Thank you for your interest in helping us get more clients! Sign up as an Evangelist and earn $625 when a new client mentions your name! Please complete this W9 form to enroll. You’ll be paid via PayPal when we recognize the $1995 build fee as revenue 30 days from their sign-up date. Evangelist status renews every six months. Must be an active Evangelist to receive payment. Refer 12 new clients to us a year and, in effect, get our services for free. You’ll work with Danny to make it easy to tell your story and track results. He will PayPal you the money when you earn a signup credit. 

Here is the referral system we suggest:

1. Write us a Google review

We'll use it in our advertising

Write your peers a 250+ word Google review about your experience with us. We'll share it with people you refer us to.

Write a Google review here

2. Make a list of 10 people

We'll research each person we call

Think of 10 people you have a very close relationship with. Tell us all about them. We'll take it from there. We'll reach out and ask permission to send them your examples. We'll copy you - with your Google review attached to the email.

We'll enter your 10 referrals here on a phone call together

  • Current customers
  • Past customers
  • Mastermind group peers
  • Recruiting upline/downline
  • Peers who send you customers
  • Phone call history
  • Text message history
  • Facebook message history
  • Calendar history
  • Facebook friends
  • Zillow agent finder

3. Co-host a webinar for your list

Share your story with your database

Let's tell your story to your list. To promote it, we'll interview you and ghostwrite an email that comes from you to your list. You'll approve it before it goes out. We'll go live for 30 minutes. We'll pick a relevant training topic together. We can also send out an email to a registration page to get your scripts and examples, too, if you don't have the time to do a webinar together.

We'll implement this promotion plan for you

  • I want to share my updated 36-touch database marketing plan with you
  • Here are video topics I'm sending to my database next month (Kyle Whissel Example)
  • I want to share the emails generating leads for me (Scott Agnew Example)
  • Here's my top-performing Facebook/Instagram ad for lead-generation
  • Here's something I did that worked well for me you can use (Matt Wagner Example)

4. Make a Facebook post

We'll help you craft it so it's authentic

Tell your peers on Facebook about your experience on your personal page or in a group(s). You can also talk about the event and post a link to it. Include photos, videos - anything that tells your story. Mention "Vyral Marketing." Send us a screenshot of it.