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Free Strategy Call

We'll Launch You in 30 days

You're hiring a team of marketing experts

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We'll Build It Just Right

4 Weekly On-Boarding Calls

We're the marketing hire you always wanted who guides you. You'll speak with your Build Specialist one-on-one on the phone weekly during your 30-day launch process to get things implemented with ease. You'll get simple action steps to complete, along with a review of your previous call's action steps, to make sure things move along smoothly and on-time.

Wow Your Customers

Professional Video Blog

You'll get a branded, personalized video blog to complement your current website. It's designed to generate email subscribers and immediate action on your offers - such as requesting an appointment, downloading a coupon, registering for an event, attending a webinar, or more.

Grow Subscribers with Ease

Zapier CRM & Facebook Email Sync

Just add people to your current CRM and they will automatically get your marketing. It's that easy. Your new CRM contacts will automatically sync to receive your emails and see your Facebook ads. We'll sync your current CRM to both your Facebook ad account and your email marketing account via Zapier so no contact is left behind (up to 100 a month, additional fee for more). No more exporting and importing manually to keep your lists up to date.


Predict Likely Customers Now

Top 100 Likely Customer List

We'll identify the most engaged people in your current database, or if you're a real estate professional, those most likely to sell their home soon with our Likely.AI partnership. We can identify trends with an Excel Macro of who's been repeatedly opening/clicking on your past emails, or append 3rd party consumer behavior data to your current database to predict who may want to sell their home (real estate professionals only).



Look and Sound Great

HD Webcam, Microphone & Light

You'll get an easy-to-use HD webcam, light, and microphone so you look and sound great. We'll help you set it all up and adjust your lighting and sound setup before recording. We record your videos by interviewing you on Riveside.fm so your video and sound quality is studio-grade. You can also record videos on your iOS device when you're out and about with our support in real-time if you prefer.

Reconnect with Your Neglected List

We'll export, clean, and reconnect

We'll assist you to export every email address from your various contact databases (address book, your CRM, etc). This is for Facebook advertising. Then, we help you identify who you have a clear relationship and email them a reconnect message about your new video newsletter with an option to unsubscribe. A clear relationship is defined as paying customers you've worked with in the past 18 months or people have who opened your email newsletter. It's key you get permission from people before you email them. We also validate and clean your emails to ensure 99% deliverability before your first email message is sent.

Clarify Your Message

Social Media / e-Newsletter Branding

This will help you clarify your message so customers engage. We'll make an agency-grade Creative Standards Kit that includes your brand photos, colors, music, fonts, keywords, call-to-actions, and messaging.  We'll make sure your Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google My Business, e-Newsletter template, and video blog are consistently branded, on-message, and clearly communicate the problem you solve.

Know exactly what to say

Logo Animation & Script Planning

We'll create a beautiful graphics package for your videos. This includes a 3-second logo introduction, music of your choice, a lower third with your contact information, and an end card that plays at the completion of your video. You'll also write your first video script with us so you know exactly what to say and feel confident.

You'll Recieve A Full Refund

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

You've wasted enough money on marketing that does not work. If you're not happy with your results, our service, or for any reason at all - within 90 days of hiring us - we will give you all your money back. It's a completely unconditional guarantee. We will take all the risk for you. It's what we would want if the roles were reversed.

Zero-Cost Your Expenses

Sponsor Orientation Call (optional)

Invite a sponsor to join you. You likely have an existing business relationship with someone who would want to be in front of your customers, too. Invite them to a 3-way call with us. We'll show them how they can be in your videos, email newsletters, social media, and personal letters in a way that helps them get business. Ask them to pay for part, or all, of your marketing expenses in return for the exposure. *Follow all necessary FTC disclosure rules.

The designer will have to pull the end portions of the clients' latest video post, the bottom of the emails with the lender information, and the right sidebar with lender info as well.

https://blog.klausteam.com/ - https://t.e2ma.net/webview/b0v87d/aea41457b59ddc34669eb08e344f1a86
https://suburblivingblog.com/ - https://t.e2ma.net/webview/3xt07g/2264d277dfbd02a9787a722478685001


Follow Them Everywhere

Facebook® & Instagram Retargeting Set-Up

We'll set up a Facebook advertising account (includes Instagram) to promote your videos to your website visitors, email list and people who engage with your Facebook/Instagram page. We suggest a budget of $50 a month. We recommend either an image or 15-second high-impact video spots that drive to either a video blog post or a call-to-action page.