Target Market

Non-owner occupied single-family landlords of homes with market rents above $1,500 a month who are 60 days out from a tenant lease renewal, have a city violation, or have an active eviction proceeding.

Sales Goal

Must bring on 26 more doors in 12 months to earn $2,925 annual contract revenue (10% management + 75% leasing fee) to get a 10x ROI on our annual implementation fee.

ROI Tracking

All additional sales are directly tracked from appointments set from video email responses, social media post comments, people opening/clicking video emails, call to action forms, and those who say they watch your videos when asked why they chose to hire you at the time of sale.

Why Hire Me? Message

Get maximum rent with less hassle and risk. Trusted by xxx happy rental owners. Increase your profits, reduce your headaches, and safeguard your rental property. We’ll lease your home in 30 days guaranteed – or we’ll waive your first month’s fee! We offer <<city>> landlords in-depth tenant screening, 24/7 maintenance and repairs, and a full-service advertising and leasing coordination. Our Certified Home Inspectors conduct proactive inspections to fix issues upfront and our Licensed General Contractors provide cost-effective remodeling work. We handle everything - rental evaluations, rent collection, tenant commutation, evictions, full accounting, financial reporting, and owner distributions. No hidden fees, no upfront fees, free 1-year tenant replacement if the lease is broken early. Cancel our service anytime. Ask about our discount multi-family and investor pricing for 3+ units. Call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email to schedule a free property management consultation.

Unique Selling Proposition

Get a higher rent for your property

Top 4 Benefits

  1. More Money - Get paid every month
  2. More Freedom - Never talk to a tenant again
  3. Peace of Mind - Proactive inspections
  4. Better Savings - Low-cost rental repairs

Primary Call to Action

How much can I rent my house for? Get a free estimate of the fair market rental value of your property. Get estimate.

Secondary Call to Action

Free <<city>> lease agreement. Get our bullet-proof lease agreement designed to protect you and save money. Download now. *We are not your attorney, and this is not legal advice.

Tertiary Call to Action

Free <<city>> landlord newsletter. Stay up to date on new city ordinances, state laws, rental market trends, and property management tips. Subscribe now.

Blog Title

<<City>> All-In-One Property Management Video Blog | <<Client Name>>

Blog Description/Mission

We provide full-service property management for <<city>> landlords so you get maximum rent with less hassle and risk. Get our tips, insights, and bullet-proof lease agreement.

Blog Keyword Phrases

<<city>> property management, property management companies, property management company near me, landlord training, property management services

Category #1

Crazy Landlord Stories – Stories of the day-to-day life of working as a property manager here in <<city>>.

Category #2

Landlord Q&A – Ask us your landlord or property management questions and we’ll answer them for you.

Category #3

Expert Interviews – Interviews on specific topics concerning landlords here in <<city>>. Includes attorneys, general contractors, city officials, local investors, and more.

Success Story #1

<<Client Name>> helped us raise the rent $xxx a month with a better tenant! We owned our rental property for x years. They helped us raise the rent to market value and find a qualified new tenant who paid it. I now collect even bigger checks every month! - <<Landlord Name>>

Success Story #2:

My last property manager was terrible. I had to write repair checks every month. No communication. I hired <<Client Name>> and that’s all stopped. I now get paid every month, on time, with proactive updates. Repairs and headaches are minimal. Highly recommended! - <<Landlord Name>>

Success Story #3:

We tried to do this all ourselves for years. It was so hard working directly with the tenant. We said yes to everything. It came back to hurt us. Tenants took extreme advantage of us. I hired <<Client Name>>, they found a better tenant, raised the rent, and I’m making more money with less work and emotional stress. - <<Landlord Name>

24 Topics

  1. How to Advertise a Rental Property (3 Keys)
  2. 3 Steps to Qualify a Great Tenant on the Phone
  3. What to Look for in a Tenant Background Check
  4. Lead-Based Paint Compliance: Don’t Get Sued!
  5. The Bullet-Proof Move-In/Out Inspection Checklist
  6. How to Determine The Highest Rent For Your Property
  7. The Lease Agreement: The 3 Must-Have Clauses
  8. Fair Housing Testers: Don’t Get Tripped Up By Them!
  9. How to Legally Deliver a Non-Payment of Rent Notice
  10. Evicting a Tenant? Follow These Critical Rules (or Else!)
  11. When to Sell Your Single-Family Rental Property
  12. Why Providing Furnace Filters Is Your Best Investment
  13. Top 3 Most Common & Costly Mistakes Landlords Make
  14. Landlord Property Insurance: Key Clauses to Protect Yourself
  15. How to Hide Your Home Address from Tenants (LLC Governance)
  16. Why Every Tenant Gets An Application (Never Deny Anyone!)
  17. How to Allow Your Tenants to Pay Cash In-Person Out of State
  18. How to Conduct a Mid-Lease Property Inspection
  19. Make Sure Your Contractors from Lead Renovator Certified!
  20. The Most Common Repairs Landlords Make (How to Avoid Them)
  21. Why You Need to Quit Claim Your Rental in an LLC Now
  22. How to Take a Free 3D Virtual Tour of Your Property
  23. How to Stay Up to Date on Local Landlord/Tenant Laws
  24. Why You Must Immediately Appeal a City Notice