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Free Strategy Call

We'll Launch You in 30 days

You're hiring a team of marketing experts

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We'll Build It Just Right

(5) One-on-One On-Boarding Calls

We're going to walk you through everything step by step to launch in 30 days. You'll speak with our Build Specialist one-on-one on the phone at five scheduled times during your 30-day launch process to get things implemented with ease. You'll get simple action steps to complete, along with a review of your previous call's action steps, to make sure things move along smoothly.

Generate Leads Online

Professional Q&A Video Blog

You'll get a branded, personalized Q&A video blog to complement your current website. It's designed to generate email subscribers and immediate action on your offers - such as requesting an appointment, downloading a coupon, registering for an event, attending a webinar, or more. We drive all visitors to your video blog to watch your videos and take action on your offers for immediate response. Just put a "Video Blog" link on your current website that links to ours.


Grow Your Subscriber List

Zapier CRM & Facebook Email Sync

Your new CRM contacts will automatically sync to your email subscriber list and Facebook retargeting audiences. Simply add contacts as you currently do to your CRM. Your newly added contacts (up to 100 a month for free) will automatically sync to MyEmma for email marketing and your Facebook ad account via Zapier. There's no need to export your email database(s) and manually transfer it over anymore.



Look and Sound Great

Everything is in your hands

You'll get a selfie stick (that also works as a tripod) so you look and sound great anywhere. We record your videos by interviewing you on your mobile phone using Riverside.fm so your video and sound quality are studio-grade. You can record anywhere you have a strong wi-fi connection. We'll help you adjust your framing, lighting, and sound setup before recording. Don't have a quality mobile phone for video? We'll ship you a complimentary HD webcam and microphone instead, upon request.

Reconnect with Your Email List

We'll export, clean, and reconnect

We'll assist you in exporting every email address from your various contact databases (address book, your CRM, Gmail etc). This is for Facebook advertising. Then, we help you identify with whom you have a clear relationship and email them a reconnect message about your new video newsletter with an option to unsubscribe. A clear relationship is defined as paying customers you've worked with in the past 18 months or people who opened your email newsletter. It's key you get permission from people before you email them. We also validate and clean your emails to ensure 99% deliverability before your first email message is sent.

Update Your Brand Identity

Social Media / e-Newsletter Branding

This will help you clarify your message so customers engage. We'll create a Creative Standards Kit and put it in your shared client Google Drive folder that includes your brand photos, colors, music, fonts, keywords, call-to-actions, and messaging.  We'll make sure your Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google My Business, video e-newsletter template, and video blog are consistently branded, on-message, and clearly communicate the problem you solve.

Know when and what to say

12 Month Custom Content Calendar

We'll plan the publication dates and topics of your YouTube videos, lead generation emails, and social media clips so you stay on track and consistently publish topics that are timely and relevant to your customers. Rest assured your database is getting an effective touch campaign that keeps you top of mind.

We 100% Reverse Your Risk

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

We'll give you all your money back if you're not happy. We stand behind our work and our results. If you're not satisfied for any reason at all - within 90 days of hiring us - we will give you all your money back. It's a completely unconditional guarantee.  We ask you to write us a Google review that we honored this commitment.

Refund review

Capture Quality Leads

(2) Lead Generation Web Forms

We'll create two lead generation web forms (known as a landing page) with an item of value. Prospects enter their contact information to get the item of value and their information is immediately emailed to you so you can follow up for a phone conversation. We put a call to action graphic on your video blog, in your emails, and tell your email list about it (and other offers) with our monthly lead-generation emails. We recommend a bottom-of-the-funnel offer (free consultation) and a top-of-the-funnel offer (free newsletter subscription) - or - modeling similar special offers your competitors pay money to advertise on Google Search.

You'll Be Seen Everywhere

Facebook® & Instagram Retargeting Set-Up

We'll set up a Facebook advertising account (including Instagram) to promote your videos to your website visitors, email list, and people who like, comment, or share on your Facebook/Instagram page. These are the warmest audiences you want to be in front of all the time. We suggest a budget of $1 a day (billed by Facebook directly to your card) to make sure these people see your videos and offer campaigns.