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Enroll in our Leadership Development Program!

Ask about applying for our Leadership Development Program during your interview. Get a 10% bonus added to every paycheck. Limited to six employees. Meet with our CEO Frank Klesitz for two hours a week to build your leadership and executive skills to be first in line for a promotion. Learn how to run a marketing agency with real-world training on marketing, sales, operations, account management, finance, human resources, and more. You’ll also shadow our leadership team - on paid time - for 3-5 hours a week to learn how to perform in their current executive roles.

There are two requirements to join and to stay in the group:

1. Attend every Leadership Development Group meeting for the month - on paid time.
2. Assist or shadow our current executive team for 3-5 hours a week - on paid time.

The goal is to help you build the confidence, mindset, and skills to be a business leader. Frank will prepare you for an executive position at Vyral Marketing (or wherever you decide to work) so you're next in line when there is a leadership change to take over their role.

Example weekly leadership assignment:

  • Attend a new client consultation call with leadership and take notes - 1 hr
  • Review a client email that went out and review it for better creative/strategy - 1 hr
  • Send a video to a past client and ask them to come back - 30min
  • Call an employee here and ask them what we need to do better - 30min

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We love employee referrals

Get $150 for any employee referral we hire after 3 months of their employment.

Who do you know who would excel working with us? Refer them to us by emailing their contact information, location, and why you recommend them to careers@getvyral.com. We'll pay you $150 on their 90th day of employment with us, if we hire them of course.


We believe in the 4 day work week

(for most, but not all positions at our company)

We offer entry-level, 100% remote digital marketing jobs with our advertising agency. We help entrepreneurs in professional services stay in better touch with their database using video, social media, email, and direct mail. We are a 100% work-from-anywhere company, so you can cut down on your commuting, food, and professional attire expenses with more time/flexibility for a work-life balance (4 day work week). We hire remotely in the USA (Omaha, NE employees are preferred since that's where we are based before the post-COVID work-from-home revolution - and seeing your co-workers face-to-face every so often has its benefits) and internationally (with a focus on, but not limited to, the Philippines) for administrative and support roles.

Here are the top benefits of working at Vyral Marketing:

  • Work-life balance
  • 4 day work week (Wednesdays off and you still get paid, but not applicable to managerial/sales positions)
  • Work from anywhere, 100% of the time (your home, convention-style hotel lobbies, universities, airports, malls, libraries, grocery store cafe, Cox/Xfiniti hotspots, coffee shops, Panera, fast-casual restaurants, free wifi spots, etc)
  • Partial ($30 USD) internet reimbursement for home internet (USB sticks, signal-based & wireless connections not allowed) for USA employees
  • Paid training, all training provided
  • Adobe Creative Cloud license (if position requires it)
  • Entry-level positions (Minimum 6+ months BPO experience, if international)
  • Quarterly open-bar/food company events in Omaha, NE (travel at your own expense)
  • Health insurance for full-time roles (USA: Blue Cross | International: MaxiCare - pre-paid card)
  • 12 Weeks Maternity Leave for USA employees
  • Paid Time Off / Sick Leave
  • 11 paid holidays (We honor the holidays in your country, too, if international)
    • New Years Eve
    • New Year's Day
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Juneteenth
    • 4th of July
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Day after Thanksgiving
    • Christmas Eve
    • Christmas Day
  • No experience necessary
  • Paid access to Lynda for skill training
  • Consistent and steady hours/schedule
  • Flexible hours
  • Equal opportunity for everyone
  • No college degree requirement
  • Informative career nights
  • Computer provided (certain USA positions only)
  • W2 employee paid 1st and 15th of the month (international positions are on contract, paid weekly on Monday)
  • One-on-one meetings with leadership
  • Daily team huddles to get regular feedback
  • Encouragement to build skills to springboard to higher paid jobs
  • Promotion path to Marketing Coach or New Business Development (not required)
  • Weekly one hour of marketing training with our CEO

Read our Glassdoor reviews (the good and the bad) of working here (4.2/5 stars):


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Please review our hiring process

1. APPLY: Please apply for any position. Please make sure to clearly highlight in a cover letter or message your accomplishments, experience, education, and work history that's applicable to the role - with your phone number to call you - along with your resume, to maximize your chance of a call back. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile, too. If you don't provide all this information when you apply, we'll email you back with a reminder so you earn a call back. We get a lot of what we call "junk" applicants (people clicking "apply" ad nauseam on job boards) without reading the job description or taking any time to personalize their application. These are moved to the bottom of the pile for a call back.

2. WEEKLY CAREER NIGHT (Thursdays @ 5:30pm CST): We will call you to invite you to an informative career night we hold weekly on Zoom. You’ll learn our story, the positions on the team, pay, benefits, how our business works, a typical workday, meet your co-workers, understand who our customers are, our mission/vision/values, why clients pay us, our competitive advantage, why employees stay with us (and leave us, too) and what a career path looks like. Ask questions and get comfortable with the idea of working with us. Super informal meeting to just get to know us and what it's like here. This way you can interview effectively and you know what we need from you.

3. VIDEO: Send us an email afterward with a short video about yourself and what position interests you. Tell us why you would be a great hire. Keep the video under 2 minutes. The shorter the better. You can record it on your phone, computer or use www.Loom.com. We don't care how you look or what you're wearing - we just want to see you, how you communicate, learn your personality, and overall just want to make sure you're comfortable using video since we're on video conferencing all the time internally and with clients.

 4. INITIAL INTERVIEW: Meet with us for a one-on-one interview on Zoom (about 30 minutes). Give us as much evidence as you can you’re a fit for the role. Show us proof of your past work (if any), tell us who you worked for previously and what you accomplished (we will call them to verify), and carefully review the qualifications in the job advertisement. We are looking for evidence of past success, a history of accomplishment (it can be accomplishing anything not even related to the job) and an upward trajectory in your career. Here are a few of the interview questions you'll be asked:
  1. Can you work the hours for the position we require for the role?
  2. Are you comfortable with the pay range provided during career night for the position?
  3. Are you able to work from home?
  4. Can you commit to at least a year in this position?
  5. Why are you interested in this position? What's your story?
  6. What did you accomplish for your past 3 employers, in order? 
  7. What examples of your work can you share, if any?
  8. What have you accomplished in your life outside of work?
  9. Why did you leave each of your past 3 jobs, in order?
  10. What will each of your past 3 employers say about you when we call them?
  11. How have you educated yourself to prepare for this role?
  12. What is the biggest challenge you've faced in life and how did you overcome it?
  13. Who is our ideal client, why do they hire us, and why do they stay with us?
  14. What do you need from us so you're happy and productive for the long term? 
5. AUDITION: Pass an audition. We may ask you to complete a skills test to properly edit a video, write an article, or do something we’re hiring you to do to prove your unique skill for the position. It will take less than 30 minutes. You audition material will be destroyed after our review. Please send any additional work samples, too. If it's a general administrative position, we ask you write us one page about why you want the role so we can see how you communicate in print (it tells us how well you think).

6. INSPECTION: Worksite Inspection. You’ll send us photos or a video recording of your workspace, along with the specs of your computer you’ll be using (if one is not provided by the company), along with the results of your high-speed internet speed test. You must have a quiet and dedicated place to work. Here are the requirements if you're providing your own computer for international positions, which you can get after we hire you.

  • 2 computers running 64-bit Windows 10 or later or Latest Apple Software (one for backup)
  • Intel Core i5 (or AMD equivalent) or higher for speed
  • 4+ GB of RAM so you can have multiple applications open at a time
  • USB headset with noise cancellation so it's easy to hear you
  • An 1080p HD external webcam for your computer so it's easy to see you (Logitech series recommended)
  • 5Mbps+ and up internet service (DSL, Fiber, or Cable only) for a stable connection
  • Backup 5Mbps+ internet service if your first connection goes down
  • Backup power such as a generator or alternate location you can use if power goes down

7. ASSESSMENT: Complete a pre-employment assessment. You'll take, in effect, a test so we can assess you for cognitive ability, personality, and motivation necessary for the role. Your cognitive ability lets us know whether you can do the job, your personality tells us what you'll do on the job, and your motivation will measure if you actually want to do the job (we make sure your specific interests align with the demands of the job). This is not a "pass/fail" result, rather we use it to help craft your overall candidate profile. This is why it's the very last part of our hiring process and we do not use these assessments as an upfront screening tool. You will complete the pre-employment assessment with a human proctor to ensure fairness, prevent cheating, and authenticate your identity. The assessment does not give preferential consideration to people of a certain class or race.

8. FINAL INTERVIEW: You'll meet with senior management or a partner here for a final interview.

9. OFFER: Conditional offer of employment may be extended to you. You'll get a job offer with your pay and benefits in writing if the position is still available. Accept or decline. It is subject to a background and reference check upon your acceptance. If we don't have the position available that you interviewed for, you'll be added to our pre-approved candidate waitlist to be called once we have an open position, or another position we have open you'll be a fit for (may not be the position you originally applied for).

10. BACKGROUND CHECK: Background check completed, only if you accept the offer. We conduct your background check after you are hired for fairness. We may decline your employment depending on the results of an individual investigation. You'll receive a Final Adverse Action Notice if that's the case. 

11. REFERENCE CHECK: We will call your past three employers in order (do not leave any out) so we can conduct a reference check after your offer is extended. We will call each of them to verify what you tell us in your one-on-one interview. We will also ask each of your past employers for another reference to call about you. We will call each reference to verify what you say in your interview. We call a total of six references to verify your interview.
12. BEGIN: Start the first week of shadowing and onboarding to get up to speed quickly for your role! You'll be given a host of paperwork to sign as you begin your employee on-boarding process.

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