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Guaranteed Offer Lead Generation Campaign

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message, Real Estate Agent on Apr 17, 2019

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We recommend on our Official Video Marketing Plan you send a direct offer to your email list four times a year to spike lead generation.

I want to show you an example that worked well for Vyral Client Jeremy Larkin in St. George, Utah.

A hot offer right now to homeowners is to skip the showings and wholesale your home to a company.

You, as the real estate, can “shop” all the iBuyer companies who will buy your client’s home.

You can also find investors in local meetup groups and local Google searches, too. The ones on local search results are spending a lot of money and would likely love to partner with you (and pay for the privilege). Just ask them to pay your commission for finding the deal and guiding it to close.

Keller Williams even got into the "we'll buy your home" business recently.

Vyral Client Jeff Cohn tells all his agents they can make an immediate offer to the seller for 30% below market value at the listing presentation. 

We put together this landing page for Jeremy.

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How do I get better engagement and response on Facebook?

By Frank Klesitz in Real Estate Agent, Ask Vyral Marketing on Apr 16, 2019

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You'll learn how to put your videos on Facebook so people actually watch, comment, and share.


Have a marketing question? Email frank@getvyral.com. I will answer it. If we pick your question to publish you'll get a free marketing book shipped right to you.

Q: Greg, a real estate agent in Phoenix asks, "How do I get a better response and engagement on Facebook?"

A: Thank you for your question, Greg! First of all - this may come as a surprise - but I do not like Facebook. If your business comes mostly from Facebook you're in trouble. Keep in mind they are in "toll-position". You are on their platform. It can be regulated and taken away from you anytime. From a business standpoint, any engagement on Facebook is generally low quality. Case in point, we had 356 comments on this post a client of ours write for their group. We followed up with a FB message or researched their email with a Google search. Only a handful got back to us. Most said they are not interested! And, this is trying to give our service away! Engagement does not mean a quality response. These individuals, in this case, spent no time with us online, likely don't know or trust us, and have no idea who we are (more on that later....) 

Facebook post with 356 comments without much results

Reach (the number of people who actually see your post) is also at an all-time low. It's very likely only a few people will see your video on your business page if you don't put money into it.

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What should we ask so people call us back?

By Frank Klesitz in Real Estate Agent, Ask Vyral Marketing on Apr 16, 2019

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You'll learn the email and voicemail script we use when calling the people who watch your videos on your behalf to call you back.

Have a marketing question? Email frank@getvyral.com. I will answer it. If we pick your question to publish you'll get a free marketing book shipped right to you.
Q: Travis, a real estate agent in Los Angeles, asks "What is the single most important thing that we should be asking in order to get them to call us back?"
A:  Thanks Travis for your question! To give context to this question first, I'll assume you're calling the people who watch your videos, or you have someone on your behalf calling them.
Let's say you sent out a video on "What do I need to know before selling my home this summer?"
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Haro just kicked off his local business owner mastermind

By Frank Klesitz in Real Estate Agent on Apr 9, 2019

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Congratulations Haro!
I know many of you are looking to build out your Allied Resource groups for referrals and even to ask them to help financially participate in your marketing.
Haro just completed his first local business owner mastermind.  
Business Sponspor Project
He then includes them all in his videos with a coupon to his list, and in his local business owner directory on his website. 
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How to Hire a Calling Assistant

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message, Real Estate Agent on Apr 2, 2019

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Clients and Friends,

Would you be interested in having us call the people who watch your videos?

This is the #1 way to get more business with us in the future. You can achieve an 8x ROI.

We just started calling this week for a few people in our test group.

"My agent Andrew called and converted to an appt next month when the buyer comes into town.  This is great, lets keep it going!" - Kelly Cook, Phoenix

"Today I pulled in 17 dials, 7 contacts, and 2 leads! One is a nurture the other is hot. I will have them both transcribed for Denise tomorrow." - Brayden Schwab, Calling Assistant

We’ll use the same database-specific calling system that works for Vyral Client Jeff Cohn who sold 600+ homes last year. He has a calling assistant talk to everyone who watches his videos. 

He has done it for the past five years with consistent results.

We just completed a webinar last week on "How to Hire a Calling Assistant to Call Your Database".


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"I covered the cost of my administrative assistant" - How Mustafa Fiaz raised money to pay for a full-time assistant

By Frank Klesitz in Business Sponsor Project on Mar 29, 2019

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Vyral Client Mustafa Fiaz, a real estate agent in Houston, has seven real estate agents in his office paying him $250 a month for guidance. He took the concept of the local business owner mastermind in our Business Sponsor Project Add-On and held one with agents in his office.

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The True ROI of Your Database

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message, Real Estate Agent on Mar 14, 2019

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Real estate clients and friends,

I wanted to pass along two important slides I captured from Gary Keller’s presentation at their annual Keller Williams Family Reunion conference.

The message of the event was simple – build your database and take communicating with it seriously or else you risk being commoditized by discounters and disruptors.

First, you’ll see one of his many reasons why real estate agents are not profitable.

The size of your true database is measured by people you talk to (met) who have given you permission to continue communication with them.

This is in contrast to your email list that can be in the tens of thousands.

Take a look at the slide below closely. These are real ROI numbers from real estate agents.

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How Ken Ravago Gets 75% of His Business from His Database with Video Marketing

By Frank Klesitz in Client Interviews, Real Estate Agent on Mar 13, 2019

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Download His Video Marketing Plan

Download Video Marketing Plan

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Ken Ravago

Key Takeaways

  • Ken prospects every day and he speaks with 30 people a day, or 150 people a week. Moving forward, he wants to build his database by offering a free subscription to his real estate video newsletter at the end of the call, in return for their email to send it to them.
  • Ken was pleasantly surprised this year when he started calling people and they were actually expecting his call. He attributes this to consistently staying in front of his database with helpful, educational videos.
  • He finds the Vyral open/click report very useful because it gives him the chance to connect with people that engaged with his videos. These are warm leads that are open to having a conversation with him.
  • Ken considers direct mail campaigns the perfect complement to his video marketing plan to convert more home buyers and sellers.
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Vyral Marketing Client Audit

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message on Mar 6, 2019

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I’ve set aside an hour a week in my schedule to personally audit your marketing.

It will take me about 90 minutes. I’ll do it on Zoom, recorded for you, and email the results to you and your Marketing Consultant you’re working with here at Vyral Marketing.

I would like to post your results, and the recording itself, on our blog publicly.

We have a plan to do this automatically for all clients from time to time privately, too.

If you’d like to request your audit happen faster, ask your Vyral Marketing Consultant. I can do about 40 audits a year myself, while our trained supervisors will do the remainder for you.

Here is a rough outline of the checklist I will follow when I review it all. 

It’s just about everything we teach here at Vyral Marketing according to our core marketing service to help you get more sales from your database.

Check it out:

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"I now have the confidence to ask" - How JP Fluellen raised $3,500 a month

By Frank Klesitz in Business Sponsor Project on Mar 5, 2019

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JP raised $3,500 a month from three business sponsors - $500 from a carpet cleaning company and the rest from two mortgage companies which he relied on their internal legal team to set up the marketing service agreement. "It's all mindset, I just had to ask for the money," says JP. "I would have never asked for the money if I didn't take this project."

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“It was easier than I thought” – How Douglas raised $3,500 a month

By Frank Klesitz in Business Sponsor Project on Feb 25, 2019

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Douglas owns a brokerage in New Jersey. He raised money to support his marketing efforts with our Business Sponsor Project Add-on from a roofing company, oil tank removal company, a general contractor, and a few settlement service providers.

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Vyral Marketing Lender Co-Advertising Plan

By Frank Klesitz in Client Message, Real Estate Agent on Feb 23, 2019

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We need to disclose to you we are not attorneys. This is not legal advice. We are not qualified in any way to advise you on this, or anything legal. Rather, we are passing along advice we received from our RESPA attorney to you. Of course, it’s best you always contact an attorney before you do anything in business since all business decisions have legal risk.
Good news! We finally did it.We completed the very expensive 3rd party valuation process to officially include your lender in your marketing.

You are now able to ask your lender, with minimal risk, to participate in your videos with you. We have all the documentation, compliance guidance, and more to get it done.

All this work is included in your fee.

There’s not much you have to do.

In short, you’ll record a 5 minute Zoom interview with your lender on “What You Must Know Before You Get a Mortgage” and include the interview in your videos.

We will facilitate the Zoom interview with you and your lender.

The interview is then included with all the promotion we already do for you.

You’ll also ask your lender to join you on one strategy call a month with us.

Your lender will pay us about 1/2 of your fee, and we’ll cut your fee by about 1/2.

There are many details of this arrangement you must know to prevent yourself from getting tangled up in a CFPB investigation.

Watch the video above and I’ll share with you what our attorney advised us on so you can accept lender sponsor money with confidence.

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