - Sarita Dua
"We were surprised that when we sent out our reconnect email to our database that we got 40 responses. We were expecting a good response but that was more than expected. We signed an agent from the Indeed ad, too, this does work! It was a laydown lead." - Nick Good
"So we had our career night and it went really well. We had 16 come and 4 or 5 followed up with interest. We have one that we will probably hire, another for an ISA and maybe another one for an expansion roll down the line. We will be doing this every month." - Kati S 
"We are way ahead of projections. We are definitely attracting attention. The video introduction we did has made an impact. It has been shared around town and in one office, in particular, we have gotten four agents because of it. Also, I just reviewed results from my Indeed recruiting ad. We just completed 30 days of my first ad at a cost of $5/day. I’ve already hired 2 new agents and 2 experienced agents from the ad and have several others in the pipeline. It has been the most cost-effective recruiting source I’ve ever found, and it was the one about which I was the most skeptical. Thanks for pushing me to do it!" - Frank G.
"We have one agent we are hiring that came directly through the course and another agent we are bringing on board that the tools provided through the course really helped. Plus, we got 12 candidates on an exploratory call and we will hire one and that saved me 12 hours of my life. I now have an approach to recruiting where in the past I just winged it. I haven't been this excited about something in a long time." - Dan R.
"We had our first career night and 12 people registered to come and all 12 showed up. The event went great and we actually hired two people. Think about that happening every month!" - Spring B.
"We have 15 people coming to our first event on Tuesday which was driven by posting your Indeed ad." - Kati S.


“After working in Real Estate for 15 years in direct real estate sales production, helping to build a brokerage, and more recently a sales team, I've learned how difficult it is to know what to focus on. So often we get caught up in the latest sales technique, website, or 'shiny object' that promises to change our business.

After taking Vyral Marketing's recruiting system course it's clear that this is the one thing that provides a clear path to exponential growth without me having to put in more hours. An effective recruiting system IS the foundational principal behind growth in a service industry where our 'product' is providing customer service through the use of our time.

Ultimately Vyral’s system is a marketing based, fully leveraged system that provides a never-ending stream of applicants to join your sales team or brokerage. Now that I've taken the course and have a bullet-proof recruiting system, I can focus on growing our business and investing in our agents so they can help our clients.

I'm grateful to Frank and the Vyral Marketing team for the opportunity. I've learned some of the most valuable marketing principals of my life and am confident I have a system that will provide a 10X return on both time and money - immediately, and in the years to come.”

Dave Hooke Hooke, Hooke, and Eckman Realtors


"Hey Frank & John - I just wanted to pass along how impactful your recruiting class has been for our business.

As a local firm of 25 years, we have never actively recruited agents but felt like the timing was right to implement recruiting into our overall business plan. Our real estate advisor suggested we reach out to Vyral before we tackled this head on. We are so glad we did!

This class put our focus and effort into overdrive. Through this process, we have dialed in a rock-solid offer that not only differentiates our firm but also targets the ‘right’ kind of agents. Your approach of ‘attracting’ agents instead of ‘recruiting’ agents was a game changer for us.

We were dreading the investment of time and that feeling of ‘jumping through hoops’ just to get agent interviews. Now, agents are contacting us and our interviews are more productive. On top of that, you’ve put a whole system together that will keep the process continuously cranking. Nice Work!"

Chip Free Real Estate Agent

"After completing what I must say is the most extensive training program when it comes to recruiting and using video and other social media, for me, going through that program is a really high-level training and recruiting experience that we look forward to launching this year.

From Facebook advertising to various media that we’ve never used to recruit before, Frank has enlightened me on a better way to attract quality professionals to our company.

In the past, we did email, cold calling, and some posts on Facebook, but I have a new understanding of the right way to recruit using different social media methods at a higher level than what I thought was possible.

What we’ve done before was pretty much old school—this is all new school. Frank has written the book on how top real estate companies will be attracting talent in the near future."

Nate Martinez RE/MAX Professionals Real Estate

My name is Hunter Reynolds, and I’m the CEO for The Hunter Reynolds Group, a Keller Williams real estate team in Charleston, SC. Our team has been enjoying the benefits of Vyral Marketing for a couple years now, and we recently had the opportunity to participate in a new Recruiting Seminar with CEO Frank Klesitz and COO John McMillan. I have volunteered to write a little about our experiences in this new program, in hopes that you will reap the same rewards that we have thus far.

If you are ready to attract and recruit high-level talent for your business, this engaging group seminar will bring you to the next level. Not only did Frank & John create an easy step-by-step growth plan for our recruitment marketing process, they designed the course to benefit us for years after the seminar ends. At the end of this course, you will have automated recruiting material that attracts agents in your market center, in your sphere, and in your cooperative transactions. Furthermore, you will also have duplicatable marketing material for organizing training & recruiting events, as well as professional Vyral footage to create some excitement about the value that you offer.

Frank & John have mastered the art of subtle recruitment by providing real value to aspiring & struggling agents. We are incredibly excited about the exposure that our ongoing training blog, training newsletter, and training events will generate for our recruitment efforts.

We were initially intimidated by the lofty objectives in this course, and at first glance, we know it may seem like a daunting task to develop all of these recruitment strategies. However, this course is designed to slowly break down each step into microsteps, and Vyral has been instrumental in helping us to achieve our tasks between our group meetings.

There is no reason not to take this opportunity. You will thank yourself when your recruitment process is professional, polished, systematic, and automated. The longevity of your new online presence and the talent you will attract through these efforts will make your investment in Vyral completely worth it.

In short, if you are looking to build your business, we cannot recommend this program highly enough. If you wish to discuss more about Vyral’s recruiting seminar, we would be happy to expand on our experience. Please feel free to reach out to my team directly.

Hunter Reynolds Hunter Reynolds Group

Hunter Reynolds
I joined the recruiting course because of the reputation Vyral has on the marketing side, and the lead generation system that they have in place is ahead of just about anything else as far as generating leads within a given sphere. Knowing what they can do on lead generation, it seemed like a no-brainer to be part of the recruiting program.

I’ve been a member of lots of different coaching programs that are not specific to recruiting. In most cases, the coach or program tells you generally what to do, whereas Vyral either walks you through it or has a team of implementers in place.

The other big difference is when it comes to the marketing component, Vyral is by far ahead of everybody else in understanding the “why” behind the approach and explaining the why in a way that I can understand. I don’t have a marketing background, but when Frank breaks it down, it becomes very clear why this is the right path to take.

This is a recruiting course and an education in marketing. It’ll change the way you look at how you do business in a lot of ways. It will change the way you look at your recruiting pipeline; you’ll no longer think of your strategy as cold calling until you get a yes. Instead, it’s “Nurture until everyone realizes they’d be foolish to be anywhere else.”

Matt Madden Hooke, Hooke & Eckman Realtors, LLC

Matt Madden

"This course from Vyral marketing is incredibly well thought out. It’s basically a step by step guide to high level marketing principals delivered in a digestible series of lessons.

The course layout is clear and designed to be implemented each week, which gave me a blueprint to an entire recruitment system. Plus, it’s a fast track to be up and running effectively in just 16 weeks!

Before enrolling I viewed hiring and recruiting like a daunting task that would take valuable time and energy away from my business. I knew that I had to do it to grow and reach my goals but on my own it felt like an extra job that I barely had time for.

Signing up for this course was the best thing I could have done! It took the place of expensive recruitment companies and programs and showed me how to create a structure to keep new talent flowing into my pipeline at all times. Since taking the course and applying the systems I went from seeking out agents to join my team to an influx of agents contacting me to see how they can join. It also gave me the tools to quickly identify those applicants that make a good fit from those that don’t without interrupting my regular business.

TOUCH IT ONCE! Now that I have the system up and running it’s easy to keep my pipeline of qualified talent flowing effortlessly and consistently. Only those applicants that are a perfect fit come across my desk and those that aren’t are filtered long before.

If you know you need to find talent but feel bogged down in all that recruiting brings along with it I would highly recommend this course.

It’s one of the most leading-edge training programs I’ve seen and it will make growing your team easier and more cost effective in every way. It’s well thought out, actionable and Vyral provides incredible support every step of the way. If you implement this course you can’t fail."

Patricia Kiteke Real Estate Agent

"Vyral Marketing's Recruiting Progam has and continues to be an absolute game-changer for our team's recruiting efforts!

Frank and his team are able to break down the entire recruiting process to a simplistic model which can work for any team size. The opportunity for growth truly comes to light through this program.

The attention to detail and breaking things apart to understand the bigger picture, has been extremely resourceful for us - it's brought a whole new understanding to who we should be attracting and the messages we should be pushing to prospective candidates.

We're extremely excited to see what the future holds with this program and to watch even more success stories unfold!

Not only is the program and the content extremely useful but the support team that aids you in completing the assignments is nothing short of amazing! I would recommend this program to any team looking to expand and attract rock-star talent!"

Dave Friedman Real Estate Professional - Keller Williams

"I’m trying to create a business that is true to your values, high-producing, and has a great culture really takes the right people. I’ve struggled in trying to find a way and a path that would allow me to speak to a lot of people and be able to find the right people that I not only want to work with and have a great relationship with, but also so that we can have a thriving business.

This class has given me the tools, resources, and impeccable value in understanding what I needed to change in my business in order to attract the right people that want to work with us as opposed to me having to make offers out on the market. What I didn’t expect to get was a more in-depth knowledge about what needed to change and the type of impact I needed to make on people to attract the best talent.

This made my business more regimented, documented, and allowed me to have a better playbook for my existing team. The impeccable amount of knowledge we were able to gain in regards to marketing, coaching, training, and trying to lead the industry with a different message as invaluable."

Justin Udy Real Estate Professional

I would like to thank you for the awesome job you did with the Recruiting Mastermind course which we just concluded!

Even though I have only implemented about 50% of the program so far, we have already seen better and more consistent results than all our previous attempts at hiring ISA's and Independent contractors.

We are looking forward to working with the systems you have provided and benefiting from the resulting flow of continual inquiries from top quality candidates.

The step by step approach you presented patiently to us each week, is logical and easy to follow and you and your team are always there to help with a quick question or actual implementation on our behalf.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to grow their team or for a brokerage looking to expand.

The Vyral crew is nothing less than amazing!

Karen Donovan Homes by Donovan

Karen Donovan
We had just visited another brokerage outside of our area that was really hot and heavy in recruiting, so it was at the forefront of our minds to use the marketing tools available to us to bring people onto our team. When Frank called, signing up was a no-brainer because we were really looking for something like this. We wanted something that we could potentially put on autopilot and have recruits reach out to us looking for what we had to offer.

What sets this course apart is that it’s a plan of action with step-by-step guidelines, which we didn’t have before at all. We had bits and pieces of things, but Frank and Vyral have outlined the natural progression of things. Once you get it set up, the goal is that it will continue to bring potential prospects and licensed agents to you, so we can attract more instead of having to constantly chase people.

The biggest difference this course has made is the step-by-step process Frank outlined. It’s relatively simplistic and the way he’s outlined it makes perfect sense.

If you’re a team leader, if you own your own brokerage, or if you’re looking to bring agents into your network, then this is a step-by-step process on how to accomplish that. You need to take advantage of it. Being a value-add to potential candidates that come into your organization is key. Showing them not only through words but also through the videos what it is you have to offer, what your value proposition is, and how you differentiate yourself from other teams and brokerages out there is really the key. You need this type of plan in place to accomplish that.

Matt & Jenn Freda teamFREDA

Matt and Jenn Freda