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Free Strategy Call

Initial Onboarding

We'll get you launched fast

(5) New Client Setup Calls

Let's Get This Done Quickly

We'll immediately schedule 5 phone calls to successfully launch your optimized 36-touch marketing plan over the next 30 days.

Call 1-800-323-9974 to meet an on-boarding specialist.

Clear Messaging Plan

We'll make sure prospects respond

We'll determine your best headlines, subheadlines, features, benefits, success stories, and calls to action for your video blog website and landing page funnels so it's clear what you do and how to hire you.

Call 1-800-323-9974 to see the new client messaging questionnaire.

Marketing Triangle

Creative Standards Kit

Maintain a consistent brand image

We'll put all your photos, colors, music, YouTube thumbnail styles, and fonts in one place so everything is consistent.

Call 1-800-323-9974 to see example client brand kits.

Social Media - Enewsletter Branding

1 Year of Video Topics

Know what to say upfront

We'll come up with 24 relevant questions your prospects (and clients) ask you. These are your video topics. You'll record and send out two a month once you launch.
Call 1-800-323-9974 to see topics working for your peers.

Optimized YouTube Channel

Make it easier to find you

We'll update your YouTube channel with better branding, layout, tags, playlists, and keywords so prospects can easily find you.

Call 1-800-323-9974 to see client YouTube Channel examples.

Q&A Video Blog Website

We drive them here to watch

We'll create a direct-response video blog to complement your current website that better communicates the problem you solve. We'll send people here to watch your videos.

Call 1-800-323-9974 to see client video blog examples.

Professional Video Blog

2 Landing Page Funnels

How you generate leads

We'll create two lead capture funnels with irresistible offers that we'll put on your new video blog and in your video email blasts. These are the ads that complement your videos to generate leads.

Call 1-800-323-9974 to see our best-performing client funnels.


Email Marketing Account

A separate email account for deliverability

We set up your own SPF/DKIM authenticated Emma Essentials account to send blast video emails and lead-reactivation campaigns to your list. The emails come from you with your reply address and not through your email servers. Ask about a Zapier integration to sync your CRM to your email account.

Call 1-800-323-9974 to see if your CRM syncs to your email account.

Email Metrics
Export_Clean and Reconnect

CRM Email Export & Clean Up

Reconnect with your neglected list(s)

We'll help you export all the contacts from your CRM - and (if appropriate) your Gmail/Outlook and/or mobile phone - to be properly cleaned and de-duplicated and ready to receive an initial reconnect message. 

Call 1-800-323-9974 to estimate the size of your existing database.

Retargeting Set Up

Show Up Consistently On Their Feed

We'll make sure all your website visitors, fans, and people in your CRM email list see your videos when properly retargeted with paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Call 1-800-323-9974 to see our best client retargeting videos.

Facebook Instagram Retargeting