Target Market: Indirectly monitoring agent partner databases for buyers actively applying for home loans, searching online for homes, or their clients listing their property for sale while directly targeting credit-qualified, high-equity homeowners for rate and term, cashout, or FHA mortgage insurance removal products.

Sales Goal: Assuming a $500,000 loan and a 2.5% commission ($12,500), you'll need to close 6 additional loans in 12 months to show a 10x return on your annual implementation fee.

Marketing Plan

Talk to the target market and get their permission to stay in touch. Send them two videos a month and one lead generation message a month. Call the people who engage, register, comment, or reply to set sales appointments or ask for referrals. Include the in-house existing database on the 36-touch marketing plan, too.

ROI Tracking

All additional sales are directly tracked from appointments set from video email responses, social media post comments, people opening/clicking video emails, call to action forms, and those who say they watch your videos when asked why they chose to hire you at the time of sale.

Why Hire Me? Message

We can help you buy a home, build or remodel, or refinance with a low monthly payment. Since xxxx we’ve closed xx home loans with xxx 5-star reviews. We do the upfront qualification work to provide a security guarantee to the seller which improves the acceptance of your offer. We offer down payment assistance options (FHA, VA, USDA), loan preapproval so you know how much house you can afford, an option to buy your new home before you sell your current one, and generous interest rate lock periods. If you’re remodeling or building a new home, we offer home renovation and new construction loans, even on manufactured homes. Request a free rate quote for what you need, and we’ll show you all your options so you get our best price on a loan that closes on time when you need it. Call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email for a free home loan or refinance phone consultation.

Unique Selling Proposition

Guaranteed lowest monthly payment

Top 4 Benefits

  1. Peace of mind you'll close on time
  2. Minimal loan costs to save money
  3. Low interest rates for easy payments
  4. Simple qualification requirements

Primary Call to Action

How Low Will Your Payment Be? Get a free rate quote to refinance or buy a home. Apply Now

Secondary Call to Action

What Loan Options Are Right for You? Download the free home buyers' mortgage guide. Download Now.

Tertiary Call to Action

Know The Mortgage Market. Sign up for my free home finance newsletter with rate trends, insights, and new products. Subscribe Now.

Blog Title

<<City>> Mortgage & Home Refinance Video Blog | <<Client Name>>

Blog Description/Mission

Get your <<city>> home loan and refinance questions answered by local mortgage lending expert <<Client Name>>

Blog Keywords

<<city>> home loan, <<city>> mortgage lender, mortgages, home loans, mortgage loan officer

Category #1

Latest Loan Products - Get details on all the different types of loan programs that exist to help you out. There's a lot more than you think!

Category #2:

Refinance & Mortgage Q&A - Learn all the details about the leading process whether you're buying a new home or refinancing your current one.

Category #3: 

Real Estate Agent Interviews - Interviews with local real estate agents with expert insights to buy or sell a home.

Success Story #1

I was shopping for a new loan and was shocked at the high-interest rate. I spoke with <<Client Name>> who got me a lower rate, which lowered my payment by $xxx a month! You owe it to yourself to always get a second opinion. Highly recommended! - <<Customer Name>>

Success Story #2:

I was paying $xxx in mortgage insurance that I didn't need anymore. <<Client Name>> redid the loan for me so I don't have to pay, which lowered my monthly payment by $xxx a month. That little bit goes a long way for me. Thank you <<Client Name>>! - <<Customer Name>>

Success Story #3

I'm a real estate agent here in <<city>>. I needed someone who could get the loans done on time. I showed up to closing and my past lender fell through! Never again. I encourage <<Client Name>> to be one of the three lenders my clients call to get a rate quote. I always help my clients choose them! Thank you <<Client Name>>! - <<Customer Name>>

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