Target Market

Mom-and-pop landlords of small commercial buildings valued between $1-3 million where a 6% commission is normal and split 50/50 with the buyer’s agent. Targeting listings of value-add, B-class multi-family apartments from 5 to 75 units that can be stabilized in 3-15 months with a 6% acquisition cap rate, 8%+ Pro-forma cap rate (with 12% cash-on-cash), and an 18% IRR based on a 5–7-year hold with improvements of $5-8k per unit.

Sales Goal

Must sell two small $1.25 million commercial buildings earning a 3% seller commission on each to get a 10x ROI on the annual implementation fee.

24 Topics

  1. Buying Commercial Property Without Any Money (100% Financing)
  2. 3 Best Ways to Find Commercial Space for Rent
  3. How to Raise Capital for a Commercial Real Estate Deal
  4. The Top 3 Ways to Value a Commercial Property
  5. How to Find Tenants for Commercial Real Estate Space
  6. The Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Checklist
  7. 3 Steps to Buying Your First Commercial Real Estate Property
  8. The Top 3 Ways to Calculate Commerical Real Estate ROI
  9. How to Properly Analyze a Commercial Real Estate Deal
  10. How Commercial Real Estate Syndication Works for Beginners
  11. How to Do a 1031 Exchange [For Commercial Real Estate Investors]
  12. How to Buy Your First Apartment Complex: Step-by-Step Guide
  13. How to Find Your First Commercial Real Estate Deal
  14. Typical Commercial Real Estate Lease Terms You Must Know
  15. The Differences: Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate
  16. Top Ways to Fund a Commercial Real Estate Purchase
  17. How to Find Buyers for Your Commercial Real Estate Sale
  18. What is a Good Cap Rate In Today’s Real Estate Market?
  19. The Pros and Cons of a Triple Net Lease Agreement
  20. What’s Best? Cash Out Refinance vs 1031 Exchange
  21. Is Investing in Commercial Real Estate a Good Idea?
  22. How to Underwrite a Commercial Real Estate Investment
  23. How to Make an Offer on Commercial Real Estate (Mistakes to Avoid)
  24. How to Get a Loan Approval on Commercial Real Estate

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