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Free Strategy Call

It takes 30 mins a month

Get a team of people working for you

Monthly HD Webcam Interview

We interview you so your videos are natural

You'll schedule 30 minutes every month to record your two monthly educational Q&A videos. We'll send you topics and talking points in advance and then interview you in real time over a provided HD webcam. NEW! We'll interview you on Facebook Live, upon request (optional).

Facebook Live

HD Webcam Interview
Weekly Feedback

Weekly Feedback

We call you every week

Your Vyral Marketing Specialist will call you every week with an update on the status of your marketing, including feedback on your videos and results. Reach out to your dedicated Specialist anytime with questions for a prompt response.

Professional Video editing

Look great in your videos

We edit your videos in Adobe Premiere

Your videos are professionally edited for proper sound and audio correction, framing, graphics, and to remove unnecessary footage. You get unlimited editing revisions so you'll love the way you present yourself on video.


YouTube Video Optimization

Show up in YouTube search results

We'll upload your video to your branded YouTube channel properly optimized with a headline, description, keywords, and in-play branding. This way you'll maximize your chances of getting found on YouTube by prospects searching for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Get found on Google & YouTube

We'll make sure your videos are optimized for the right keywords so that you're likely to show up for the niche phrases prospects type into search engines.
YouTube Video SEO

Blog Article Writing

We write your blog articles

We'll write a full blog post article to complement every video you create. This will boost your search engine optimization and make it easier for those who prefer to read your content.

Video Email Broadcasts

We send your video email

We are proud partners with Emma Email. Your email software is worth $89 a month. It's included. 

We'll write a personalized video email with a powerful subject line, headline, teaser copy, and call to action to send to your email database. We'll send it to you for approval and send it from your email address via our professional email software to your contacts. We manage all your "bounces" and unsubscribes for you.

Video Email Examples
Marketing Reports

Marketing Reports

Know what's working well

You'll know exactly how many people watch your videos, open your emails, and click your links. This way we'll know what your most popular videos are. We'll help you interpret these metrics to make better marketing decisions.

Social Media Updates

We'll update all your social media

We'll upload your videos to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts for more exposure. Each social media update will feel natural and authentic because each one will be written by hand, along with the video hosted natively on the social platform. 

iTunes Podcast

Get your own syndicated podcast

You'll have your very own podcast fully discoverable on iTunes.




Track Who's Engaging

Know who to call right now

You'll get the names of people who watch your videos a few days after an email is sent to your database. These are people who click the links in your emails and they are likely interested in what you have to say. You'll want to follow up with a personal email or phone call to start a conversation.

Zero-Cost Your Expenses

Promote your sponsors for a fee

Ask complementary service providers to sponsor your content. If their prospective customers are in your audience, include offers to contact your sponsors in your emails, on your video blog, and in your social media. You can also talk about them briefly at the start of your videos. If they have time, you can interview them too. In return for exposure, ask them to help pay for part - or all - of your Vyral Marketing fee.

*Make sure to talk to an attorney to keep everything compliant, depending on your industry.

Monthly Video Postcard

Reach your database with direct mail

We'll create a monthly video postcard for you, upon request. It's important to stay in touch with your database by mail, too - not everyone will see your email or social media promotions. Include USPS mailing addresses with your contacts. We'll invite a 3rd party mailing fulfillment specialist into your Emma email account, with read-only access, to quote a first class 4x6 postcard direct mailing with the artwork we create for you.