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Target Market

Single-family homeowners above the national $425,000 median price point who have lived in their home for 10+ years who are likely to sell their home based on triggering life events.

Sales Goal

Must sell an additional 6 homes in 12 months valued at a 3% commission ($12,750) to get a 10x ROI on our annual implementation fee.

Marketing Plan

Talk to the target market and get their permission to stay in touch. Send them two videos a month and one lead generation message a month. Call the people who engage, register, comment, or reply to set sales appointments or ask for referrals. Include the in-house existing database on the 36-touch marketing plan, too.

ROI Tracking

All additional sales are directly tracked from appointments set from video email responses, social media post comments, people opening/clicking video emails, call to action forms, and those who say they watch your videos when asked why they chose to hire you at the time of sale.

Why Hire Me? Message

Sell your home fast and net thousands more. We’ll make sure you get the absolute top market dollar for your home. Our listings sell for <x%> more and <<xx>>% faster than the average agent. We’ve helped <<#>> of buyers and sellers over the past <<x>> years with <<xxx> 5-star reviews. Ask about how to skip inconvenient showings and pick your closing date with our Instant Offer. We also guarantee to sell your home in xx days or we’ll buy it at a mutually agreed-upon price. Worried about timing your sale? Ask about our Buy First Trade-In Program to buy your next home first before you sell. Need a remodel to get it up to market value? We'll handle the entire remodeling project now and pay for everything at closing. No one does more to sell your home by implementing our proven xxx-point marketing plan. No listing contract, either - fire us anytime. Buying a home? Write an offer with our cash backing you and increase your odds of winning your home up to xx%. Call us today at xxx-xxx-xxxx or visit to schedule a free home buying or selling consultation. Terms and conditions apply.

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Welcome to my video blog or YouTube Channel! I’m here to answer all your questions about buying, selling, or investing in <<city>> real estate. My name is <<Client Name>>. I’ve been selling real estate since xxxx with xx 5-star reviews and xxx homes sold. Here you’ll find home buying tips, selling tips and market updates to help you make a smart real estate decision. I invite you to sign up for my free <<city>> real estate newsletter or just subscribe to the channel to get notified of new videos. When you’re ready to buy or sell – reach out. I’m here to help. Thanks for watching!

Unique Selling Proposition

A Higher Price for Your Home

Top 4 Benefits

  1. Sell your home for a higher price
  2. Net thousands more with our plan
  3. Sell without the hassle or stress
  4. Get the price you want for your home

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Blog Title

<<City>> Residential Real Estate Video Blog | <<Client Name>>

Blog Description/Mission

Get all your questions answered about buying, selling, or investing in <<city>> real estate from local expert <<client name>>.

Blog Keyword Phrases

<<city>> real estate agent, tips for selling your home, realtors near me, best real estate agents, top real estate agents

Category #1

<<City>> Home Buying Tips - Get your questions answered when it comes to buying a home in <<city>>. Making offers, home inspections, timing the sale, and more.

Category #2

<<City>> Home Selling Tips - Get your questions answered when it comes to selling a home in <<city>>. Pricing, open houses, negotiations, and more.

Category #3

<<City>> Real Estate Market Updates - Know the latest about what’s going on with home prices here in <<city>>. Days on the market, price corrections, inventory levels, and more.

Success Story #1

We needed to sell our home. It sat for xx days on the market and expired. We called <<Client Name>> who listed our home, fixed the problem, and sold it for $xx,xxx more than I was asking. No hassle. Highly recommended!" - <<Customer Name>>

Success Story #2

<<Client Name>> got me $xx,xxx more than I thought! We interviewed several real estate agents and hired <<Client Name>>. They delivered x offers on my home and sold my house for more than I wanted. Blown away." - <<Customer Name>>

Success Story #3

My partner and I needed to sell our home fast. It needed a lot of work. <<Client Name>> sold it as-is for $xx,xxx more than we thought it would sell for given its dated condition. It only took xx days! Their marketing works!" - <<Customer Name>>

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