Sales Teams

Rob Talbot

"I hired a marketing specialist to implement a 36-touch for each of my agents in my KW Market Center. Vyral handles it all and provides the agent coaching/support."

- Rob Talbot - MAPS Leadership Coach & Operating Principal (Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita & San Fernando Valley, CA)



Do you run a large team or office?

We'll train and manage your marketing specialist to implement our 36-touch plan for each of your salespeople.

  • Help your salespeople close more deals
  • Better hiring and recruiting value
  • Generate quality, lower-cost leads
  • Reduce 3rd party lead generation risk
  • Align everyone to a clear marketing plan
  • Track leads to sales to know your ROI
  • Charge your salespeople to earn income


  • $5,000 one-time training fee
  • $1,500 a month
  • Your marketing specialist's pay
  • Email credits 

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