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We offer entry-level, 100% remote digital marketing jobs with our advertising agency. We help entrepreneurs in professional services stay in better touch with their database using video, social media, email, and direct mail. We are a 100% work-from-anywhere company, so you can cut down on your commuting, food, and professional attire expenses with more time/flexibility for a work-life balance.  We hire (1) Friendly, (2) Proactive, (3) Coachable, (4) Curious and (5) Intelligent people with a great (6) Work Ethic. We're also looking for those who can grow into a leadership role, too. 

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Please review our hiring process

Stage 1: APPLY ONLINE: Please apply for any position on any online job board posting. It all goes into our central applicant tracking system.

Stage 2. VIDEO SUBMISSION: If we accept your job history and qualifications, our hiring assistant Trix Ledesma we will call and email you back requesting you email her a less than 1-minute video answering why you're a fit for the position. You may record your video however you like (on your webcam or mobile phone to send as an email attachment, or use on your webcam and provide the respective link in your email response to her). We also ask you e-mail us any creative examples (writing, videos, graphics), if applicable to the position.

Stage 3. INITIAL INTERVIEW: If we accept your video submission, and creative examples if applicable, Trix will schedule a 30-minute phone interview with a manager for your initial interview. 

Stage 4. PRE-EMPLOYMENT ASSESSMENT/AUDITION: We'll audition you for the role by performing a simple task that takes less than 30 minutes and score your ability to do the job to determine your pay. 

Stage 5. REFERENCE CHECK: You'll provide us with the names and contact information of your past 2 employers in order to verify what you say (do not leave any out). We will call each of them.

Stage 6. CONDITIONAL OFFER: You'll get a conditional job offer with your pay and benefits in writing if the position is still available. 

Stage 7. BACKGROUND CHECK: Background check completed, only if you accept the offer. 

Stage 8. 90 DAY PROBATIONARY PERIOD: Start the first week of shadowing and onboarding to get up to speed quickly for your role! You'll take a general new employee on-boarding video course, a video course for your specific role, be assigned a shadowing partner, and be invited into daily meetings on Zoom for your department. You'll be on a probationary period for 90 days to measure your productivity in the role.

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