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Free Strategy Call

Monthly Implementation

What we do for you every month

Monthly Strategy Call

We write scripts with you

You'll schedule one strategy call a month with your Marketing Manager to write two video scripts. We can also extract a 3-5 minute video from a recorded seminar or webinar and write the script from that. We'll also review your per


Monthly Video Shoot

We direct you live with a teleprompter

We'll schedule a monthly time to shoot two videos with you virtually on your mobile phone or webcam (with an optional teleprompter). 


Weekly Accountability

Always know what's going on

We'll call you every week to proactively update you.



(2) Optimized YouTube Videos

Build trust and familiarity at scale

We'll edit your videos with silence removal (jump cuts), punching in/out, sound effects, stock footage, clip art, color correction, enhanced audio, animated transitions, effects and titles, and background music. We then upload them to your YouTube channel with chapter markers optimized for discoverability (SEO) with a viral clip extracted from each.

Spring YouTube Examples

(2) Blog Articles

Make it easy to read your content

We post the video to your blog with a custom-written article to complement it.


(2) Video Emails

Stand out in their inbox

We'll send the video from you to your email list with two strong calls to action to contact you.

Chris Heller Video-Email


Social Media Updates

Maintain an active presence

We'll post your full video to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Google My Business profile along with a viral clip posted a day later to Instagram and Facebook.

Monthly Lead Campaign

Warm leads to call now

We'll send a monthly lead campaign to your contact list to spike response. We put an offer behind a landing page (i.e. free report, free quote, free event, etc) and send an email with an invite to get it. You'll get an email with their contact information upon submission.


Warm Call Lists

Have better conversations in less time

We give you a list of everyone who clicked through your video email to watch your videos. Call or directly email them to start a business conversation.

Daily Retargeting Ads

Be seen all over social media

We'll manage the retargeting of your videos to your email list, website visitors, and fans so they see you ideally 6-8x a month on Facebook and Instagram. (Extra $1-2 per day in ad spend). YouTube and display (banner ad) retargeting is also available upon request.


Monthly Postcard

We print and mail it for you

We'll create a 4x6 postcard with your latest video and QR code and mail it to your best contacts. We recommend 150 people to start. Just pay postage and printing. (About $1 a postcard)


Zero-Cost with a Sponsor

Sell advertising to off-set your marketing cost

We invite you to sell advertising space with your endorsement to one complementary business that wants to be in front of your contact list. Record a 30-second commercial for an advertiser and we'll put it in your YouTube videos, video emails, and on your website. Ask them to pay you whatever you want to charge in return for the exposure.