We offer 100% remote digital marketing jobs with our advertising agency. We help entrepreneurs in professional services stay in better touch with their database using video, social media, email, and direct mail. We are a 100% work-from-anywhere company. We hire (1) Friendly, (2) Proactive, (3) Coachable, (4) Curious, and (5) Intelligent people with a great (6) Work Ethic. We're also looking for those who can grow into a leadership role, too. 

Our Mission & Vision

We implement education-based direct response marketing for entrepreneurial professional service providers (real estate agents, business brokers, mortgage professionals, etc) building their own businesses on 100% commission. It’s a painful, yet rewarding journey for them. Our clients - after enduring the pain/rejection of cold calling, losing money on traditional advertising, or being stuck in place working by referral only - hire us to help them get comfortable publishing videos, emails, letters, and social media ads to attract (not chase) new clients. We deliver financial peace of mind with a new client attraction system that’s not financially risky or emotionally exhausting. They pay us to do most of the work to help them out. We stand behind it all with a 90-day money-back guarantee (which we actually enforce). If you enjoy working with business owners, get excited about reducing entrepreneurial uncertainty, enjoy the craft of influence, and take pride in demonstrating or telling others about your work - we are the place for you. We’ve built a culture where you are safe, protected, understood, and valued to do your best. We all support each other and have a terrific training program to get you up to speed. Our vision is to inspire 1,000+ business owners to earn more money (with less stress) by implementing a great marketing system. Our purpose is to reduce our client’s entrepreneurial anxiety and help them relax by generating a steady stream of new business with minimal risk and relative ease. Our mission is to help our clients grow their business and build a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people. We want to be known as the most helpful agency in our space where we get the call when someone needs help getting new clients. Please tell us how you feel about our mission and vision when you interview.

Core Values

1. Proactive - We anticipate needs

2. Helpful - We do the work for them

3. Growing - We improve our skills

4. Friendly - We are positive and optimistic

5. Effective - Our deliverable works

6. Integrity - I can trust them



Please review our hiring process

Step 1: APPLY: Please apply for any position. It all goes into our central applicant tracking system.

Step 2. SCREEN: We'll call you for a quick interview (or use Google Meet, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, etc) to make sure you meet all the qualifications listed in the job advertisement. We'll also answer your questions so you can decide if you want to interview. Please provide us with the contact information of your past two employers on this phone call, ideal phone and email address.

Step 3. REFERENCES: Please introduce us to your past two employers so they expect our phone call. We will call them to verify your employment and what you say in in your screen. We're looking for more of a personal connection and love for the candidate, rather than checking off boxes on performance and skill. 

Step 4: PRE-EMPLOYMENT TEST: You'll complete an Employment Application (2 pages) and a role-specific pre-employment aptitude test (60min). International hires will also take an English proficiency test (50min) requiring a C2 level of mastery

Step 5: INTERVIEW: You'll interview with your manager. This is your chance to share why you're the best fit for the role. Give us stories, provide specific examples, and show us numbers or reports of what you have accomplished. We want to know your life journey and what you want for your future. Please bring the name, phone, and email of your past two employers to the interview. This takes about 30 minutes. Come prepared to make your case. This is our time to listen to and understand you. 

Stage 6. CONDITIONAL OFFER: You'll get a conditional job offer with your pay and benefits in writing.

Stage 7. BACKGROUND CHECK: A criminal background and education verification check will completed with Checkr, if you accept.

Stage 8. AUDITION PERIOD: Congratulations you're hired! This is where we'll see how your skills are and if we'll continue your employment. You'll work with our Office Manager to complete all our HR documents while completing our New Employee Welcome Course where you learn our story, mission, vision, and purpose along with the details of what we do and who we do it for. You'll also meet our leadership team. You'll also be assigned a mentor who's already in your role to train you. 

Meet our Team