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Video Recording Made Easy

(1) Webcam or Mobile Phone Video Shoot

It's easier to make a video when you record a conversational interview. You'll schedule a monthly appointment to answer two commonly asked customer questions on video with us. This takes about 30 minutes. Your topics and script are prepared in advance so you know what to say (and it's a high-demand customer topic). We interview you on Riverside for studio-quality footage on your webcam, microphone, and light we ship - or now on your mobile phone to shoot on-location with wi-fi.

Watch an example interview:

HubSpot Video

Know Your Marketing Works

(1) Marketing Report Card

You'll get direct feedback on your marketing performance. Your report card will include links to all your published creative, along with the results (i.e. leads/clicks) of the work. This is a summary of everything your marketing accomplished for the month. You'll also receive a cover letter (in an email) with advice on what you did well and where you can improve. You'll discuss this report card once a month on a marketing strategy call with your Digital Marketing Coach. This is usually an hour-long phone call. Download an example PDF report card.

YouTube Videos People Watch

(2) 3-5 Minute Q&A YouTube Videos

Once your monthly video shoot is done, we watch your raw footage and edit it down to the best parts so your message is clear. Next, we adjust lighting, composition, and sound - and then add a logo introduction, lower third, and any supportive images or text to strengthen your message. We edit your videos in Adobe Premiere - just like the movie studios. We upload your final video properly optimized to your YouTube channel with a catchy thumbnail image, title, description, and tags so people can find it.

HubSpot Video


Advanced Social Media Video

(6) Social Media Clips to Post Online

We direct you to make three key points in every 3-5 minute YouTube Q&A video. We'll export a snippet of each key point as a vertical social media clip for an Instagram Video, YouTube Short,  Facebook Reel, or TikTok Video. We'll include captions and your logo briefly at the end of the clip. You'll receive three clips for each YouTube video which you can post on social media. *TIP: Preschedule the posts according to your content calendar using Meta Business Suite.

HubSpot Video

Writing Done-for-You

(2) Beautifully Edited Video Transcripts

We post the YouTube video to your video blog with a human-edited transcript. We upload your YouTube video to to get a raw transcript written. Then, a writer on our staff makes it readable for your customers. It's helpful to provide a written option so prospects and customers can read what you say (instead of watching), and it gives your website a strong boost in search rankings. Overall, it just looks more professional when there's an article to complement a video on your website. It shows your video is important.

Custom Written Blog Articles

Get In Their Email Inbox

(2) Video Email Newsletters

We are proud partners with MyEmma. Your email software is worth $159 a month. It's included. 

We'll write a personalized video email with three powerful subject lines (split-tested), a compelling headline, a paragraph of teaser copy, and two calls to action for lead generation. We use AI to help us write the best headlines. We'll send the email to you for approval first, and then publish it from your email address via our professional email software to your contacts. We manage all your "bounces" and unsubscribes. The emails come from you with your reply address. We set up SPF and DKIM authentication to make sure your emails go into the inbox. You get 20,000 emails a month included in your fee, any additional emails are charged at cost.


Set Warm Appointments

(2) Email Engagement Follow Up Lists

We track who's opening and clicking the links in your email messages. These are the most engaged people on your email list. You'll get a report with who they are within 3 business days of a video e-newsletter going to your database. You can also see your results in real time within Emma. We suggest you hire an appointment setter to offer a phone conversation with you. What's great is these people already know you. Chances are very strong that a conversation will lead to business. Remember, they took time out of their day to watch your videos (or even click your call to action links) - they are interested in you!

SCRIPT #1 "Bob asked me to call to ask if you have any questions he could answer for you about (video topic). Would you like to speak with him now?"

SCRIPT #2: "Bob asked me to call and invite you to an event coming up about (video topic), would you like a free ticket?"



Set Even More Appointments

(1) Lead Generation Email

We'll write a lead-generation message with an offer for an immediate response to send out to your database once a month. These include free reports, webinar invites, items of value, access to tools or calculators on your website, and more. We'll put the item of value behind a web form (i.e. landing page) so people must provide their contact information to get it. We recommend your appointment setter calls these leads to offer a conversation with you. We'll also export the full lead report on your monthly report card.

Social Media. Updated.

(8) Various Social Media Updates

We'll post your two 3-5 minute YouTube videos on all your major social media accounts every month. We update your Facebook page, Instagram page, LinkedIn page, and your Google My Business profile. We suggest you share these posts to your personal page - and in any relevent communities/groups you belong. The goal is to get people off social media and back to your video blog so they take action to do business with you. We also recommend you boost your videos for $1 day to your retargeting audiences. We'll handle that for you, too.

We Call You Every Week

(4) Feedback & Accountability Phone Updates

We'll proactively call you every week with an update on what's happening with your marketing. You'll get a call from a (402) area code number and it's likely us. Answer the call if you want to talk to us, otherwise, we'll leave a message with all the details you need to stay in the know. We'll also send you an email with the same update. You will never need to call us to know what's going on. We're very on top of this.

Get 50% of Your Fee Reimbursed

Include a sponsor in your videos (optional)

We invite you to sell a sponsorship to reduce your fee. You likely know someone who would benefit from getting in front of your customers. We recommend you give them a 30-second shout-out near the start of your videos. We'll include a call to action to reach out to them on your video blog and in your video emails. Send them the people who engage with your videos so they can follow up for new business, too. Ask them to pay 50% of your monthly fee, paid directly to you, for the co-advertising exposure. *Make sure to follow all laws and the specific laws in your industry.

Personal Letters Work

(1) Monthly Personal Letter (Optional)

It's a good idea to promote your videos using personal letters, too. Not everyone will see your email or social media promotions. We recommend you provide the USPS mailing addresses of your top 150 contacts. We'll take care of the writing, printing, and mailing for you. A letter runs about $1 each to mail, depending on volume. You'll want to personally mail your very best customers and people who will happily refer you every month - don't depend only on digital to reach your most important contacts. We recommend your appointment setter makes calls to your mailing list to offer a conversation with you.