Our Leadership Team

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Elizabeth Hagans, Client Manager

Elizabeth meets with all our Client Marketing Managers one-on-one every week to review the communication and implementation for each client. If there's an issue, she steps in to solve it. 

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Elizabeth Stormberg, Sales Manager

Elizabeth meets with new prospective clients to identify needs and explain our marketing services. If you take a free strategy call with us, you'll speak with Elizabeth about the benefits of hiring us.

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Gabbie Maisch, Product Manager

Gabbie monitors the work for improvement and leads our video editors, writers, and marketing assistants to make sure it's optimal, looks great, and the best examples are shared on our website

Anthony Windley, Office Manager

Anthony handles billing, refunds, email credits, payroll, human resources, administering software licenses, insurance, government notices, and everything else necessary to make sure we run smoothly..

Frank Klesitz, Strategy Manager

Frank started the company in 2009 and is in charge of all client marketing strategies including storytelling and advertising to bring in new clients. Learn more at www.FrankKlesitz.com