Who We Are

We are an Inc. 5000 awarded advertising agency for professional services with offices in San Diego, CA and Omaha, NE.


10-Step Hiring Process

1. Apply for a position

2. We will call you to invite you to a informative career night we hold weekly on Zoom (or you can watch a replay if you prefer). You’ll learn our story, the positions on the team, pay, benefits, typical workday, meet your co workers, understand who our customers are, our mission/vision/values, why clients pay us, our competitive advantage, why employees stay with us (and leave us too) and what a career path looks like. Ask questions and get comfortable with the idea of working with us. Super informal.
3. Send us an email afterward with a short video about yourself and what position interests you. Tell us why you would be a great hire. Keep video under 2 minutes. The shorter the better.
4. Meet with us for a one-on-one interview on Zoom (about 30 minutes). Give us as much evidence as you can you’re a fit for the role.
5. Pass an audition (only for some roles). We may ask you to edit a video, write an article, or do something we’re hiring you to do to prove your unique skill for the position.
6. Provide us with your past three employers in order so we can conduct a reference check. We will call each of them.
7. Worksite Inspection: You’ll send us photos of your workspace, along with the specs of your computer you’ll be using (if one is not provided by the company), along with the results of your high speed internet speed test.
8. Job offer extended to you. Accept or decline.
9. Background check completed, only if offer is accepted. 
10. Start first week of shadowing and on-boarding to get up to speed quickly for your role!

Benefits of Working at Vyral

  • Work/life balance company 
  • Help entrepreneurs in professional services get more clients - do real direct response marketing that drives warm leads and appointments with authentic education based marketing 
  • Entry level positions
  • All training provided 
  • No college degree requirement
  • Equal opportunity for everyone
  • Informative career nights 
  • 4 day work week (Weds off and you still get paid)
  • Work from home 100 percent of the time - no office you need to report to.
  • Consistent and steady hours
  • W2 employee, paid every two weeks
  • Computer provided
  • Internet reimbursement
  • Health insurance
  • Weekly one hour of marketing training with our CEO
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with team leader 
  • Daily team huddles to get regular feedback
  • Promotion path available to Marketing Coach or Business Development roles if you want them (no pressure)
  • Paid time off
  • Direct line to management to offer suggestions for improvement (Frank, John, Allison, and Kourtney)
  • Encouragement to build skills and experience to seek higher paid positions at other companies. 
  • Paid access to Lynda for unlimited training of skills


Open Positions


Digital Marketing Assistant

Are you interested in a career in marketing with upward mobility and an opportunity to learn from experts in the industry? We’re in search of a Marketing Assistant.

An excellent fit for this position is a team player who is a dynamic thinker with creative ideas. We welcome applicants with excellent project management skills, a knack for innovation, and a proven track record of success. The position consists of many roles requiring two very important skills, communication, and organization.

The ideal candidate for this position balances creativity with structure can effectively work with a team to bring great ideas to life, and is committed to on-brand quality work.


Please upload your resume, cover letter and send samples of your work to hiring@getvyral.com.



$12 - $15 hourly



  • Help marketing staff achieve our goals through the implementation of advertising, digital, and communication plans
  • Oversee social media content, web content, blogs, and other copy that contributes to our overall marketing strategy and goals
  • Oversee website, mailing lists, analytics, and SEO to ensure content is regularly updated with the most recent information
  • Talk to clients on the phone and advise them on their marketing strategy
  • Work with clients to create messaging and offers their prospective customers want
  • Run and manage Facebook Ads



  • Display excellent written, problem-solving, and verbal communication skills
  • Proven track record of completing projects on time in an orderly manner
  • Technologically savvy; basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Word and Excel programs and filing systems with the ability to learn new programs quickly and troubleshoot common issues
  • Strong understanding of web and email systems, public relations, brand messaging, and social platforms
  • Experience with social media platforms, CRM, CSM, and public relations
  • Telephone etiquette and active listening
  • Highly motivated self-starter
  • Able to work independently to achieve a successful result with minimal guidance
  • Highly detail-oriented
  • Confident to handle multiple projects simultaneously and under deadlines
  • Able to work collaboratively and effectively with all levels including internal senior management, team members, and external strategic business contacts


Digital Marketing Copywriter

We're seeking to hire a full-time blog article and email marketing copywriter for our digital marketing company. You'll be responsible for watching educational videos sent in by clients and summarizing them in a well-written article format including a short email "teaser" with a compelling subject line and headline.

The successful candidate will be a motivated self-starter with excellent research ability to write intelligent articles on a wide variety of topics to complement educational videos submitted by clients for promotion to their customer database via email and social media. Key industry of knowledge (or your relentless commitment to learning everything you can about the industry) in real estate, mortgage, fitness, insurance, and auto is preferred. The is an entry-level full-time position. Paid training is provided.


Please upload your resume, cover letter and send samples of your work to hiring@getvyral.com.



$12 - $13 per hour



  • Write clear, attractive copy with a distinct voice
  • Interpret copywriting briefs to understand project requirements
  • Collaborate with other copywriters and team members on projects
  • Edit and proofread copy as needed
  • Use SEO principles to maximize copy’s reach
  • Source images and other content



  • Proven experience as a copywriter or related role
  • Knowledge of online content strategy and creation
  • Strong creative thinking skills and ability to think conceptually
  • Must be comfortable working independently with a little direction under tight deadlines
  • Excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills with a diligent eye for detail, language, flow, and grammar
  • Excellent time-management and organizational skills
  • A BS/BA in marketing, English, journalism, or related field
  • Experience with SEO
  • Strong research skills
  • Creativity
  • Collaborative spirit

Digital Media Editor

At Vyral Marketing you will be required to create appealing and consistent graphics for a variety of digital products, primarily video.

The role involves listening to clients and understanding their needs before making design decisions. Your main responsibility is editing and assembling recorded raw material into a suitable, finished product ready for broadcasting. This includes, but is not limited to, trimming the video, adding an introduction, a lower third with their name, basic color and sound correction, stock B-roll that’s relevant, text on the screen to empathize key points, and possibly some background music. The ideal candidate must be able to work efficiently, and must be able to actively contribute to group projects; all while constantly improving our product and operations.


Please upload your resume, cover letter and send samples of your work to hiring@getvyral.com.



$10 - $12 per hour



  • Cut and assemble recorded footage and audio
  • Create captivating lower thirds for each video to highlight main points
  • Create title and motion graphics
  • Format images to use in videos and perform color corrections as needed
  • Edit audio tracks as needed
  • Continuously discover and implement new editing technologies and the industry’s best practices to maximize efficiency
  • Follow production deadlines



  • Previous experience in graphic design or other related fields
  • Highly detail-oriented and excellent communication skills
  • Able to multi-task and handle multiple projects
  • Have concise and professional communication skills. Must be able to express yourself clearly and explain your role and ideas to your team members as well as to the clients
  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Photo retouching skills are a day to day necessity, as you will be working with primarily provided assets
  • Strong sense of typography. Understand how to improve type, give proper spacing and create pleasing, effective layouts.
  • Be able not only gracefully accept criticism, but be strengthened by it. Feedback from the collaboration is meant to enhance the work and each other
  • Have some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other web technologies. Understand the need for responsive design and best practices
  • Some video editing, animation, and After Effects experience. 3D abilities are even better, although not necessary


Photos from our informal meet and greet career nights in Omaha, NE.